The Grim Reaper Returns

Just when you are getting over seeing Tory MSP Annie Wells in the media confusing herself saying the same things the Scottish Tories have been saying for years the Grim Reaper returns like something from a bad Hammer House Horror Movie saying things he has been saying pretty much for years as well, he has only added the words Universal and Credit.

The difference though, Reaper had a chance to make things so much more different but he didn’t bother his arse. Brown is going to say in yet another speech that Child poverty in Scotland is climbing rapidly by 130,000 over the next decade. The rise of more than 55 per cent will put four out of 10 children in poverty. Reaper you started the attacks on the poor and vulnerable when PM with your disastrous austerity programme and pitiful raises in social security, you brought in the private sector to assess those on disability benefits to bring the budget down, you gave pensioners 10p a week. Reaper is saying a lot of things that just show how self aware he isn’t and how much he has forgotten through dementia or his own lop sided view of social history in Scotland under HIS Labour party, the gems from his speech include:

We used to be told that the work-shy were the main cause of poverty. In fact, those who have a working parent and those where there is a disability  in the family now make up 80 per cent of Scotland’s child poor.

In my home area of Kirkcaldy, food banks are running out of supplies. Requests for help have doubled as a result of the harshness of Universal Credit.

Charities struggle to cope when Giros that used to run out a few days before the next one now run out after a few days of receiving them.

I’ve visited families who don’t even have a cooker.

During the school summer holidays, I’ve seen children going for a whole day without a square meal.

Is it just me or have we not heard all of his shit before, the man really has no idea. Reaper and his Scottish Labour Better Together bunch haven’t suffered have they, most of them now sit in the House of the Dead (Lords) on £305 a day plus expenses. The best bit though is that he goes on to say,

The Scottish Government should say that if London won’t act, they will introduce an emergency budget of their own.

They can top up child benefit and child tax credits with their own money.

We cannot let children suffer when we have the powers to do something about it.

So Reaper basically wants the Scottish Government to tax even more to pay for the abject poverty and suffering that was started by Reaper Gordon Brown himself, so willingly followed up by the Red and Yellow Tories, so as far as Reaper is concerned there is obviously a magic money tree in Scotland that we didn’t know about. Where does this man get off, I am so sick of people like Brown stuff telling us that we have to pay more, more that the vast majority of us don’t have, to fix his mess. These people disgust me, they make me sick to my stomach and how people can even consider voting for the scumbag unionist parties is beyond me. I know Nicola Sturgeon wants us to be nice, be fandabbydozy ambassadors for Scottish Independence but I’m sorry Nicola not me, these assholes are driving us back to new Victorian Age and I will not hold fire and will say how I feel. I will not give people like Brown, Darling, Rennie, Davidson, Fraser, Cable, Wells , Corbyn and Mayhem any respect at all, these people don’t care about those in need, they don’t even understand the f concept.

If the things that Reaper Brown is saying don’t make you angry then nothing will, but I should thank Reaper in a way, he has reminded me this morning how much I despise the Scottish Labour Party, how much I despise the Scottish Conservative Party, and the Scottish Liberal Democrats. He has reminded me how different it could have been if people like Brown hadn’t been bought and sold for overseas tax evaded gold, he has reminded me how much I hate being called British and being a part of the United Kingdom.



  1. trispw

    You wonder if he can hear himself.

    The Scottish government should take powers it wasn’t given, firstly because of his UKOK lies, and then because Labour voted against almost everything being devolved in the Commission that was set up after the referendum…remember where we were supposed to get the most powerful devolved government in the world bar none… to stop our kids starving to death because of British policies?

    Is he an idiot?

    • grumpyscottishman

      He is too stupid to be classed as an idiot but I get so sick of people like him being given a platform to speak. Obviously deliberate after NS speech yesterday but I wish he would just go away. He has been a political disaster for this country since he was first elected, he is def a total dick.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Bruce Hosie

    Thanks, no wasn’t a typo I just had it in my head it had went up recently. Will correct the blog.

    Thanks for commenting.

  3. Robert T

    Bruce like yourself my contempt and disgust at this traitor to Scotland and the Scots people is palpable , this obviously delusional narcissist thinks that we forget his treachery and lies in order for Scotland to remain shackled to his glorious rancid union , but it is matched and exceeded by my contempt and disgust at the people who continuously drag this dinosaur out to spew his inane ramblings as if we give a fcuk

    • grumpyscottishman

      You are not far wrong, this guy is a total clown and I am so sick of him being given a platform by the media but I suppose he fits their narrative, too wee, too poor, too stupid.

      Thanks for commenting.

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