Circling the Wagons

The Sadiq Khan story rumbles on. First of all we had the ill-informed article in the Guardian by Claire Heuchan, and covered very well elsewhere.

Then we had Anus Sarwar talking about being trolled by angry white men while denying what Sadiq Khan said, what we read that he said and what he actually said at the Scottish Labour Conference or meeting given the amount of people who actually bothered to attend.  But as we know Anus isn’t very bright and actually got into Holyrood on the list vote after saying in Westminster, shortly before losing his seat, that Holyrood wasn’t a democratic place, damn right it’s not if he can get in on the list.

And now that bastion of unionism The Courier printing an article by Jenny Hjul.

Jennie article is even worse as she tries to imply the same accusations without actually saying so. She says the campaign for Scottish independence has long since been hijacked by purer nationalists, who have narrowed the focus of the debate, as nationalists tend to do, to a them versus us contest. Alex Salmond, Sturgeon’s predecessor, was not necessarily the instigator of this more traditional form of nationalism but he certainly gave it a booming voice. And Sturgeon has been as effective, if not more so, in fighting nationalism’s cause by sewing division. The ‘them’ is England, and more specifically, London, and she cannot deliver a speech or defend a policy without reference to this apparent foe.

Jenny goes on to say while it is unfair to lump the loose cannons of the rank and file with a more principled leadership, nationalism by its very nature is about exclusion not inclusion.

First thing first, they just don’t get it, Wee Ginger Dug has a brilliant blog Let’s Talk About Racism in Scotland today which captures the differences really well and during the last General Election we saw the posters and the articles implying a lot of things about us Scots or about immigrants. If you want to see the real brand of ill-informed unionism then check out Scotland in Union and you will find a lot of comments that should be reported to the Police let alone covered by the press, if we had a fair and honest press that is.


The unionists are circling the wagons when we decide that we won’t sit back and be called racists while they attack us from behind at every opportunity. In some ways you have to admire them, they have fought dirty for hundreds of years and are the masters at it. Don’t allow them to try to keep you down and keep your voice unheard by calling you a racist, don’t let them play the victim card, remember what we are up against here, crocodile tears on one side and British Bulldog in the other.



  1. trispw

    They will play the victim whatever we do.

    We have to be bigger than them.

    But it makes me laugh. They are ‘Britain this’ and ‘Britain that’. Leading the world with the USA (WHIT?) Bringing everything home so that it will be done the British way, with ‘Great British values’ stuffed down our throats, and everything under the sun wrapped in their flag from sports stars to bloody doughnuts in Morrison.

    What a very unstable lot they are that they have to ram Britain down our throats at every opportunity.

    • grumpyscottishman


      They certainly play the victim card, you’re not wrong there. I actually can’t really believe how far the Tories are going now, even Thatcher wouldn’t have dared. They talk about the SNP being a cult, bloody hell, the Tories have stepped over the edge and are taking millions with them willingly and the rest of us are just collateral damage, what a scary time. Brexit has unleashed the monster that was probably always there, many of us voted the way we did out of belief but these people voted the way they did out of hate. Truly scary times.

      Thanks for commenting.


      • East Neuker

        I still don’t understand what it was you believed when you voted to leave the EU. It is all panning out the way I expected it to if leave won’ and I can’t see wh you would have expected anything else.

        • Anonymous

          East Neuker
          I expected the EU to change and I think it is starting to look at that having had a brief look at the 5 options that have been put on the table. I expected the UK to start to have a look at how the economy works and it is starting to look at that a little with Scotland going down a different path now. I expected the leave vote to focus the mind on the future and I think it is doing that now in some ways. I expected the right wing press and the more right wing voters to continue as they always have so no surprises there. I did not expect the Tories to shift as far to the right as they have so quickly, even I have been surprised by their far right agenda, I didn’t expect English Labour to actually get worse and they have and I expected a bounce in the polls for Scottish Independence and that hasn’t happened yet.

          A bit of a mixed bag really. As I have noted previously I am very open to a YES vote for the EU in the event of Scottish sovereignty but I would like to see more change in the EU to be more inclusive across the board. In the event that an independent Scotland joined I would like to see more integration in some areas like defence, I would not be against Scotland joining the Euro if they can actually get it to work but that may involve more integration and that is where the problem lays with the larger nations, like England in the UK , dominating the agenda. So surprised at the turn of events and not surprised at others but totally accept that you called it really well and I can only hope to continue to learn and get to that level of understanding of the themes and road of travel.

          Thanks for commenting.


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