Why is this not the news? It bloody should be!

I was watching the news when it went into Windsor baby mode, the newscaster swooning over another privileged addition to a future civil list, when I came across the four day old story below.

I read the article, had a wee surf around to confirm, and could not believe why this is not front page news, and all over the tv. Marion Fellows, SNP MP for Motherwell, raised the issue of her constituent who had his benefits refused and when he asked for a copy of the nurses report found that her report had been altered. He had been assessed by the nurse as needing care and could not do many things that we take for granted due to his MS, but when he was looking at the official report the decision had been based on he found that the original had been altered to award him zero points thus stopping his benefits.

What the f is that about.

Marion Fellows of the SNP, said: “The tampering of a health assessment report by someone who wasn’t even in the room is utterly disgraceful and deceitful. “It shows that, for many people, the system is rigged against them and the outcome is a foregone conclusion.” It isn’t half is it, how low will this Tory Government allow people who work for DWP to go, how could someone even do that is absolutely beyond me, are they inhuman. When challenged about the story the DWP wrote in their reply to the MP: “If a health professional’s advice is of poor quality which could result in an incorrect decision, the case will fail the audit activity.”  The original report stated that the man had “regular specialist input” and took regular medication for mental health, the “audit” baldly stated that he “has no regular specialist input”. The MP noted that “It isn’t even clear who carried out the audit, as Atos say it was the DWP and the DWP say it was someone independent from them.

Why is this not all over the news, I have read and heard some really disgusting things that people relying on social security have to go through, we have also all seen the rise in food banks as a result of austerity and Universal Credit, just think what will happen when UC is rolled out in Glasgow next month, riots anyone! just like the poll tax in the 80’s.

This Government are bereft of humanity, of decency and we have got to highlight these stories. This is the UK that some no voters were conned into supporting, this is the future we all face if we remain a part of this disgusting country. Just when I thought I could not be shocked by the shit that people get put through in this hellish union along comes this. I applaud Marion Fellows for raising this, I hold the media in contempt for not having this all over the news and I wish the SNP would playing by their rules, their rules rob people, their rules starve people, their rules kill people. Enough of this shit.


  1. East Neuker

    Hi Bruce,
    To be fair to the SNP at Westminster, Mhairi Black made exactly these points some time ago. It had no effect beyond ridicule from the Tory benches. The abstaining Labour Party have much more to answer for. I have have come to despise Jeremy Corbyn. That started when he, the former Vice Chairman of CND, of which I have been a member for 50 years, refused to take a stand against the renewal of Trident. Then they abstained on benefit cuts.
    What is it you want the SNP MPs to do exactly and what do you think the outcome would be? I’m really interested, because there might be something to do there, but it mustn’t alienate the switherers in Scotland, of which there are many, and must have a real and targeted effect.
    BTW, did you clock that 82% of 16-35 age group in Scotland want to be in the EU? I hope that has firmly cemented your change of view re your leave vote.
    I don’t think I’ll see an independent Scotland, because I’m too old, and I believe the UK state will play every dirty despicable card in their playbook, including abolishing Holyrood and possibly imposing “security measures” like Spain, but I still think it will happen, I have to believe that. I hope you live to see it.
    Regards, and continue the fight.

  2. grumpyscottishman

    East Neuker
    Is Mhairi Black back at parliament yet? I haven’t seen her on the tv etc for a long time, she is really good but one we may lose at the next election as her seat is a shaky peg. My gripe with some of the SNP MPs is very similar to what Craig Murray talks about, some are far too comfortable and have bought into the system. I watched the finance committee when I was off work and the Tories gave Tory MPs a harder time than anyone else, there was one SNP one Tory one Lab one Lib Dem and it was all smiles and laughing and jocking with each other. They were talking about the costs of fixing westminster, billions by the sound of things and the SNP MP asked an unrelated question and was more happy to laugh at the Labour MPs jokes, it just depressed me, I have Chris Law also and he is a huge disappointment in parliament. Also singled out by Craig Murray and he’s his friend. I don’t expect them tro burn the place down but I do expect them to be louder than they are, Mhairi Black steals the show every time she speaks because she doesn’t pull punches and is well informed, I would put Loann Cherry up there as well but sadly too many of the others are sadly lacking in that regard. As Craig Murray said too many look too comfortable with the entourages falling in behind them.

    Thanks for commenting.

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