A sense of humour, or just taking the piss

Beard picker David Mundell , The Secretary General of Scotland, and Tory Cabinet tea boy, needs to make up his f mind and put us all out of our misery. On Sunday 14th of October we heard the good news that

Scotland woke up to this story and the bacon rolls were on overtime. People were happy, smiling, Scotland was finding some peace from having to put up with this mans incompetent representation.

Then we heard on Tuesday

when most of were moaning about it only being Tuesday and we were at work but still glowing in the opportunity of the Governor General, and maybe even Tankstraddler herself going, the f BBC reported it was all rubbish and the nations happy rating plunged by 20 points in 2 seconds. Shit, it was all a cunning plan to really piss us all off. In fact it was even worse as the Torier in Dundee reported that

Not only was the Governor going to stay, he was going to fight us to the death to defend universal credit, zero hours contracts, goose stepping over our parliament, the continued growth in food banks and the Windsor’s , he would do this to his very last breath. Mundell has declared war on Scotland. But don’t run, don’t hide, don’t plan your 50 + funeral plan with a free m and s voucher, the fishermen have had a word and today

Mundell may still quit, so while the man doesn’t seem to know what he is doing there is light at the end of the tunnel, people there is hope,  or is this just taking the piss to ruin our weekend when beard picker announces tomorrow what he overheard in the kitchen at Downing Street, Mayhem has a cunning plan and it will all be ok in London, he will still get to make the tea, he’s staying.

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15 Responses to A sense of humour, or just taking the piss

  1. John Lamb says:

    It wouldn’t matter one jot, our governor general would be replaced by some equally odious Tory toady.

    • Alan says:

      Aye, but would it be one of the 12 new Scottish Tories? Or would they find someone from an England constituency?

      • Anonymous says:

        That would be so funny, remember when Labour did that and the guy lasted about 2 weeks as je didn’t have a clue.

        Thanks for commenting.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ross Thomson for comic effect LOL. Mundell is such a waste of time, how can people vote for that clown and our taxes getting wasted paying for the dreg.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. awkwardboy says:

    If Mundells’ last breath is the price we have to pay for independence, it is with out doubt a price worth paying.

  3. Kangaroo says:

    Don’t know if you saw this but it is the reason snackbeard and truthless got upset . The dawning of reality where rubber meets road.


    Love it.

  4. Ricky says:

    I was reading a reply to a question similar to this on Reddit , something interesting if true . https://www.reddit.com/r/Scotland/comments/9pbsjq/this_is_why_westminsters_choice_is_between_brexit/
    Don’t quite know what to make of it .

    • Ricky says:

      Kangaroo had the same story from The National .

      • Ricky
        lol, I had done the blog the day before, one of my friends said I should send a cheeky tweet to the National to say I beat them. It doesn’t make any difference if the Governor General goes anyway, we wouldn’t notice any difference.

        Thanks for commenting.

  5. Lanark says:

    Reading this post got me thinking about our current situation and my childhood during the Thatcher years.

    What is it about “Scottish” tories that makes your skin crawl? The whole bunch of them belong in a horror story. Just as horrible as their predecessors Forsyth, Lang etc.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ll never forget or forgive what their de-industrialisation of Scotland did to people like my Dad in Dundee. They robbed many men and women of their dignity and self respect. I remember my Dad, who worked all his life and had served in the Navy from 38 to 46, being forced to go onto a manpower scheme or lose his poverty benefits. A man who had fought the whole war, a man who had never been unemployed his whole life until Thatcher, I watched that man withdraw, lose weight, go hungry so we could eat and have things, a man who would walk to his manpower scheme to save the bus money for food and bills. I will always f hate them as long as I live and I cannot for the life of me get my head around people voting for them, and for people thinking it was just in the past. They are worse than vermin and I wish them the worst. My Dad did eventually find work and was able to work for 7 years then retire with very little, but at least he got some of his dinity and self respect back but it was no thanks to the Tories. He sadly passed when I was 21 and I never told him he was my hero and I respected him, that I will regret also, he was an amazing man.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • trispw says:

        Very touching, Bruce.

        The legacy lasts. Lads looking for work that their grandfathers would have done in mills, factories, yards and that no longer exists, being told they have to go work in Tesco or Morrisons. They don’t want that work. They want what they call “men’s work” where they come home dirty and exhausted. Politically incorrect of course, but I understand what they mean. And the stupid Thatcher woman took that away from them in her drive to make Britain a country of banking, insurance and services. That worked well, didn’t it?

        No doubt we needed to reform, but she should have looked to Germany for examples of how to modernise without shutting everything down and relying on service industries and the City of London.

        The damage she did to the Uk is not restricted to employment. Her legacy, followed by Major, Blair, Brown and Cameron has sold off everything cheap to their friends and made the divide between rich and poor and between London and the rest of the union many many times bigger than any other European country.

        Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if at least any of the things she and her acolytes privatised actually worked… but by and large, they don’t. They cost more money; they have to be rescued. And if the USA gets its way, our health service will go that way too because Britain is in such a parlous state it will have to agree to anything that Trump demands.

        What a complete mess of a state. We need to get away from it and live like Scandinavians.

  6. Bruce Hosie says:


    I hate them and everything they stand for. I hate that people can’t see them for what they are, they have never changed but the shift of England to the right has made them more brazen and cruel. They are scum and I don’t care if that upsets people, I wouldn’t piss in them if they were on fire.

    Thanks for commenting.

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