I just don’t believe it will happen in my lifetime

I am 53 years old now and I just don’t believe that I will see Scottish Independence in my lifetime as long as the SNP are the party we rely on to achieve it. I am not a huge fan of any in the SNP but at least Angus MacNeil speaks some truth and is open enough to appear on shows like the Prism to answer questions. The more I follow social media, the more I read comments from members of the SNP, SNP politicians, the more I get dejected and de-motivated in the whole debate. If MP’s and MSPs have not seen any plans for a referendum, and we know there have been no updated arguments for independence, then we have got to accept that it may well be over if

the sheeple and the rest of the yes community aren’t willing to abandon the SNP. They have had six mandates in recent times to move us forward to independence but they haven’t. As Barrhead Boy points out Sturgeon is playing us all for fools and as Mel makes clear the New SNP are a bit of a joke, the whole energy debacle yesterday showed us that in all of it’s glory, the SNP are a UK party now in every way and are not serious.

There are things that can be done to bring about our independence, to be honest the fact there is a clear majority of nationalist MP’s from Scotland at Westminster should be enough to just leave the union, as even Thatcher made clear and was the accepted norm pretty much until Sturgeon took over. I know I have discussed all of this before, we have discussed all of this before, but I have to ask what will it take to get Sturgeon off her comfy very well paid arse to do what she was elected to do.

I’ll just leave this here.








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30 Responses to I just don’t believe it will happen in my lifetime

  1. lorncal says:

    The SNP/Greens will do nothing either to advance independence or to ensure that Scotland gets a fair deal. Anyone who still believes they will is utterly deluded. Complete and total delusion as a state of mind appears to be the chosen pathway for so many now, in so may areas of life. It has become a retreat from real life and it suits the unscrupulous, narcissistic and sociopathic people who run our lives and everything else. They don’t even try to pretend anymore. The moon is actually made of cheese and the Earth is flat, grass is red and cowpats are rainbow-coloured.

    • Lorncal

      I must admit I do get more dejected every day. I even considered yesterday wither it was even worth keeping blogging anymore as we are going round in circles while Sturgeon and her gender warriors keep taking the absolute P out of us all. The current devolution set up enriches them, continues to deliver poor governance while Sturgeon does the Tories job for them, Tartan Tory SNP all the way as far as I am concerned. I am going to keep going with the blog after chatting to a friend but you have to wonder what it will take to get Sturgeon off her arse. I live in hope that Alba make a breakthrough but I am not really expecting it this May as I expect the sheeple to stick with the SNP for at least another year. However, they should be asking her today that if most restrictions are being lifted next week, of the economy is back to pre pandemic levels what is holding her back now.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • ngataki5 says:

        Please carry on with the blog Bruce- I really enjoy reading it. As for dejection about Sturgeon, her braindead Nicophants and the depressing groundhog feeling of getting absolutely nowhere; I feel exactly the same and I am over 70. But I still have the hope that Sturgeon will be turfed out and that I will be able to return to an independent Scotland.

        • Ngataki5

          I will keep blogging for a while and thanks for the compliment. Sturgeon just depresses the crap out of me now, how many more opportunities will she spurn, is she actually a plant and a unionist. I’m starting to believe it, at this rate my kids won’t see independence, shocking state of affairs.

          Thanks for commenting.

      • lorncal says:

        Apart from personal enrichment and access to post FM opportunities, there seem to be only a few reasons why any party would go down this route: 1. delusional mindset divorced from reality (i.e. severe mental illness); 2. sheer mind-boggling evil for its own sake; or complete capitulation owing to the absence a spine. It has to be one of those four options or a combination of any two or more.

        • Lorncal

          Something is going on that we can’t see for sure. Even saying that they aren’t exactly hiding their betrayal like the don’t bother to hide their corruption, you can’t make it up anymore can you.

          Thanks for commenting.

  2. 100%Yes says:

    AUOB asking for people to march to get rid of BJ, omg what is happening he’s our biggest asset even Tories in Scotland don’t endorse him. AUOB should be marching on Bute House so should all pro-Independence party’s and there leaders including bloggers and those who make a lot of money of the Independence cause and we should demand 1 a date for ref or 2 an alternative plan, 3 if 1-2 is ingnored then when is Sturgeon going to resign so another leader can deliver Independence now not tomorrow.

    • 100%YES

      Johnson should go if he had any honour but you are spot on we should hope he stays for now as he is a total liability leading a totally useless English Government that might just vote for their own independence before Sturgeon gets her finger out and push on with our Indy. I also agree AUOB should march on Bute House before that is made illegal in the new Scotland as I have no doubt it is coming down the line, like the end of jury trials and breathing free air that isn’t contracted out to Shell. I hope that we see Alba making some in roads in May but I doubt they will this time and we will have to wait until Sturgeon the Tartan Tory lets the sheeple down next year. People should also listen to LBC today and hear the amount of English voters who still support Johnson to see how f Scotland really is.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. panda paws says:

    I’m in your age group and I don’t think independence will happen in my lifetime either. I’ll vote for it if given the chance. I’ll campaign for it if a campaign is needed. What I won’t do is vote for a party that plays me for a mug. A party that instead of delivering the independence people are voting for delivers inadequate governance and sells off Scotland’s assets for buttons whilst garnering themselves a huge salary and expenses and a lovely pension at the end of it. NO! I’m done with the SNP. If no other pro indy party stands in my council ward in May, I’ll spoil my ballot paper. If that means the Labour-SNP council becomes Tory – so be it.

    I’m fuming… Might even write a wee article about it!

    • PP

      Totally agree, I never voted SNP in 2019 and swore after 17 that they would never get my vote again as long as Tartan Tory Sturgeon and her sheeple were still in charge. They have betrayed us all and I hope that Alba can make a break through in May but it may not be the right time and we have to wait until next year when Sturgeon doesn’t deliver yet again for some to wake up. But no, I am now pretty much resigned that I won’t see independence in my life time anymore unless something drastic happens. The CONSNP are now a Britnat Tory Light Party and they can go do one as far as ever seeing a vote a from myself again.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Carol Sadler says:

    Neither do I now,I believed in that woman and she has betrayed me,fooled me,conned me call it what you wish.I no longer trust her and take everything she says with a handful of salt.I’ll believe it when I can see it with my own eyes and not through the press release spectacles.

    • Carol

      You are not alone. I left the SNP about 6 months after she became leader as I thought the writing was on the wall for the party when the leadership slowly but surely started to get rid of things like National Council and my concerns weren’t even replied to so it was clear what was going on. Sturgeon has betrayed us all and in fact I think the SNP are the Tartan Tories now in many ways, maybe left on some issues but definitely right on most, including the economy after yesterday. I cannot believe that so many still trust her, she is a total charlatan.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Black Rab says:

    I don’t believe that 50% of the people of Scotland desiring Scottish Independence will not effect political change. That’s a lot of pressure to be sustained in society. How many people out there who want independence still think the SNP are a credible vehicle to that goal, I have no idea. It appears that many of the bloggers are advocating ‘waiting and seeing’ until may, until 2023, until 2024 etc.
    Something has got to give. Are the people of Scotland so deluded that they cannot see what’s necessary. Will the SNP loyal be our undoing .We will reap what will be sown for us, and we will deserve it.

    • BR

      The problem we have in Scotland is that we are no longer protestors or radical in many ways, do you think Scots would ever tear down statues, block motorways, take on the fuzz at a march (not that I am advising that in any shape or form), we are just not that kind of people, we are a broken people who have been well and truly colonised by England in all but name. Too many will just accept what they are fed, go and vote, be let down time and time again by Sturgeon and just ok I tried. It is all so depressing and sad and I just don’t think I will see indy in my life time, yeah there might more diddy powers for the SNP but that will be about it I think.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. When someone reads these words “off her comfy very well paid arse to do what she was elected to do”… Most of us don’t need her name! ‘Comfy’ is extremely polite language and preferable to using blasphemous/obscene comments… I’ve worked in places where swearing was almost second nature, yet the work standards were as good as could be; unfortunately, this working mentality doesn’t seem to be applicable to certain politicians?

    I know that comparing today’s politicians to yesterday’s workmates is far from normal political observation… But, certain political behaviour is really far from what should be normal nowadays! The ‘The new SNP’ is not what it used to be and it’s no longer the meritorious political party that it had become!

    Our Yes movement’s seeing a lack of progress towards regaining Scotland’s independence; yet I also see positive, encouraging signs from our more realistic friends who do not accept that Scotland is ONLY one of England’s colonies! So, does Scotland’s electorate behave like London property, or vote to be free again?

    • Ewen

      The 10,000 dollar question, if we ever have a vote do enough Scots have the balls to get off their knees.

      I don’t think it will happen under the SNP though to be honest. That ship has sailed, they are now the intolerant Tartan Tories of devolution aren’t they. Sad but I just no longer believe I will see Indy in my life time unless something drastic like the English voting for their own independence.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • Aye, and at one time, ‘the Tartan Tories’ used to be almost laughable… But not now!

      • Black Rab says:

        The English voting for their own independence is my preferred route to Scottish independence. It would ensure a lifetime of laughing at ‘unionist’ no voters. I, for one, would end up in a laughing academy. Won’t happen though, as the English wealthy elite know that a subsidised Scotland is a lie, and would sucker the English electorate into abandoning the idea.
        The SNP loyal must be close to losing faith. How many more years in power and mandates for a referendum will stack up before a meltdown.
        Nothing lasts forever.

        Chin up, guard up, Grumpy, keeping jabbing.

        • BR

          The sheeple are nothing but resilient in their denial of Tory Sturgeon. We won’t see independence, my kids won’t see it either but hey we can hope can we. It’s all we have at the end of the day.

          Thanks for commenting.

  7. ObairPheallaidh says:

    We have been sold out, sold out again, and then sold out some more. When the payoff comes it will be obvious.

    • Obair

      Yeah they saw us coming again and Tartan Tory Sturgeon happy to go with the four nation 25% to the Windsors approach. Every country in the world must laugh at mugland, sorry Scotland.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • ObairPheallaidh says:

        Aye, It is humiliating. Nothing but contempt for us and for Scotland. You couldn’t give away our resources on the cheap, sell our future to big business and the like, and not hold us in the deepest contempt. We’ll see what the reward is.

        • Obair

          Absolute minter, we are mugs and cowards, the rest of the world gets rich of our resources while Tories have shares in those companies and the English laugh at us. We are on our knees and too many are still happy to live off English scraps, shameful.

          Thanks for commenting.

  8. George Dale says:

    I’m 70. So you have more hope than I do.

  9. Lanark says:

    I haven’t yet turned 50 (not far away though) and I don’t think I’ll live to see it either, even if I last another 50.

    The SNP are totally compromised. Even if Sturgeon is removed, she’ll simply be replaced by an acolyte with no interest in independence.

    Scottish politics are again dominated by a spineless party that constantly whines about the tories and only shows anything like spirit in its visceral hatred of Alex Salmond.

    It could be 1987 all over again.

    • Lanark

      They are quislings and I don’t care who I upset by saying it. Sturgeon is a disaster, any other country would have just declared their independence by now but not Tory Unionist Sturgeon. I am starting to think she is a plant, she has done more to dampen the independence cause than the yoons have. I am just not hopeful anymore at all, it’s just all lies with her if you ask me.

      Thanks for commenting.

  10. Alastair Bryan says:

    53, I am 63 dont say I wont see independence , that what keeps me going in this shit facist state.
    2014 showed us what we can do when we are motivated, they had to construct the lies of the Vow to get the Union over the line, also its worth remembering with a doggy voting franchise which is still rigged and urgent needs sorted out.
    Alba has to stand against this bunch of SNP dead beats, Strugeon has betrayed the independence movement she and the SNP have become the colonial administration for Westminster crime syndicate, enthusiastically suppressing real patriots . I think Sturgeon will go sometime this year when the dafties she that there is no referendum . I think the SNP may be beyond redemption the infutation has perhaps went to deep. Keep the faith. Scotland gu br’ath.

    • Alastair

      I hope you are right and I am going to keep going for now but it’s bloody hard not get totally dejected by Sturgeon. She has betrayed us all and has to go soon. Hopefully Alba will make in roads although it won’t be easy but they are our last hope.

      Thanks for commenting.

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