Is the tide turning?

Over the last couple of days we have seen, but not if you watch BBC Scotland or STV News, the incredible march that took place in Edinburgh where as many as 100,000 people marched for independence and

a few polls are reporting favorable numbers for the yes side of the argument. A Survation poll found that 59% of people want the powers to hold an independence referendum to lay at Holyrood with only 30% wanting it to remain at Westminster. We have also seen that 50% or 52% depending on the situation with Brexit now support Scottish independence, or the return of sovereignty as I prefer to think about it, we didn’t agree to give up our independence in the act of union we agreed to share sovereignty, it’s just that Brit Nat’s and those suffering from Jockholme syndrome don’t understand the concept.

The poll even showed that 56% of those still supporting Labour agree that the decision should be up to Holyrood for when to hold another referendum so is the tide turning? I would love to think that it is and with the march the direction of travel is appearing to start to shift in our direction, all be it very marginally. I have watched a little of the SNP conference and while you can sense an urgency in some members the leadership are playing it close to their chests as you would expect I suppose. Nicola Sturgeon in her round of interviews over the weekend probably did enough to stem the tide of people like myself wanting a bit more direct action on the indy2 front so maybe they are right and we are wrong. I certainly hope I am wrong and it is a balancing act when the time will be right but this weekend has certainly been a shot in the arm to the yes side. AUOB should have our gratitude for that and I agree with Pete Bell also that AUOB need to be clear to the media the marches are for independence not the right to hold another referendum, that does matter, especially given the zero trust we have in the media.

Overall a good weekend for the SNP and for YES, long may that continue.



  1. Robert Nugent

    No surprise the TWO SO CALLED SCOTTISH TV CHANNELS That should be informing Scots of News Items in and around Scotland.


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    • Bruce

      Once my kids leave home the license will be the first thing to go, I really do think that the BBC should be subscription. The march was covered on the news but they did everything they could to play it down and give it very little time, but I suppose we should never expect more than that from the yoon media. It was impressive though from what I have seen online so a huge well done and with the polls etc it does look like a small shift in the direction of travel but a bigger boost to the movement.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • trispw

        Some place on their website they suggested that there were around 20,000 people on the march.

        That’s insulting the intelligence of the people of Edinburgh who could see it with their own eyes, and those of us who were there.

        If 20,000 people took 2 and a half hours to walk down the royal mile, they need to get on a fitness course.

        My licence went into the bin many years ago. I hadn’t watched much tv before, but I decided that I would no longer give my financial support for the second rate crud that passes for entertainment, nor would I continue to help funding an organisation that so patently obviously knew about the likes of Saville and Harris and did sod all because they were “stars”, albeit rather minor ones.

        [Incidentally, with regard to both of these people, those at the top in London must have known about their behaviour, given that Saville was a close friend of Thatcher and Charles, and spent a lot of time at Chequers and Buckingham Palace, and Harris actually painted Liz in Buck House. If that’s true those at the top of the BBC MUST have known…either that or the people who guard the royals have been getting paid for sod all. What if, instead of perverts, they had been assassins?.]

        I object, though, to not being able to watch tv (as opposed to catch up) because it’s illegal to operate a tv set without paying that monstrous organisation their tax. In this day and age, with 150 channels available, that is a ridiculous state of affairs.

        • Bruce Hosie

          Someone said totally that based on the amount of space taken up at the part the figure would be closer to 127,000. I don’t really care how many it was , it was impressive and sent the right message.

          The BBC knew about Saville and all the rest , as did Thatcher. They are all scum if you ask me, I can’t believe I fell for their shit as long as I did but saying that I remember as a kid finding Saville really creepy, my Dad despised him and always said there was something of the night about him. How he got away with for so long should have a lot of people in the knownin the jail.

          I listened to NS speech today, pretty much what I expected to hear. She has bought the SNP some time but just some. I think the pressure will be ramped up big time in the new year for indy2.

          Thanks for commenting.

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