Twisted Logic

A lot has been written this week about Scottish Conservative and Yoonionist Leader Ruth Davidson and the disgusting ‘rape clause, as it has come to be known’ in the changes to Child Tax Credits. The policy states that women who have a third or subsequent child as a result of rape will still be able to claim tax credits, but will have to demonstrate their (prove they have been raped) “exceptional circumstances” in order to qualify – an exemption campaigners have dubbed the “rape clause”.

In a kind of Twisted Logic

Davidson’s logic is that this disgusting punishment being meted out to women should be mitigated by the SNP Government at the Scottish Tax Payers expense. We were warned about the fiscal trap after the joke that was the Smith Commission but I  never thought I would see it used so disgustingly, but it is the TORIES, scum of the earth.

Ruth Davidson is a very un-likeable politicians at the best of times, her support for this policy just shows her to be a thoroughly disgusting politician of the worst kind, un-likeable doesn’t come into really. If this does not convince people to vote yes then nothing will, so how much longer are we going to put up with this crap!

There is to be a protest rally in Glasgow this weekend to protest against what has to be one of the most shameful policies in living memory, certainly in mine anyway. What kind of union is the United Kingdom becoming that this can be seen as right or just, it is a disgrace. Ruth Davidson’s, and all Tory politicians, support for this policy shows the kind of despicable politician the Conservatives really are. I am ashamed to live in a country that tries to justify this policy.

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4 Responses to Twisted Logic

  1. billy says:

    by trying to get the scottish goverment to mitigate the rape clause and all the other dispicable poylicies she is hoping the govermsnt will run out of funds to cover education nhs etc then she can scream about them not spending enough on education and the nhs.
    as the goverment has to work within its budget so by ruths twisted logic she is hoping the snp will start to lose its supporters and accept her lovely vision of a united kingdom after brexit who said oor ruthie was dumb?

    • Anonymous says:


      I think you’re correct in that they definitely want to the SNP to come looking bad, but there is no way that can happen on this one, it is truly disgusting. The Smith Commission was and is a fiscal trap, my view at the time, as it is now, was it should have been rejected on the grounds that it was not what was implied in the so called vow. I know the SNP would have been hammered if they had refused it but now they are going to find themselves under increasing pressure as the hateful Tories slowly but surely make things that bad down south that people will be screaming for it all to be privatised and then we will have no money under Barnett anyway. Davidson in her own warped way will think this is all fine, what a hateful woman.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. East Neuker says:

    Ruth Davidson is a disgusting right wing hypocritical liar. She has contradicted herself shamelessly on a number of issues, including the EU. This issue places her beyond any reasonable person’s acceptability threshold. If anyone in Scotland votes Tory after this, then Nye Bevan’s description has to apply. They are vermin. Unfortunately about 20% of Scottish voters seem to be said vermin, and I doubt they will see the truth of it.

    • Anonymous says:

      East Neuker

      Totally agree, total spineless arsehole to be honest. I don’t usually go in for any of the personal stuff but how else can you describe a Tory any more, they are horrid. There will always be the clowns that can’t see past themselves, every country has them and we have them too. I hate the Tories I really do and if in future we vote no then we deserve everything we get, in every way. How anyone could want to live in the shitty United Kingdom is beyond me, what a small minded hateful hole it is turning out to be.

      Thanks for commenting.


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