Someone Put Shit Through My Door This Morning

I woke up to an awful disgusting surprise today, I mean really mingin.

Apparently the scumbag Tories are leading the fight back against the SNP in all those communities they have taken for granted. The kind of granted that alleviates the bedroom tax, provides a carers allowance, and with rubbish powers helps the low paid pay less tax.

Only the Tories can beat the SNP, I think Colonel Tankstraddler has been smoking some of the shit she is peddling. Apparently their increase in seats was partly due to people loaning their votes to beat Nicola, I think what she means is some Labour and Liberals voters hate the SNP and Scotland that much they would vote for scumbags, liars and vermin.

The questionnaire is a good laugh, no mention of social security or Brexit anywhere but my favourite is who would make the best First Minister? Ruth Davidson or Nicola Sturgeon lol. Well one is talented, smart, cares, fights for Scotland and one is thick, talentless, a joke, hates Scotland and kisses ass.

The voting one is good as well. How are people likely to vote, one option is Not decided, but possibly the Scottish Conservatives. I would rather dig my eyes out with a rusty spoon.



  1. Robert T

    Bruce I presume you’re kidding ( not ) but seriously I would ask that you edit your post to say that even if you send it back with whatever response that STILL give’s tRuthless an idea of your voting intentions and allows them to target the vulnerable and ignore the sensible . DON’T SEND IT BACK AT ALL USE IT AS A POOPER SCOOPER Also they should be banned from sending out postal ballot papers within this correspondence

    • Bruce Hosie


      I was surprised to even get it, the Tories don’t usually have people in dundee to deliver their rubbish. They must have busses some in. The info is just bollocks but all the parties do that with flyers, treat us all as if we’re thick.

      Thanks for commenting.

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