Odds and Ends Tuesday 22nd November 2022

I hadn’t read anything by Stephen Daisley or in The Spectator for a while, in fact I had forgotten he was a thing, but The Spectator have gone all protect BBC Scotland the last couple of days and Daisley has jumped on the “Gez a joab” bandwagon. There is a cost-of-living crisis so he must be touting for some more secure employment. The fact that his article is mostly just pish doesn’t matter really, unionists will print any old shit. Basically, BBC Scotland didn’t like getting called out for a story they ran about NHS Scotland and some thinking out of the box that they have been doing around charging.

Seemingly BBC Scotland do journalism, when did that happen, but they also don’t like being called out. According to The Spectator attacks on the BBC’s integrity were carried out. These are the social media mobs known as cybernats, hard-line Scottish nationalists who target anyone – journalists, businesspeople, ordinary members of the public – who says something unhelpful about the SNP or the Scottish government. The cybernats function as digital shock troops, bludgeoning political opponents and the mildest critics of any aspect of the Scottish government’s performance. 

Those nasty horrible yes supporters daring to question the honest and upstanding so-called journalists. The fact that it is so called cybernats and new media that have actually been calling out the SNP the last two years, more than the state funded SNP media doesn’t matter either. Apparently, Paranoia about the BBC is frenetic among cybernats, the unionists really are getting desperate again.

Too little too late. So, SNP politicians are calling for yes minded people to attend the various demonstrations tomorrow after the Supreme Court judgement on the referendum is announced.

SNP depute leader Keith Brown described the week ahead as “a significant moment in Scotland’s journey to independence” and encouraged supporters of independence to make their voices heard. Brown added: “It’s encouraging that so many across Scotland are already pledging their support for Scotland’s democratic right to choose – and these rallies across the country play an important role in making the public’s voice heard. “Many elected members and party activists from across the SNP will be attending these events, making the case for the people of Scotland to express their views on independence in a referendum.”

Where were the SNP politicians over the last few years, not at the AUOB marches, where were they when Martin Keatings launched his court case, where have they been as the UK has become a basket case and is bordering on becoming a failed state. Forgive me for being cynical but I smell carrots, they know they will lose the case tomorrow, but they have to be seen to care about more than their bank accounts and pensions.  They are no better than the likes of Daisley as far as I am concerned.

Demonstrations without real action mean little as far as I am concerned, I am not against them, but unless there is a million people out there, and a wee bit of damage, the politicians don’t give a shit, and nothing changes but tomorrow the SNP will milk it for all it is worth.

I was working from home this afternoon and when I got in, I noticed it was cold, the smart meter said 15c. Now I feel the cold more now since I lost a lot of weight, however this year I am feeling it more. Not because the weather is colder although it is coming, no, it’s because the heating is not on as much as it was last year and that means a cold house, one that will keep getting colder as the winter goes on and the heating less so. It got me thinking. Now I put the heating on for a little bit and then the central heating on when my son got home from school. Now we know the body is affected the colder it gets, the recommended room temperature is 18c, that won’t be possible this year for many and that scares me a lot.

Almost 17,000 people died in England last winter due to cold homes, I could not find any figures for Scotland for last year, no surprise there, but it is frightening. There were over 2000 deaths due to cold homes and poor heating in Scotland in 2018 so what will this winter be like. I genuinely worry for people this year, if I am feeling the cold, and I have a wage, what are those on benefits facing, what are the elderly facing. It has brought home to me the total lack of support from the Government during this crisis, the advice below from the BBC also hit home the fact that we should not be living like this in 2022, the system is broken, our politicians are useless, while energy companies get richer people die.

What can you actually do about it?

In an ideal world we’d all heat the room we’re in to at least 18C. When that is not possible, Prof Bailey says “it’s like preparing for a mountaineering expedition”.

His tips are:

  • focus on clothes that provide good insulation such as those made of wool
  • gloves and warm socks are more important than a hat (but a woolly hat will help too)
  • switch foods to a higher carbohydrate diet
  • generate more body heat by moving around and not just sitting in a chair and watching TV.

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