A little bit of News Sunday 20th November 2022

Sadly, this might be true – It appears SNP Westminster Leader Ian (Blahford) Blackford has beaten off a potential challenge to his lack of leadership from Stephen Fynn SNP MP. Blackford the friend of Tories, the arm grabber of Penny Mordaunt, the man who told his MPs to welcome back sex pest Patrick Grady SNP MP, the man who said Scotland would not be removed from the EU against its will. Now I will admit I cannot stand Ian Blackford, I think he is one of the worst SNP MPs who has been bought and sold, as leader of the Westminster Group he has been a disaster and when he stands up for Scotland he is an embarrassment, often getting his ass kicked week after week, Angus Robertson was bad enough but Blackford makes him look like a genius, however, maybe the cracks are starting to show in the NuSNP, maybe Sturgeon’s hold on the party is starting to crack, let’s hope so and soon so she can go and take the likes of Blahford with her.

Disgusting at best corrupt at worst – I saw this clown’s speech yesterday and it just demonstrated how disgusting these people are, up there with the very best politicians. FIFA, as we have seen in recent years, is suspected of corruption and has been for decades. FIFA might have been able to claim that they were victims when 27 people were charged by the US Department of Justice but it is just not as simple as that is it as the papers like the Washington Post have shown. The World Cup starts today in Qatar and has to be the most least anticipated in the history of the tournament. I won’t be watching it, not one match, I am just not interested in watching a tournament played in a country with their human rights record. Europe is no angel, and our past also leaves a lot to be desired, but Infantino’s speech really just shows the lengths these people will go to chase the money for football, football at the top level is no longer a sport, it’s all about chasing the money. Players like England’s Harry Kane wearing a rainbow heart to try and look like they give it a shit just makes it worse, don’t watch it, don’t give these people your time.

EFTA (European Free Trade Agreement) – Was always my preference for our arrangement with the EU after Brexit. I never had a problem with free movement, or even the currency, my issue was always with the levels of corruption, failure to sign off the EU accounts, how countries were treated during the banking crash and the increasing influence of neo-liberal economic policies in the EU that made it like it was on the British path. Most would disagree with me on the issue of the EU and that is fine, we all believe what we believe, but this story, if true would be so funny. Not funny in the sense that the UK needs a better deal with the EU, that is desperately true in every sense of the word, what would be funny would be watching the Tory Party tear itself apart if Sunak tries to agree a deal, that might be the very death of the scumbag Tory Party as we know it and I would not lose any sleep over that in any shape or form.

Same shite different decade – Starmer must think we are all a bunch of dicks if he thinks we are going to fall for the abolish the House of Dead con yet again. The House of the Dead is the least of our problems right now, corrupt and shit politicians, 4 Tory Parties, bankrupt colonial status, resources stolen on a daily basis to keep the shithole UK afloat, and Lord Starmer thinks this is a vote winner, the man doesn’t even warrant a useless title, the man is worse than useless, just like the party he lied to become leader of and turn into the poor man’s Tory Party with even less policy ideas. The fact that Starmer is the leader of the so-called Labour Party must give the Tories hope.

Something Different – Just started reading the Jocky Scott autobiography for the second time. Not only a Dundee legend but one of the best players to play football in Scotland. This is a really interesting read and well worth it if you like football and the mighty Dundee FC. I only saw him play a couple of times around 79/80 but I was too young to really remember Jocky the player, but I do remember his two successful spells as Manager, and I remember when the Marrs replaced him with the Bonettis thinking it was a mistake as he had just taken Dundee FC to 5th in the Scottish Premier League. Even with all the millions spent by the Marrs, Caniggia and all that, Bonetti never achieved that.

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5 Responses to A little bit of News Sunday 20th November 2022

  1. larawanda2004 says:

    I like you find Fatford an embarrassment he’s a laughing stock. Quite frankly I don’t think there is one SNP MP who gives a shit if he stays or goes. It’s immaterial to them they are only there for the money all of them with no exceptions. I’m finding it harder every day Bruce to stay positive in hope of independence. Sturgeon and her gang of feckless spineless MSPs have turned Scotland into a dictatorship with a mad person doing the dictating. The sheep still after all the damage she her has done still can’t find fault with she her. I literally weep on a daily basis at our loss of pride and hopelessness of ever seeing the backing of this traitor.

    • Lara

      I can’t stand him at all, I never have and often thought that he is one of the worst I have seen at Westminster, and I must admit he is a heart attack waiting to happen as he does appear to get bigger and bigger every week. He is just another part of the problem, a carrot grower of the worst kind. Sturgeon and her 2nd rate choices, and the voters of course, have pretty much destroyed indy for me as well. We need good governance and smart politicians to convince people; we sadly lack in both, and it just keeps getting worse. I don’t expect to see indy in my lifetime, too many Scots are colonised, broken, blind, and ignorant. I don’t ask the SNP to do anything now in the blog and haven’t for months now. I just expect crap governance, and nothing on indy. The only thing that I found funny this week was the reaction of the Sturgeon Youth to Stuart Campbells return with Wings. He will rip the SNP a new one with facts that they can’t run from and that will be funny no matter what anyone thinks of Wings it is a welcome return for at least the banter factor.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. duncanio says:

    Ian Blackford

    Pity Stephen Flynn didn’t manage to unseat The Fat (B)anker. A gargantuan task I grant you and not just because of the latter’s (increasing) stature. Maybe the start of decline and fall … let’s hope so.


    As with the International Olympics Committee (IOC) the Federation of International Football Associations is riddled with corruption. A bung here and a brown paper bag there and the World Cup is yours to present.

    It’s the first time since we got a television (1968) that I haven’t watched the opening match in the World Cup. I have no interest in taking part in the hypocrisy and watching Harry Kane as virtue signaler.

    Jocky Scott

    I DO remember him as a footballer, early 70s with Dundee before moving to Aberdeen (my team) in the mid 70s.

    His Big Game for The Dons was in the semi-final of the League Cup versus Rangers at Hampden Park in October 1976 when Jocky scored a hat-trick in a 5-1 thrashing of the Teddy Bears. He went on to win a winner’s medal in the final in a 2-1 victory of Celtic.

    • Duncanio

      Blahford is a heart attack waiting to happen, he seems to get bigger every week doesn’t he. He needs to take care of himself better no matter that he is a crap politician and just a Sturgeon carrot eater. FIFA is broken full stop; the highest level of football is. I am not watching a single match and would encourage others to do the same, if the viewing figures were crap that would send a clear message, but they won’t be because people will either put aside their morals or just don’t give a crap I suppose. Jocky Scott is one of my favourite Dundee managers, his story is really interesting. I first read it when it came out years ago and after I had totally decluttered and replaced all my living room, I decided that I would keep some books downstairs and start to put together some of the classics I have always wanted to read, and I put all my DFC books downstairs and decided to read his story again.

      Thanks for commenting.

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