I watched some of the Scottish Labour Party Conference over the weekend and came to the following conclusion, the party of Keir Hardie is dead. Not on life support, not having a hard time, not unlucky, just plain old dead. 

Should we mourn the death of this once proud party or just be glad they are dead in all but name in Scotland. From Sadiq Khan calling half of Scotland racists to Kezia Dugdales car crash of a weekend to Jeremy Corbin saying there is no appetite for independence, can there be a party more out of tune with Scottish voters than the Labour Party. 

Time will tell nationally but I just can’t see how the party can recover nationally enough to win a general election and I think they can’t win in Scotland ever again. In Scotland they have sold their soul to preserve their idea of the United Kingdom, a United Kingdom that has never been as dis-united in its history, and one that is slowly but surely tearing itself apart. At a time when Scottish Labour should be fighting for Scotland they have basically joined the Conservative and Unionist Party.

Scotland has now split into either YES or NO and in England it’s Right or Right. When the leader of the Labour Party comes to Scotland, and in front of no more than a couple hundred members, demonstrates a total lack of awareness of the situation, you know it’s over. I think what’s left of the Labour movement in Scotland know is over. The culture and symbols which once gave the party meaning have become so diminished it doesn’t know what it is anymore, what it stands for. 

Scottish Labour voters have now got to put their blind faith in the United Kingdom behind them and vote for what is right, and what is right is a Yes vote for Scotland. 

If you really believe in the ideals of Keir Hardie then you need to start again in a sovereign Scotland. The language of old Labour is still relevant, in some ways it is still needed, but in an independent Scotland. 

If there are any socialists left in Scottish Labour then either seize control of your party and fight for what you say you believe in or leave it and let it die. Join the SSP or TUSC if you can’t support the SNP and the rest can join the Tories. 

Irvine Welsh Tweeted something that I believe holds true for me, he said

It’s time that the decent, honest and socialist members of Scottish Labour thought about that, and if you have sympathy with that statement then join us on the YES side and build a different, more inclusive and caring Scotland. 



  1. lanark

    Any decent folk left in the Labour party who want to change society for the better, join the SNP or the Greens or the SSP if it could stop splitting into factions every five minutes.

    If however you’re a bigoted reactionary who despises the SNP/Yes (the vast majority), stop the pretence and go and join Ruth’s gang.

    • Anonymous

      I think there are some still in the party clinging to the hope that it will return to what it once was but we know that won’t happen. The Scottish Labour Party is dead now, they have some list MSPs, they have one MP and still get way too much press coverage for their place in Scotland now but anyone watching some of their conference can’t not believe the party is dead in Scotland. I agree with you the decent ones, the few, need to go and join other left parties or join none like myself but vote for a better Scotland. The rest should go to the Tories, the horrible party and in some ways worse than UKip, at least they just admit what they are pretty much. Even I was shocked at how few people were at their conference in Perth, I didn’t think it would be good but I didn’t think it would be that bad, they were all shocking and the so called big guns coming up from London to put us right were an embarrassment to everyone and should be ashamed of their ignorance of Scotland now, especially Khan and Corbyn, shameful.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.


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