I hate the Tories

HATE is a horrible word, it’s a word my parents would always tell me off for using. Use the f word and I would get a warning about swearing, use the H word and I got a lecture. But when you read an article like the one below it’s hard not to use the word hate.

This Tory Government are the most disgusting excuse for a group of human beings I have seen in my lifetime , even worse than Thatcher. This party have conned people for years.

They are full of crap end of. A party that pretends they give a shit are sometimes shown up for exactly what they are. Read the story in the link and I dare you to not get angry and hate these people for what they are.

We are often advised by the thought police in the yes movement not to use the words hate, or scumbags. But you know what I can’t think of any other words that would adequately describe my feelings about the Tory Party. They are a stain on humanity because they don’t have any.

This country is broken beyond repair, this government has nothing but contempt for its citizens, it holds us in such low esteem that it puts in place systems to not only starve people but beat them up for the audacity of needing help and support after a lifetime of paying their way.

This is not new though. This government have been emboldened to do whatever they want and I am partly to blame. My leave vote, no matter the logic of my thinking, helped release that hate and loathing that has always been there in the Tory Party, I’ll always regret that. And where is the rage at this situation, we rage at plastic, we rage at Spanish police assaults on Catalonians, we rage at love island but when people get assaulted at a benefits assessment by an employee of the assessors it doesn’t even make the news. We should be ashamed,as well as, angry and people will still fall for those clowns below who want you to stay in this disgusting hell that is the U.K.

So yes folks, after reading this story I hate the Tories and I hate the U.K. and I cannot wait until we are out of it for good.

@SaorAlba59 posted the story so thanks for that Craig.



  1. Bruce Hosie

    I read it and just felt angry, is this what we have become when something like this can happen at a benefits assessment, totally disgusted with it. This Government are a stain on humanity they really are.

    Thanks for commenting.

  2. Neil Anderson

    I understand and agree with your sentiments here Bruce. Since I began to think for myself, I have hated these vile creatures. It wasn’t too long before I started to hate all politicians for their venal treachery. I remember clearly, when head of the TUC Vic Feather was “elevated” to the house of lords. At the time, I asked my Dad (a communist) how this could happen. His reply; they’re all out of the same mould.

    “Hate” is a strong word, I try not to use it myself too often even when referring to the vile tories. No, I prefer to use the word ‘despise”. I despise the tories with a deep conviction. They are vile. I think the “don’t frighten the horses” type of reaction from our own side is an error, why are they so afraid of terms like “scumbag”? Is it too proletarian? My favourite quote regarding the lowest opinion toward the abhorrent activities of the tories comes from the towering figure of Nye Bevan, I’m sure you’ll be aware of it:

    “What is Toryism but organised spivvery? … No amount of cajolery can eradicate from my heart a deep burning hatred for the Tory Party … So far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin.”

    He had no fear of using the term “hatred” and his description of the tories as “vermin” – and this whilst in the highest of offices in the old Labour Party – is perfect. They are vermin and we should have no fear in using that term. If it was good enough for Nye Bevan, it’s good enough for us.

    • Bruce Hosie

      Bevan wasn’t wrong but I suspect he would be disgusted with what the Labour Party has become. Hate is a terrible word though but the more stories I come across it’s difficult to not get more angrier. I am just amazed at how much people are willing to take in this country, we are so beaten and broken that I think this country will accept anything done to it now. It’s all so sad and depressing. If the Tories remain in power and Scotland stays in the U.K. then I think that will be it for a lot of people, it will be a look out for number 1 and screw the rest, hopefully not but I sense people are sick of all the parties now and the system that en riches them. I know SNP members that feel let down now and thinking of walking away due to the softly approach to the unionists, they are frustrated and sick of it. This country is in serious trouble.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Ricky

    Your wasting your energy hating the Tories , they don’t care . They don’t need to care , we don’t vote for them , they don’t want or need our vote , so why would they give a crap about us . Until Scotland is a normal self governing country , things will only get worse . But we really need to find a way of fighting back that captures the people’s imagination , a way to maximise the anger and don’t hold back on the language .
    Off topic slightly , 50% of No voters , voted that way because of the currency , can you believe they fell for you won’t have the use of the pound , 50 bloody percent were stupid enough to think Scotland would be the only country in the fekin world without their own money . You hate the Tories , I despise No voters for the utter stupidity , ignorance and the lack of believe in themselves, their families , their friends , their neighbours and their own people for believing that they wouldn’t have their own money , or could make a go running their own country .

  4. grumpyscottishman

    You’re not wrong in anything you sai, the Tories don’t care and they have the vote of the racists and the ignorant down south so they def don’t need our vote, even less so after the boundary changes. I despair some days I must admit. Most no voters are a lost cause, I hardly even debate with them anymore as there is no point. You might as well talk to a lamp post to be honest.

    Thanks for commenting.

    • Brian McGowan

      And after all of this, and all the years of ideological austerity, support for independence, if the polls are to be believed, still sits around 50% or less. I am at a loss to understand.

      • Anonymous

        I cant get my head around it, you would think anyone with half a brain would be screaming for independence. It won’t make things better for us probably it might our kids.

        Thanks for commenting.

  5. James Morris

    Tories: We need to leave the EU thinktank brainstorming.
    Let’s use reverse psychology.
    Have a referendum and lie to the people that we want to stay.
    They will vote leave, thinking that hurts us.
    Why do we need to leave again?
    Because on April 1st 2019 the Eu Finance Bill becomes law and that will abolish
    tax havens and off-shore accounts and benefit trusts. Plus the Taxman will be
    able to come after 20 years of back taxes.

    • grumpyscottishman

      I don’t think there will be another referendum as Labour have been clear that they will vote down any deal so it’s looking like there will be a hard Brexit and I suspect that is what both Labour and the Tories want. The battle will be getting Westminster to agree to another Scottish referendum and they won’t, they need the oil and gas, and all the rest as the economy is going to be in the toilet so I am not sure where we go from here.

      Thanks for commenting.

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