Couldn’t agree more, Scum of the f Earth.

Stuart Campbell at Wings Over Scotland tweeted the tweet below this morning. I could not agree more, SCUM OF THE F EARTH.

The Tories, and The Department of Death ,are to go back to Court today. The scumbag Tories lost previously but hope to block a route used in Court using Human Rights Legislation to fight the bedroom tax so that people in future can’t appeal using this legislation to try and survive in the shitty U.K.

The couple fighting the case again have said:

“We hope it will mean that welfare claimants can use the Human Rights Act successfully and free of charge in the lower tribunals.”

Obviously our wonderful, caring, sympathetic Government don’t share their sentiment so will spend thousands of pounds on this appeal to ensure that people can’t afford to have a roof over their heads. Can’t have poor people having somewhere to live , it’s the streets for them, just not the streets of Windsor.

I can’t even describe how much I despise the Conservative and British National Party.

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10 Responses to Couldn’t agree more, Scum of the f Earth.

  1. I’m with you on that.

  2. sinclairmacleod2014 says:

    Hear, hear.

  3. Kingseat says:

    Hi Grumpy. They really are the lowest of the low and way beneath contempt. Like you I hate them with a vengeance. The sooner we are free of them the better then we really start dealing with the issues they are creating. Not long now.

    • Kingseat
      I really despise them with a vengeance, my whole life they have worked tirelessly to keep people down and protect the few, I also have no time for the so called working class who vote for them either, what don’t they get. Servants to the last some people, I will always despise the Tories until the day I die and I wish every one of them never ending skits.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. andimac says:

    You know, it isn’t right to call them scum because scum is something that rises to the top. As the Tories always sink to the absolute bottom it would be more accurate to call them the dregs.

  5. Ricky says:

    Being a full time carer for my disabled wife , you have no idea just how bad it gets . Remember it was the Labour party in government that brought in the spare room subsidy in 2007/08 , for private tenants , this opened the door for the Tories to after social housing as well .

  6. Anonymous says:

    My elderly Mother looks after my disabled older brother and we had to get help to complete all the forms as they were so complicated and I worked in welfare rights at the start of my career and still had no clue where to start so I can only empathize to a degree as I don’t experience it every day. Labour are just Tories for me and have been for a long time. Yeah they might borrow more for sub standard schools and hospital buildings but Tories all the same. Labour are scum too.

    Thanks for commenting.

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