I know it’s the New Statesman

But they are not wrong are they – It’s Chris Deerin I know but I have to say I agree with him when it comes to Ian Blackford SNP Leader at Westminster. Deerin notes that it has become something of a parliamentary tradition that when Ian Blackford gets to his feet each week at PMQs he is greeted with groans and sighs and even fake yawns across the chamber. While I find this actually very disrespectful of Scotland as a nation and one that should be getting highlighted more by the news and by the speaker I must admit that I get tired of the same old Blackford virtually every week, he approaches PMQs in the same way, with the same platitudes in the main, making little or no impact at all.

Deerin also notes that does it help that almost everyone else in the place can predict his lines before he stands up. There will a grumble about the latest crisis facing the UK government, then a comparison with the much better performance of the SNP administration in Edinburgh, then a final flourish that always invokes Scottish independence as the answer to whatever is the issue at hand. He shows little of Salmond’s guile or strategic brilliance and his only trick seems to be to threaten either to walk or be kicked out of the chamber, without quite fulfilling either scenario.

Again I tend to agree, Angus Robertson was awful as SNP Westminster Leader and set the bar very very low but Blackford has somehow managed to set it even lower. Now if it were my choice I would probably go for Joanna Cherry to lead the SNP at Westminster but we know that won’t happen, Sturgeon and her gender warriors appear to have no time for her, so it appears that Blackford will continue on in the long term until the next GE election and let’s face we will still be in the union and the SNP at Westminster will still be making no impact in any shape or form.

After five years in the hot seat, with an unremarkable track record and a reputation as a repetitive blowhard. His own backbenchers seem to regard him with something between bemusement and contempt.

It does amaze me to be honest that the SNP keep winning elections, this is not down to the genius of Nicola Sturgeon, or the high quality of SNP politicians, it is more down to the absolute shit show that is the opposition in Scotland and the UK, plus the fact that too many of old Scottish Labour migrated to the SNP and are now in for the long haul of not doing anything to move Scotland closer to independence, a bit like Blackford and Sturgeon.

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11 Responses to I know it’s the New Statesman

  1. Dave says:

    The SNP keep winning elections cos the pro-indy vote really has nowhere else to go at the moment. And winning elections, party before country and keeping the short money rolling into the coffers, is where it’s at with New SNP. That’s why L Ron Sturgeon acts like a spoilt bairn that doesn’t want anyone else getting a go on the trampoline at the very mention of Alba.

    • Dave

      You’re not wrong, many do see the SNP as the only option and it is a gravy train for sure for far too many of them. Blackford is just the worst though, even I don’t bother to listen to him that much anymore as he is just the same every single week. Deerin does slate his weight etc in the article as well but that just tells you all you need to Know about the yoons.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • 1971Thistle says:

      L Ron Sturgeon – very good; might nick that

  2. I am prompted by your piece above to ask what your reaction would be to Mia’s piece today?

    • Neil

      I have read it yes. There are some interesting points in the article and some I am not so sure about to be honest. Is Sturgeon a plant, could be I suppose as we know countries like the UK and the USA etc undermine movements and parties historically. I am more of the thought, even though I have called Sturgeon a unionist, that is she more a gradualist, afraid, narcissist, and not as smart as she thinks she is. I think she isn’t much better than Boris Johnson to be honest, good at presentation but light on virtually everything else, we built her up, some of us saw through her, the media and the yoons don’t really see her as a threat and know she is no where near as capable as people like AS so leave her alone. I think Brexit is blown up too much in relation to independence, while I know a lot of people who would rather be in the EU, I don’t know any no voters who have changed their minds because of it, with the leave vote part of Westminster’s thoughts in relation to independence after 2014, no I don’t think so to be honest. Historically England did use money to bribe Scots to join the union but I would read Tam Devine’s Scotland and Union book for a more accurate historical perspective on how the union came about and it was more to do with wars with France than anything else to be fair for England. As to our resources being abused etc, yes I would agree with that and I think over the piece we have paid our fair share but historically it is probably more equal than most people think. Westminster will fight tooth and nail to stop Sottish Independence and resources are a part of that but I tend to think it is also about status and without Scotland England is diminished on the world stage and in the medium term would lose it’s permanent seat on the security council and would be just a little country outside the world affairs and that is what I think they fear the most, being seen as insignificant and now one caring what England thinks.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • Thanks, Bruce, for your candid reply. It deserves respect as your opinion.
        My concern is that over the last decade Scotland in UK has declined in prosperity worryingly. I believe that the SNP have done little to improve this: I also believe strongly in Independence. We need urgent action on both. I, of course, am an Alba member.

        • Neil

          Scotland has declined badly under the SNP and partly due to mitigating Tory cuts which was the trap laid by the unionists. It might have been a better idea to just have passed on the cuts so people saw Westminster for what it truly is but we are where we are I guess. We definitely need urgent action but we are no where near ready to fight a referendum due to the lack of action by Sturgeon and the SNP, yes others have done a lot of amazing work that deserves a wider audience but the SNP won’t work with anyone else for whatever reason, they will also want/demand to take the lead in any debate and we won’t win with that. I am also an Alba member but Alba are caught between a rock and hard place right now and need to review the way ahead I suspect if the party is to survive longer term.

          Thanks for commenting.

  3. Willie says:

    In combination with folk wanting independence and indeed the shit show that are the other parties it is no surprise that the SNP are still the predominant party.

    But make no mistake. There is huge disenchantment with the SNP. Many of the votes they are now is only because many of the voters are holding their nose in the absence of an alternative choice.

    But here is the good thing. Get rid of devolutionists like Sturgeon, Angus Robertson, Pete Wishart et al and reinvigorate the party and the movement for independence will soar. Independence and the demand for it, despite these last years of mismanagement, has not gone away.

    Scotland has the mandate, has the constitutional right to end the Treaty of Union and take independence. Let’s crank it up and do just that. No rigged dead end referendum required.

    And Westminster knows it!

    • Willie

      I think the SNP are pretty much a lost cause now to be honest, they are just left of old Scottish Labour in some ways and have earned the tartan Tory name in others. I don’t see the party changing any time soon, the only thing that will change things are the voters and that doesn’t look like happening any time soon either. I don’t have any answers and just keep hammering away as best I can with the blog but something will have to give soon I hope as we can’t keep going n the way we are that is for sure.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. larawanda2004 says:

    Blahh Blahh Fatford. wouldn’t waste my eyesight or my hearing by giving this total embarrassment the time of day. Just looking at that big fat belly and the cheap waistcoat trying to cover it makes me want to slap him. Here’s the leader of the Scottish majority party, every week, its big sheaths of paper filled with the same utter crap. This fat monstrosity harping on about the poor in Scotland whilst shovelling it down his throat. And that goes for his fat sidekick Oswald. If she gets any fatter her eyes will disappear. He is a joke and deserves all the ridicule, but unfortunately the joke is on the people pf Scotland.

    • Lara

      I don’t care about how he looks but I have heard many comment, I do care a little about what he says and what he does and to date he has been just another failure and appeaser to my mind, another one who is about as effective as a fart in the wind. He gives me zero hope across the board and is another example of how a party can fall very quickly when the talent they had did nothing and voters replace them with even less talent. The SNP for myself are a party on the decline and it is all of their own making as they may be getting votes right now but that won’t last as the lack of movement on indy and their incompetence grows by the day.

      Thanks for commenting.

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