Referendum on Scottish Independence 2023 – FORGET IT

Nicola Sturgeon: “I certainly hope that this time next year we’ll be looking at Covid in the rear view mirror”

The establishments devolved Governor General of Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has an article in the Glasgow Times today, she can now add Columnist to her wide array of talents, procrastinator being my favourite polite one that I can use. Sturgeon talks about –

Covid – 19.


Downing Street.

Period Products.

She talks about “the Prime Minister struggles with his attempts to cover up the culture of sleaze and corruption in Downing Street, the Scottish Government will continue getting on with the job of government and implementing policies that are deigned to make life better and easier for those who live here”. No irony here to see.

She talks about “Continuing to tackle the Covid pandemic and supporting and protecting our NHS will be the focus of the Scottish Government each and every day as we navigate through Winter and into Spring”.

She talks about Boris Johnson “adds insult to injury is that the Prime Minister appears incapable of giving an honest account of what happened”. Irony not being her thing really.

She talks about (and lives in hope) that “Learning to live with the virus is something we all desperately want to do. Of course, much as we might wish it otherwise, this does not mean that we will wake up one morning soon and find that Covid has magically disappeared overnight”.

Nicola Sturgeon: “I certainly hope that this time next year we’ll be looking at Covid in the rear view mirror”

What she doesn’t do, in any shape or form, doesn’t allude, doesn’t hint, doesn’t speculate, doesn’t prepare us, doesn’t discuss, doesn’t intimate, doesn’t mention is


Barrhead Boy says in his latest post celebrating his 70th birthday “The biggest lesson in life I have learned is that it is always the people closest to you that have the power to hurt you the most. You are never betrayed by your enemies, only by those you trust.That applies, equally in your private as well as your external life. Life, love, politics are actually very simple, it is people that make it complicated and difficult”.

How many of the SNP members who joined in the late 60’s and 70’s, who built the party, took the SNP from fringe laughing stock to Government to getting so close to achieving the dream have been let down and hurt by this woman, by Sturgeon the failure, the MeeToo Warrior. How much longer do we put up with her failure to act, to do what she was elected to do, how much longer do we get taken for fools, when do we get off our knees.

Yesterdays post was about betrayal and this article by Sturgeon highlights that betrayal in all of it’s glory. Roddy goes on to say what many feel “The SNP keeps promising on Independence and not delivering. They too use their one tongue and never their two ears. They have let down their members and their voters for too long.They really need to start listening and stop lecturing, hectoring, bullying and lying to independence supporters”.

Roddy is 70 years old today, I was 53 years old a month ago. As I said yesterday I do not believe I will see independence in my life time. Sturgeon supporters need to reflect on where we are right now, what she has done to Scotland, she is not only betraying a dream, she is betraying the thousands upon thousands who made the sacrifices to get her where she is today, she is betraying every single one of us.

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14 Responses to Referendum on Scottish Independence 2023 – FORGET IT

  1. Stuart MacKay says:

    It baffles my that people say Nicola Sturgeon is an astute politician. How can that be when every word coming out of her mouth comes with some kind of qualifier of why it won’t happen.

    BTW I very much liked your tweet on healing. It’s by far the most sensible thing I’ve seen. Way better than forgiveness which always struck me as being apologetic, selfish and compounding the damage, all at the same time.

    • Stuart

      Thank you and I agree. Sturgeon has been a disaster as a First Minister and not just indy but on governance which has been the poorest I have seen for some time to be honest. She sits on the fence all of the time and she doesn’t commit to much other than her vendetta’s and gender obsession which is just totally weird for myself, but overall there will be no referendum under the current SNP and people better wake up to that fact before we lose it all. I also agree healing before forgiveness but both play a role as I am learning in my personal life right now, the healing is on-going the forgiveness is some way off.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • lorncal says:

        I think that she is actually no worse than her generation of politicians, grumpy. They are a particularly shallow lot: Canada, America, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, etc. They are all pretty lightweight, severely lacking in foresight and taking the bigger picture into account. It is the age we live in, I think, which has all the depth of a very shallow puddle in which the insects don’t even get their feet wet. Everything is skin-deep, insincere, self-righteous bull-s**t. It is the greatest irony imaginable that, just as independence became eminently achievable, we elected an entire generation of con artist politicians in every country in the world, and that’s not counting the out-and-out sociopaths.

        • Lorncal

          I was listening to a discussion on the radio yesterday and the speakers raised that very point and added on populism. The general feeling appeared to be that we had allowed career politicians to take hold all over the world who liked the status, the wages and the pensions and those who lead were either narcissists or psychopaths but at the end of the day we were electing them and were guilty of political illiteracy and I pretty much agreed.

          Thanks for commenting.

          • lorncal says:

            Yes, indeed, grumpy/Bruce. Gullibility and blind faith are also on the increase in the electorate at the same time, and populism is, of course, manifestly evident everywhere, too.

  2. Stan Wilson says:

    Excellent post, says it all (unfortunately), but you and Roddy write the truth of it.

  3. duncanio says:

    I see that you have given the full correct title of “Governor General of Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon”. To which I would add of the “Devolved Colonial Administration”.

    The latest betrayal of this nasty impostor and her pals-only regime is the ScotWind sell out. The one-off sale is one-third of the price of that forecast, the 17 winning bidders are all non-Scottish owned companies and both the Big Oil giants of BP and Shell have the 1st and 4th largest auction shares, respectively. (I wonder what the green evangelicals Pat & Lorna think about that).

    The Scottish ministers including the FM have been trying to spin this as a great deal for Scotland generating so much hot air in the process that they risk neutralising the beneficial environmental effects of using natural resources like wind.

    It is at least being debunked by the likes of Robin McAlpine and Craid Dalzell.

    But … STILL the sheeple commentators and btl commentators in The National still believe its OK.

    • Duncanio

      The Scottish ministers including the FM have been trying to spin this as a great deal for Scotland generating so much hot air in the process that they risk neutralising the beneficial environmental effects of using natural resources like wind.

      Spot on and from what we are hearing the procurement of construction is not guaranteed to come to Scotland so the net gain could be the Windsor family and the English Government, total betrayal in every way just like indy, I have come to expect no less from Sturgeon now to be honest.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. Alastair Bryan says:

    Yeah it’s time she went 7 years, 6 mandates of in action , in my view its deliberate sabotage with a Westminster hand pulling the strings . It’s time for the Brothers and Sisters to wake up, we must find away to get rid of this self obsessed narrsistic dud. We should have been away from this mess of a union in 2015 . If she wont go we need mass protests a petition for her removal. I ran into an ex colleague who was a ardent supporter of independence Strurgon has depressed her that much she has stopped voting ,accepted her lot. This is exactly what the British state wants. I say No to coruption No to dictators .No to their rotten shit state. We are closer than we think to escape .

    • Alastair

      I agree, she is well past her sell by date and we need to move or lose it all and she seems determined to lose it all. Either something gives or we give up, that is how it feels just now. I feel totally betrayed and dejected with the SNP and in particular Sturgeon.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Black Rab says:

    Sturgeon is an astute chisler. Isn’t it amazing how much fraud and theft our politicians get away with.

    • BR

      You are so right, when have we not been badly let down in Scotland the politicians we elect. They let us down every time, we don’t expect perfect but we do expect they will do what they say or have a good reason why the don’t.

      Thanks for commenting.

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