Bluff and here’s Hoping

Brexit seems to have went a bit mental last night. Allegedly Ruth ‘ Colonel Tankstraddler ‘ Davidson and the Governor General for Scotland David ‘ beard picker ‘ Mundell have threatened to resign if Irish voters get what they want, as in a deal with the EU, because Scottish voters might expect that they would also be entitled to get what they voted for. They also fear that Scotland becoming a sovereign nation again in its own right cannot be an idea allowed to grow, colonialism got to love it. Now however much I would like to see the gruesome twosome gone I think they are full of shit and won’t do anything other yes Theresa, more Theresa, have I bent over far enough Theresa.

Then we heard that there was a deal on the table that would be finalised by next week.

Then we heard this morning that in fact there was no deal because the mentalists in the Tory Party and the DUP have decided that Armageddon is better than a customs union and single market agreement.

So this scumbag, shambolic, useless, right-wing nut job of a government is, as always, all over the place. This is not even the blind leading the blind anymore, that’s too insulting to blind people in every way, these people are not only useless but bereft of ability, honesty, decency, intelligence, skill, they ain’t even human beings. However, there might be some good news.

Please let the above be true, how much longer do we have to put up with the most useless and incompetent Government in my lifetime.

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6 Responses to Bluff and here’s Hoping

  1. billy says:

    well you know the rules what england wants britain delivers even if it means thrown northern ireland under a bus to get its brexit hopefully they will be that pig headed about getting brexit they will let scotland go as well fingers crossed

    • Billy
      I do think that if it’s a hard Brexit Ireland will have a border poll and vote for unification, however, I am not convinced that Scotland would vote for independence if it has another referendum. It really amazes me how much Scotland is suffering from jockholme syndrome in a large percentage of the population. Obviously there is the die hard 25% or thereabouts of super Britnats but you then have 30% of still don’t knows and those too f lazy to find out the truth, too afraid and suffering from the syndrome, it’s enough to make a man cry. You’re spot on though, what England wants Britain gets not matter what they say. We are a colony end of.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. John Lamb says:

    What kind of chaos will a government collapse bring? We can hope a new election would sweep the Tories (and the other britnat parties) out of Scotland. But as you say – jockholme syndrome is strong in a large portion of the Scottish public. And getting the message across as to why we should escape Westminster’s death grip, is difficult in a field full of hostility and suppression. Aye make’s ye wantae greet!

    • Bruce Hosie says:

      I think the best thing is for this government to fall. They are the worst and most cruel in my lifetime and while independence in some ways takes care of itself the damage this government can do in another 4 years is unimaginable. I watched some of the Brexit update from Westminster today and it really is frightening how little clue they have, they do continue to hold Scotland in contempt and that will convince one or two the urgency to leave when the next opportunity comes but the jockholme syndrome bunch will be a tough it to crack.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Jim Morris says:

    Brexit/Tory priorities!
    1. Get out of EU before April 1st 2019.
    Result. Job done. There will be no General Election. There will be no sack for Theresa May.
    Reasons for the above: EU Finance Law 1/4/2019 includes clauses to ban offshore tax havens
    And gives powers to claim on past twenty years of earnings;
    Also has clause banning use of tax haven registered offices so that all taxes are paid in the country
    Where the goods and profits are made.
    1. (Emphasised) Get out of EU before April 1st 2019. This is no April Fools.

    • Jim
      The finance thing I am not up on to be honest and need to find some time to do some reading but it is all a shambles. It seems that the EU are going to demand an extension until the end Nov as May has not answered any of their questions. I still think the plan is a hard brexit but it has to make the EU look like they are at fault. Total shambles and the poorest will suffer the most as usual.

      Thanks for commenting.

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