Undemocratic and Labour lol

It appears that the Labour Party are a bit annoyed with the proposed boundary changes lol.

England are set to lose 32 seats, Corbyn’s constituency being one of them. Wales are set to lose 11 of their 40 MPs , Northern Ireland 1 seat to 17 (DUP anyone) and Scotland 6 seats to 53 which Tommy Shepherd of the SNP is very unhappy about saying “At a time when it is more important than ever to hold this hapless Tory government to account, Theresa May wants to cut the number of Scottish MPs at Westminster. It is completely unacceptable that the Tories consider boundary changes a priority when they have their own chaotic Brexit to deal with.”. Cat Smith, Labour MP, has said that “These final boundary recommendations are nothing but an undemocratic power grab by this Tory government. With no plans to reduce the number of ministers, the Government is weakening the role of Parliament and creating unprecedented levels of executive dominance at the expense of backbenchers, when Parliament is meant to be taking back control. “Cutting the number of MPs by 50 as we prepare to leave the European Union is further proof this government is clamouring to tighten its grip on power. With the workload of MPs set to rise after Brexit, with thousands of pieces of important legislation expected to come through Parliament, it would be utterly ludicrous to go ahead with these boundary changes.”

The idea has been around since the expenses scandal and David Cameron pushed ahead with this in 2009, but the idea was dropped in 2012 when the Liberal Democrats refused to support it. However many believe that the proposed changes will go some way to fix anomalies in the system – such as the disparities in constituency sizes which means MPs need different amounts of votes to get elected – which it is alleged have been historically unfair on the Tories. There is a part of me that supports the move to reduce the number of MPs given how crap so many of them are, from all the parties, but then there is a part of me that can see that the Tories, of course, are using this to their own electoral advantage. You also have to ask why the House of the Dead (Lords) is not being reduced, let alone scrapped, in all this change. You would think the Lords would be the place to start but then the Tories have been loading the Lords with em Tories and if they can swing the boundary changes to their advantage we have another 20 years of the Tories, and too many people won’t care or even take an interest, that is such a sad indictment of our politics and our country and by that I mean Scotland.

But the laugh out loud part for me is Labour pulling out the undemocratic card. You see I haven’t forgotten 2014, the sadness is etched on my memory forever, but what I won’t ever forget is the disgrace that was the Smith Commission, now I would have pulled out if I had been the SNP as it was a stitch up and a sham but this photo always comes to mind when I think about Scottish Labour.

You see Labour and democracy don’t really go unless it is on Labour terms and those very very rarely are in the best interests of Scotland. So while the Tories shaft Scotland, and Labour moan about the Tories shafting Labour, lets not forget that Scottish Labour have been shafting Scotland for a 100 years and given half a chance will do so for another 100 years. So yes the boundary changes are a fix to help the Tories, as Thatcher did in the 80’s, but while I have some sympathy for us voters I have none for the Labour Party, who gives a crap what they think.



  1. trispw

    Let’s reduce the cost of politics by a bit of gerrymandering and getting rid of some Labour, SNP and Liberal Democrats.

    What’s that you say? Reform the Lords?

    Sacrilege. Why it’s a Great British tradition to have unelected aristos, churchmen and party donors to join with the many and numerous members of the royal family kept in splendour at you plebs’ expense.

    More twisted rubbish from Westminster.

      • Bruce Hosie


        No I will keep blogging for all your sins lol. I do slow down sometimes when I’m busy at work which is all the time these days. But Tris is correct, it might be getting busy soon so something to think about maybe. I still get amazed that people even read my blog, I get sent stats every now and again from word press and I am genuinely surprised how many people have a wee read.

        Thanks for reading and commenting.

    • Bruce Hosie

      It is a nonsense, this government are the most disgusting in my lifetime and yet some people are so indifferent and I just don’t get that at all. Labour also get upset about this stuff when it effects them. The Smith Commission still sticks in my throat, I really wish that the SNP had walked away from it I really do. It made things worse in a lot of ways.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • trispw

        Yes, upon reflection, the SNP (and the Greens) should have walked away from something as loaded as the Smith Commission.

        The independentestas were outnumbered,

        And then what they decided had to be ratified by the Tory Cabinet, virtually entirely non-Scottish.

        It was a shambles.

        Lies from start to finish.

        • Bruce Hosie

          The Smith Commission was a joke. It was designed to ham string Holyrood, the fact the SNP have been astute in some areas and kicking some things into the long grass has just been smart. The yoons let us all down, the SNP should have had a campaign for federalism and reform then walked away.

          Thanks for commenting.

  2. Robert Nugent

    Were they not told 6/7 years ago that Tories were planning these changes
    The LIBDEMS stopped them during coalition.
    Now labour come out of the THEIR ABSTAINING COMA


    • Anonymous

      You can’t make it up with Labour can, don’t give a crap until it effects them then it’s all hell breaks loose.

      thanks for commenting.

  3. Alan

    Trading MPs for more Lords, terrible idea. We’re also throwing away 73 MEPs. Ok, I won’t miss the likes of Farage and Coburn, but still, we’re transferring those MEPs’ responsibilities back into Westminster. Effectively, a 10-15% increase in workload whilst the representative pool shrinks by almost 10%.

    It’s very interesting to see how those reductions stack up in percentage terms:
    England: 533 seats reduced to 501 – 6.1% reduction
    Scotland: 59 to 53 – 10.2%
    Wales: 40 to 29 – 27.5%
    NI: 18 to 17 – 5.5%
    Overall: 650 to 600 – 7.8%

    • Anonymous

      It’s a total con and all about making it more likely that the Tories can win England next election and weaken the SNP in Scotland. It will be a close one to get through. Sinn Fien do my head in, if they took their seats then the tories have no majority, you can’t make this non democracy up, mother of all parliaments my arse. Labour though just make me sick.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • Alan

        Tory 317 + DUP 10 = 327. Even if Sinn Fein turned up, they only cut May’s thin majority in half.

        And that’s without considering Labour MPs who are voting with the government. There are at least three of them.

        • Bruce Hosie

          Thanks for that , I didn’t check the maths. May would survive anyway as I really don’t think there are enough to punt her. She is overseeing the most disgusting government in my lifetime, Thatcher was a loathsome individual but was kept in check to a degree but now we have a government out of control and a pm too weak to keep them in check with even a time bit of humanity. They totally disgust me.

          Thanks for commenting.

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