Craig Murray

Craig Murray in his latest blog has voiced the opinion

I totally agree and have said as much myself. I even favour UDI, but the SNP should put it in their manifesto for what might be a soon to be called general election. Put it in there that if Scotland returns a majority of SNP MPs then that would be a clear vote for independence, and Scotland would therefore begin negotiations with the rUK.

They could even run it past the EU and the UN, make it as legally strong as possible. Then hammer the publicity to be clear with every voter that is what they are voting for, and if it’s a no then fine it’s a no, jockholm syndrome will have won but it’s time SNP it’s time. No more being nice, no more playing the yoon game, no more slow and steady. The U.K. is screwed and over they just don’t know it, time for us to leave this privileged dung heap of a union.



  1. Bob Nugent

    Come on ALL SCOTS and people living and working here.

  2. Lanark

    I agree. A two (or more) pronged attack on the British Nationalists would move the game on.

    I accept that the SNP leadership are infinitely smarter than me but playing by their rules may only get us so far.

    The British Empire didn’t come about by “fair play”. Just ask the Indians or the Irish.

    • grumpyscottishman


      They are definitely smarter than me but I really do think that leaving it too long this time and they will miss a trick. Westminster are going to fight tooth and nail to make sure it doesn’t happen any time soon, esp with all the new resources like renewable s and oil finds that are about the only things keeping the UK afloat just now. They need to start the process, get the UN and EU on board and be prepared to go for one without Westminster permission with UN/EU observers etc. It will take 2 years at least to even get to a vote, they also need to make sure that it’s any snap GE manifesto as well, even going as far as saying that a SNP majority is either independence or the referendum.

      Thanks for commenting.

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