Bits and Pieces: Sunday 16th January 2022

They might be talking about Johnson but – It really is time to see movement, and strong movement, on the indepdence question. The UK is corrupt beyond belief and yet no one is held to account, not one Tory who has awarded dodgy contracts worth billions of pounds is in the dock, or more appropriately, in a prison cell. But over an above Tory betrayal is the betrayal of Nicola Sturgeon to the indepdence movement and it is time for her to go and go now. She is a bigger barrier to our independence than the Tories and Johnson are.

Yeah let’s get Exit done – we are running out of time end of. The Tories are going to get rid of Johnson pretty soon, I would guess he survives to the after the May elections and then he is toast and so is our best chance to start the long process of our own exit from the shit show that is the UK.

The Tories might have to bite the bullet and go for someone like Sunak or Truss and while both will be as corrupt and awful as Johnson they won’t be as inept or stupid and will delay, even end, any hope we have of making any moves any time soon.

Let’s live in hope – Unlike the SNP I have no love for the British Broadcasting Corporation and the clue is in the name, not just the 90% crap it serves up on a daily basis. We know that Sturgeon supports the BBC, she told us in 2015 after their bias referendum coverage swayed the result “A BBC that puts forward a bold proposal for Scotland, for the nations and regions, and for the UK will have in us a strong and willing ally”. They haven’t changed their tune since then either, the SNP are willing and enthusiastic supporters of the BBC, however I am not. I am all for a public service broadcaster but one that is run locally, gives opportunity for local people to make local programmes and one that basically reports the news and education only not one that is bias, lies, competes for profit with the commercial sector and charges us for the privilege. I am about to dump my Virgin TV in the next couple of months as I just don’t watch all that much TV anymore. I will need to keep paying my forced tax for my son but the BBC can do one for all I care.

Finding Common Ground – I agree with Roddy and in an ideal world he would be spot on but that is just not the way that Sturgeon, her sheeple in the leadership of the party, or many members operate when it comes to Alba. Too many of them hate the Alba Party and when you ask why the vast majority cannot provide you with an answer or revert to the Sturgeon mantra of Alex Salmond was found innocent but he is really guilty. It is pitiful, yes I have a go at the SNP, I am now for sure, but that is about the total lack of leadership and action towards independence. Get rid of Sturgeon, the Robertson’s of the world and both parties, with ISP, could stand shoulder to shoulder and fight for our future, the problem is Sturgeon and some in the SNP not the Alba Party.

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6 Responses to Bits and Pieces: Sunday 16th January 2022

  1. duncanio says:

    Common Ground

    There will not be a rapprochement between members/supporters of Alba and the SNP whilst Nicola Sturgeon and her clique hold the reins of power in the latter. Both bridges and boats have been burned now.

    But it is the ordinary members of the SNP – not the GRA brigade and virtue signalers – that have to do something about the situation. Given the Stalinist iron grip that the clique have on the party it is unlikely that they will be swept away any time soon.

    My only hope is that there is an en masse resignation from the ordinary folks within the party and migration to Alba, a real independence party.

    • Duncanio

      I think it will take Sturgeon failing to deliver in 23 and there will be a lot of people leaving the SNP and Alba might benefit from some of them but hopefully in vote share at least. It is a sorry state of affairs though given this Tory English Government is the worst in my lifetime yet the SNP are sitting on their hands, all sad really and a bit depressing.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • lorncal says:

        I hope that it will be before then, grumpy because, if not, it will mean that she has managed to get GRA reform through, and, if she does that, it means that many independence supporters thought it was a betrayal of their female members and worth the prize of some vague referendum in the future.

        • Lorncal

          GRA and Hate Bill will pass I have no doubt about that, Sturgeon will make sure of that and be dammed want the public think. We can only hope that those who leave the SNP or refuse to vote for them will go Alba or ISP and help the rest of move forward. Sturgeon though is all MeMe MeToo.

          Thanks for commenting.

  2. Alastair Bryan says:

    GRA is a smokescreen, an emotive subject to create a distraction for the real agenda, the hate crime bill and the removal of trial by jury. Anyone criticising the Yahoo’s or the supreme leader will get a visit from the thought police. The right to protest a fundamental right is being taken away ,we are rapidly sleep walking into a Police state. This is being done to keep you in a coercive Union ,executed by the colonial SNP administration on behalf of the British state The indigenous population is being brought to heal by the very people we thought would free us. Brexit part two is next on the agenda, You will have nothing and be Happy. The 1% elite what total control of everything, the vampires want the key to the blood bank.

    • AB

      Can’t disagree with anything you said and I have often felt that we closer to a Police state than we know, when the SNP wanted to even have people get reported for what they said around the table you know something is well wrong but GRA I suspect goes hand in hand as Sturgeon is all Me Me MeToo.

      Thanks for commenting.

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