Slow Growing Carrots

It all sounds like a Scottish utopia but the reality is very different – Now is the time WOW, If now is the time to start the debate on Scottish independence after 7 years then we should expect the next referendum to arrive under the leadership of Mhairi Black around 2035 or there about. This article is being billed as an essay, an essay it is not in any shape or form. No doubt it will be cheered to the rafters by the faithful, or should I say sheeple, plus the fact that there is also an article by Andrew Wilson on his much discredited fiscal commission and it’s relevance to the debate should probably frighten us all really. We also have Iain Blackford in the Scotsman promising an independent Scotland will keep the pound for many years after independence, throw in membership of NATO, keeping Trident, keeping the Monarchy, someone please tell me why we should bother with independence at all when we plan on shackling ourselves to the UK under this grand plan for independence, it’s like you oldest child who moves out but shows up every day to wash their clothes, eat with the family, and pick up some pocket money to help with the bills in their student flat they share with 65 million other students, you just can’t make this shit up anymore.

Nicola Sturgeon says in her “essay” that “Over the last few years, as well as introducing bold policies to transform the lives of people of Scotland, we have also been building the foundations for a successful independent state”.

We have a social security agency, Social Security Scotland, built on the principles of dignity, fairness and respect. The 12 benefits it is already delivering – seven of which are new and unique to Scotland – are showing their true worth in the cost of living crisis.

The Scottish Child Payment has been described as a “game-changer” by anti-poverty campaigners, and our new Adult Disability Payment marks the beginning of the end of the DWP’s often shameful legacy of degrading assessments and inhumane bureaucracy.

Meanwhile, our new independent tax authority, Revenue Scotland, is administering an income tax policy for Scotland which is decided in Scotland – and which is the fairest and most progressive in the UK.

And the new publicly-owned Scottish National Investment Bank, which will invest at least £2 billion in its first decade, has already made commitments of almost £200 million to 14 pioneering projects across the country – including Aberdeen Harbour, vital to our just transition to net zero. James Kelly captures this Utopia well on Scot Goes Pop when he says

the government I lead is wonderful – no, seriously, it’s truly, truly wonderful, oh and it’s time to debate independence”

This is just a slow growing carrot that kicks the can further down the road again, as Wings Over Scotland points out today this is just firing blanks, this is an independence strategy that is one tiny drip at a time. Keeps the sheeple nourished enough and the SNP sitting at the UK trough. We can only live in hope that Alex Salmond is correct today when he says

“If it is to be “Free in 23” and the much promised “no ifs or buts” vote is delivered, then all well and good – every independence supporter will gather behind that banner. However, if not, then the political winds will start to blow in an entirely different direction.”

I hope that failure next year does see the political winds start to change, I am not optimistic though.

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4 Responses to Slow Growing Carrots

  1. nallyanders says:

    Thanks for the commentary Bruce. You’re 100%.
    Didn’t and won’t be reading the ‘essay’, if I want fiction, I’ll read a good book.
    What is staggering is the number of reasonably intelligent folk who still think a referendum (gold standard) is on the cards. We know very little preparity work has been done on the big issues. If memory serves, the currency question was the only one which saw Alex Salmond

    • nallyanders says:

      (Sorry trigger happy here) , I meant to say saw Alex Salmond… “falter”.

    • Nally

      Totally, it is just more delay because lots of different reason not least of all Sturgeon not being as smart as she thinks she is. The 1 2 strategy has been all about attacking the other independence parties while the yoons are thinking with their heads, no matter what they say about no coalitions, and now have control of more councils than the SNP and yet SNP voters fall for it and independence falls further back, you just can’t make up the level of incompetence.

      Thanks for commenting.

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