Something Different: Bullseye

I have blogged before about how much I like Darts, I enjoy it as much as I enjoy watching Scottish Football (now don’t get cheeky). Anyway I don’t watch a huge amount of tv, probably watch the Parliament Channel more than anything to be honest (yes I know). But a channel I flick on from time to time is the Challenge Channel and it’s to watch Bullseye, when I was watching an episode last night I was reminded that Jim Bowen sadly passed away last March. The show was also co-hosted by Tony Green, one of the first professional darts referees.

Bullseye ran from 1981 to 1995 and pulled in 17 million viewers at it’s peak, no show would get that now. The things I loved about the show was how bad the darts players were, how bad most of the prizes were but most of all how bad Jim Bowen’s jokes were but I loved that sometimes he would slip and say something really inappropriate or borderline racist/sexist and no one gave a crap, a show of it’s time I suppose. Its great to watch it now and see all the old darts players, like Jocky Wilson (sadly not with us) but a true legend, John Lowe, Eric Bristow (sadly gone as well). You would also get Bob Anderson and many others, the show would also highlight female players which didn’t happen anywhere else. The Christmas Specials were always particularly bad with the likes of Frank Bruno, Linda Lusardi etc.

My favourite bit of the show was always when Jim asked if the contested wanted to “gamble what they had won for the star prize that was hiding behind Bully”, and when they didn’t win he would say “let’s have a look at what you could have won”, absolute classic and a bit sick lol.

I will continue to watch this show, admire how bad and brilliant it could be, and lament when tv was actually ok.



  1. Ricky

    It always amazed me that contestants would never bring a decent darts player with them , they were atrocious , funnily atrocious . Lets play a little Bully , In 1 we have a pencil , In 2 , we have a sharpener , In 3 a Walkman , In 4 a kiddies swing , In 5 a lovely bucket and spade , in 6 a wooden chest of drawers , In 7 , a cuddly toy , In 8 , 5 VCR movies and the Bullseye 2 bedside tables …….. What we need is a server that has all the old programmes on it , so we can access them anytime we want , Bullseye , Six Million Dollar Man , Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea , Rainbow …..ok not Rainbow , Zippy and George were weird .

    • Bruce Hosie

      It’s a classic. There used to be a torrent site with all the old shows a few years ago but it got took down. Bullseye was my favourite though, it was so bad it was great. Six Million Dollar Man was good until the final series and aliens etc, they took the silliness too far.

      Thanks for commenting.

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