The answer is Yes, they have

The answer is Yes, they have – Open Democracy have an interesting article today and it is hard not to agree with their assessment of the current situation we find ourselves in as far as independence goes. They point out what we all know to be very true right now

The UK’s economic decline has plumbed new depths. After an unprecedented decade of wage stagnation and austerity, the inflation crisis has precipitated the largest decline in living standards in the post war era. And it’s set to get worse.

Open Democracy point out that all of this should make the case for Scottish independence even more compelling, you would think that Scottish voters would be desperate to escape the shit show that is the UK now and for years to come. Open Democracy also point out that we have some glaring problems that still need answers to:

Sterlingisation – Keeping the UK pound would mean our economy is at the whim of another country, with Scotland being subjected to Bank of England policy and at the mercy of the very same bankers who have brought the UK to its knees on more than one occasion.

A Potential Labour Revival – I don’t really share Open Democracies concern about this as they state a tax payer owned energy company being something that could take the sails out of the SNP, they are more than capable of doing that themselves to be fair and I don’t see Labour doing it anyway to be honest, like reform of the House of the Dead, I suspect once in Government, and it is a big if, Starmer will do as he is told by his Tory masters and these policies will be ditched.

IndyRef2 Strategy – What strategy? Sturgeon has made a total arse of this from the start. The English Government just keep on saying now is not the time to give the false impression they are democrats; they will keep saying now is not the time and Sturgeon has no plan B that will work.

The alternative strategy is building a social movement to apply maximum pressure on the UK government and Labour to accept Scotland’s right to national self-determination. This will never be embraced because the SNP leadership have sought to distance themselves from the wider independence movement, most notably the large ‘All Under One Banner’ demonstrations, which Sturgeon famously did not attend in 2019 and 2020. Pressure from below may have its limitations, but so do clever attempts from above to play the British judicial system and game the UK elections.

It is not just Sturgeon’s hatred of Alex Salmond and Alba that have caused the absolute lack of an SNP strategy. It is the suspicion that Sturgeon and her inner circle are just not serious enough about independence, they appear to be more focussed on their own wellbeing, future, and financial security. Sturgeon, in my opinion, will throw anyone under the bus who threatens her dictorial rule or has any ideas that she didn’t stumble upon or has been given to her by her Tory masters.

So, the answer to Open Democracy is yes, the SNP, or more to the point Sturgeon, have cost us our independence. It isn’t happening any time soon, not in the next 10 years and probably not in my lifetime. Sturgeon and her NuSNP have done more damage to the cause than the Unionists and the Tories who have actually taken the UK to the brink, you also have to wonder what it will take to wake up enough Scots. I really do think we are a nation with too many 90-minute patriots, who will chant about past glories, eat shortbread while singing about how great Scots are when the reality is we are colonised and are cowards with little vision.

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9 Responses to The answer is Yes, they have

  1. benmadigan says:

    just back in from work, I read the Open Democracy article and then saw yours.
    Totally agree with both.
    Hard to know what attitude to take to stir the apathetic.
    But it’s certainly not Scotland’s “finest hour”

    • Ben

      At a total loss too to be honest, it amazes me what Scots are willing to take. It seems far too much to my liking but maybe we are just Northern England, just without the name.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. GM says:

    I read the Open democracy article as well. This one as too,

    It is a depressing reading them but not as depressing as knowing that we are largely unaware that our country is for sale. We have been betrated, the betrayers are coining it in and laughing up their slieves at us and their is F All we can do about it but wait for the penny to drop.

  3. Anonymous says:

    can I ask why you fervently proposed keeping the pound in 2014 and not now

  4. capnandy2 says:

    Can’t argue with you Bruce. It frustrates me arguing with people who, as we are starting to realise are completely colonised and swallow the better together guff.
    Mind you. I have to say, there nothing wrong with shortbread, despite it playing havoc with my diabetes, but I know what you mean.

    • CapnAndy

      I don’t even argue with unionists or carrot eaters anymore, I just laugh at them now. They don’t have a clue about their servitude, they are ignorant and colonised in every way.

      Thanks for commenting.

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