The Real World

Read an interesting article today in The Morning Star which is so very true for millions of us throughout the whole of the U.K.

4 in 5 workers expect to be worse off this year. 57% expect to get no pay rise, and many more expect no more than 1 or 2% at best. 75% feel that the economy does not work for them and 25% have taken on second jobs to make ends meat. Grim reading at best.

The study found very high levels of stress added to job insecurity. While the Tories report record employment the reality is more like below:

Unemployment is rising and the cost of living along with it. I am allegedly getting a 3% pay rise this year after years and years of 0% and two years of 1% but have already been told council tax will rise by 3% and rent by 3%. My hope was to stand still this year but that won’t be the case, like millions of others I will again be worse off.

This state of affairs will continue to get worse for most people for years to come but not for the people the Tories like.

Most working people in the U.K. earn less than a living wage, the ones who live in the real world. The richest of course will get richer and while the tax changes in Scotland will see myself stand still many will be a little better off, not by a lot but better than nothing. However that isn’t something the Scottish Tories like. The predictable reaction from the scumbag Tories was very typical of the Conservative and British National Party.

While the reality is somewhat different.

The vast majority of Scots earn less than £33,000 and in the U.K. the average wage is £27,200 so if the scumbag Tories actually copied the SNP tax proposals the majority in the U.K. would be better off.

The Tories are full of shit, end of. They live in the world of champagne, tax avoidance and tax cuts. The fact that some of the poorest in Scotland might be a little better off really pisses off the likes of Murdo Fraser Unionist MSP and total plank. A man who has never actually won an election but happy to milk the list system and the public purse for everything he can.

Don’t let the Tories forget that we live in the real world, not the Disney Land fantasy of Royalty and wealth that they kiss the ass of as if it’s our national sport.

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2 Responses to The Real World

  1. Ricky says:

    So we have had roughly 8-10 years of austerity , Brexit adds 15-20 years of recession on top of this , the richest have added £1 trillion to their wealth in the last year . It doesn’t take a genius to work out what’s going to happen next , food banks are already in place , is the 1920’s/30’s depression coming to 21st Scotland if we don’t vote for independence .

  2. Anonymous says:

    Independence is the only thing that can save us now, the Tories are running amok and England has lost it’s collective minds and we all pay the heaviest price. It wouldn’t matter if the country was doing well they would still have the same agenda and I don’t understand what people can’t see in front of their face. I know that we are a lot worse off now and have less and less each year to the extent that we watch every penny now. No one should have to live from food banks and every penny being a prisoner, it’s not right at all.

    Thanks for commenting.

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