The Desperation of a Plank

Tory MP, and right wing cheerleader, Bill Cash said yesterday that Scotland can forget about taking the oil with it if it becomes independent as it is in UK waters, end of. What a desperate plank of Tory hate.

The article written by Joe Barnes even has the line “dealt a killer blow ” what is it with all the violent rhetoric in the yoonionist media when it comes to Nicola Sturgeon, has any politician ever had to endure such violent descriptions to their politics. Sorry I digressed, right-winger Cash wants the oil even though it is seemingly in decline, mmmm wonder if recent finds are getting the cobwebs off the rank and file as they get rolled out to spout their crap in the joke that pretends to be press in this country.

Cash’s claim that the oil is in UK waters will be a matter of law but there is already a precedent for this as was explained by Prof Alex Kemp, from the University of Aberdeen in 2013, he said at the time if Scotland were to become independent the “median line” principle would be the “obvious one” to use. This means drawing a dividing line on which all points are the same distance from the Scottish and rest of the UK (RUK) coastline. Prof Kemp says this is the method which was used when the North Sea was originally divided up between the UK and other countries in the 1960s.

Bill Cash MP is a thing of the past and the sooner people like him are out of the political arena the better, they breed division. This Tory MP voted against equal gay rights, against the fox-hunting ban, voted against equal marriage, voted against equality and human rights, voted for the Iraq war and against the investigation, voted for trident, voted against raising social security and for cuts to housing benefit, voted against jobs for young people. As you can see Bill Cash is way past his sell by date and is just a bitter and hateful right-winger so typical of the Conservative Party, must be friends with Ruth Davidson.

I am so sick of these people, they live in the past and it was never glorious in the first place. This country really does have it’s fair share of politicians that would not be out-of-place in the truly horrid parties of old in certain parts of Europe pre EU.

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18 Responses to The Desperation of a Plank

  1. Kangaroo says:

    He is correct of course the oil is in UK waters. It’s just that when the UK splits into its component parts then the English waters won’t have any oil. Tough shit eh!

    • Alan says:

      England will have about 10% of the north sea oil fields, depending on which side of the border Berwick wants to be. It will keep most of the natural gas fields regardless of Berwick.

      • Bruce Hosie says:


        Thanks for the info, puts things into context.


        • Bill says:

          Blair and his cohorts altered the maritime line by 57 degrees, against maritime law, and subsumed dozens of oil well in the designated Scottish sector.

          • Bruce Hosie says:

            That will be an interesting one in the courts and might just get changed back, you never know.

            Thanks for commenting.


    • Bruce Hosie says:

      You are right of course, no doubt it will be used during the next referendum debates and will end up in the courts, don’t know if I would trust the Supreme Court in London true enough but that’s where it it will end up.

      Thanks for commenting.


      • Indyvids says:

        Surely the territorial waters of an independent Scotland would not fall under the jurisdiction of the English Supreme Court? Wouldn’t this fall under the remit of The Hague or some other international body?

        • Indyvids
          To be honest I’m not sure. I would think they would have to go with what had been done in the past and maybe we will get the waters back that Blair stole, some Scot he was.

          Thanks for commenting.


  2. Kangaroo says:

    Aye well they’re full of gas anyway so a bit more won’t make much difference.

    Apparently the new oil fields on the West Coast are bigger than Saudi Arabia. Mmmm what to do with all that dosh?

    As for the North Sea, depends if you use the median distance from the coast, or along the line of latitude to divide up the area, then you get differing results, but most oil is Scotlands regardless.

  3. Marcus Fraser says:

    I thought oil wasn’t a positive for independence yet the English tory national party keeps wanting to hang onto the oil reserves hmm mm once again tory dinosaur shooting his own party feet again silly auld git

    • Marcus

      It must only be a bad thing if it were managed by Scotland. They will fight for it no doubt, money grabbing elitist TORIES, but they will lose I suspect. Cash I must admit I have always loathed, he used to be too right wing for the old TORIES , not now.

      Thanks for reading the blog and taking the time to comment.


  4. inthesoup says:

    the new fields will be in our waters….all that matters…

    • Inthesoup

      My yes vote was never about oil, as it wasn’t for most of us. I remember at the time wanting it played down but the toons obviously used to trash the economic arguments and we need to learn from that the next time. But yes is suspect the courts will eventually rule that they are.

      Thanks for commenting.


    • Bruce Hosie says:

      I hope so as we will need all the resources we can get until we can invest in renewable s and do our best to provide most of our domestic energy that way.

      Thanks for commenting.


  5. Dave says:

    It’s cloud cuckoo land to think they’ll abide by democratic principles and give the oil away just because we vote for independence. We cannot rely on a fair referendum. They will fix it, of that there is no doubt.

    • Bruce Hosie says:

      I think there will be international observers and maybe even some from the EU. I do think a lot of things will have to go to the courts and we will have to suffer a geographical share of north sea tax for a while or maybe it will go into a holding situation until the arguments, which might take years knowing the Tories, are heard in the courts but no I would not trust those shitbags as far as I could through them.

      Thanks for commenting.


  6. inthesoup says:

    renewable energy is in the bag for us….the oil as you say, is and will be our bargaining chip, until capitalism dies…..

    • Anonymous says:


      I believe it’s the way ahead in the long run for lots of reasons. If we play it right.

      Thanks for commenting.


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