When Turmoil is Good

There are a lot of headlines today again saying that Theresa Mayhems time is up, or as near as.

I appreciate we have been here before and like a lingering fart she seems to hang around longer than we want. But today it does look like

Now in the main turmoil is not so good but with this Government it is maybe not so bad. This government is just absolutely useless across the board. Now I’ve never really cared about how PMs are viewed across the world but Mayhem is a total minter, I really hope they replace her with Johnson or Mogg.

Anything that brings a return of Scottish sovereignty is fine with me, plus it would be amusing watching the Tories fight like rats in a sack and Labour’s Red Tories try to save her.

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6 Responses to When Turmoil is Good

  1. 100%Yes says:

    Lets see how much credit Jeremy Corbyn got with his MP, if these redtory MP within the Labour party support her on any vote Mayhem brings to parliament, because I would presume that a lot of their constituents where leavers.

    • 100%YES
      There are some who think that as many as 80/90 Labour MPs will support any deal she brings back whenever that is. If they did do that I think they would be finished as a party I really do, it would be over for them.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Ricky says:

    I’ll believe it only when the Tories have a new incompetent in charge, anything else is media spin.

    • Ricky
      Yeah she has survived numerous times, it would be fun though to watch them really get on with their civil war and Labour Red Tories trying to support her which might just kill off that party also. Bring it on I say, anything that forces Scots to look at their future is fine with me.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Brian McGowan says:

    and yet, her party is consistently ahead of Labour in the polls, with her as leader.
    Corbyn would be no better. How incompetent and inept do you have to be when you are always 2 to 4 points behind. It makes me think the people of England trust May more than Corbyn to “deliver Brexit”. She knows that.
    Plus, her MPs must know that if they depose May they risk losing power.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think it’s a couple of things, I think that Labour are pretty useless overall and their support of austerity by the back door hurts them as people are not as stupid as they think and can see what they are up to. I also think that England has lost it’s mind and would rather have the English nationalism of the Tories where hate is good than Labour, of course the press don’t want Labour and folk just don’t go and search for the information, they would rather read the Daily Mail with all it’s hate.

      Thanks for commenting.

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