One Step Closer



Munguin’s New Republic wrote an excellent article yesterday about the creeping fascism that is slowly but surely taking over the UK, pretty much the over arching agenda of the Conservative Party and current Westminster (English) Government. Well the weekend is mainly the time when the scum bag Tories put out bad news or something controversial, put it out at the weekend and it gets drowned out by frivolous crap, the English Premier League, or the latest sex scandal. Well the above headline should frighten us all and not just benefit claimants who will suffer even more at the hands of this right wing nightmare that sits in Westminster.

It appears that DWP staff are to have the power of arrest, they have always had the power to investigate but never the power of arrest, now they will be able to arrest those whom they suspect of benefit fraud and to fine them all without the need to go to Court or prove their guilt. As Munguin wrote

Fascism arrives by stealth not revolution. A little snip here and little cut there until you wake up to find disagreeing with the dictator is illegal and you can’t get rid of them because they control the media”, says David Hodgkin on this threat on Twitter.

Because let’s be clear that is exactly what this is, fascism, it is the state taking even more power to suppress the people, to make the people afraid, to break them. All of you who voted SNP 1 and 2, a strategy that allowed unionists into Holyrood in high numbers and who are now taking control of our councils with other unionists, can you see how trapped we are in this nightmare, one that Sturgeons strategy facilitates every day,  what are you thinking every day that more and more of our rights and protections go, more of our laws and right to be found innocent until proven guilty. Do you really believe the answer to these questions are the current SNP strategy for independence, I don’t. The longer the Tories are in power and Scotland is part of the UK makes me afraid for my children’s futures, it should make us all afraid.


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10 Responses to One Step Closer

  1. twathater says:

    The only thing I find about munguin’s blog is that she is up there with paypal Paul in being an apologist for sturgeon , she may well point out the tories and WM shortcomings which we can all see and we are aware of but she never criticises anything about sturgeon or the snp , she will highlight LIEbour , tory or lib dumb failings in HR but never the snidey nasty pervert party or sturgeon, a lot of the comments on her blog come from paypal paul’s blog and contain the same cloying sycophancy

    • Twathater

      MNR is written by Tris and he has decided not to take a side regarding the SNP/Sturgeon/YES divide and prefers to concentrate on the unionists and I believe wants the yes side to work together, although I don’t think personally that can happen in the current climate due mostly to Sturgeon, I do applaud Tris for at least trying and he is a very very good writer but I do understand that many won’t agree.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. trispw says:

    I’ve always shied away form using what Mhairi Black called the F word, but I think, perhaps too many people have done that and let the Tories move forward with their control regime. Maybe something to do with a fear of being accused of following Godwin’s law.

    I find it frightening. Particularly in England where Patel seems to have put forward the most draconian measures.

    The DWP move is very scary. Not just for people who get on the wrong side of them, and there are plenty of them, but it will put a lot of extra burden on the staff.

    For a short period, between contracts, I worked for the DWP, mainly interviewing for posts and marketing to companies, but there is no way I would have put myself in danger by trying to arrest anyone.

    • Tris

      This is a huge change and I really hope the unions are on this right away, it does put staff in danger no doubt about that but it also erodes the law and one of the most disgusting measures I’ve seen so far. I don’t think that Thatcher would have even went that far. The UK (English Government) are going down a road that Scottish voters better take real notice of, the SNP better get their finger out as well. I don’t want to hear platitudes from Blackford or Black, the times for bluster and a funny speech are over, it is time for real action. Time for the referendum bill, even though I think it is the wrong strategy, it is time for Sturgeon to be clear about what is going to happen or she needs to be removed. We are entering the most dangerous period now with the Tories. They will cram through as much of their disgusting laws as they can with just 2 years until a GE. We cannot afford to wait on Sturgeon anymore.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • trispw says:

        One of the things I am wondering about, Bruce, is if the English government will be able to do this here.

        I know that Scots law can be very different on many things.

        • Tris

          From what I have read it looks like yes they will as it is a reserved matter but I’m no expert.

          Thanks for commenting.

          • trispw says:

            DWP is reserved, Bruce, but the right of arrest will come under Scots law, and I have no idea if the English could change that (as it is reserved).

            I just think it would be incredibly stupid for the DWP to even try that kind of thing.

            It’s asking for someone who gets paid a pittance to put themselves at huge risk.

            Send for the police… Although when Patel and her Home Office goons tried to deport people, both in Glasgow and in Edinburgh, the police saw them off.

  3. Dave M says:

    I scanned the Munguin article and thought it was a bit rich for Mairi Black to be raising the spectre of fascism, given her own party’s ‘hate speech’ law, which pretty much institutes the notion of thoughtcrime in Scots Law. That was the concern of the Scottish Police Federation (although I’m sure the Federation’s membership will be gleefully enforcing the unjust law on anyone deemed to be saying the wrong thing).

    Add to that Sturgeon seeking to ban us from assembling outside of OUR Parliament, and we have the beginnings of a fascist state in Scotland.

    Yes, we must rightly be suspicious of whatever the Tories are up to in London, but we should pay more attention to the actions of those who are directing us to look away from them (i.e. the SNP).

    Scotland is no longer a place where freedom of speech

    • Dave

      We need to do both, we need to hold Sturgeon to her pledge or find a way to get rid of her as quickly as possible and her yes men and women, we also need to keep an eye on the Tories as with just 2 years until a GE they will try to force through as many disgusting right wing laws as they can. Scotland is in a very dangerous place right now and people need to wake up very quickly. M Black I have little time for to be honest, there was hope at the start but she is as tarnished by Westminster and her own gender stance as the rest of them pretty much, she plays the game now. I didn’t listen to her speech the other day that people have been tweeting about, heard it all before and have no doubt the next version will come along soon.

      Thanks for commenting.

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