Sneaky wee press release. 

A wee story appeared online tonight that might not go down too well. 

Our honest, hard working , brilliantly intelligent, decent, caring MPs are getting yet another nice wee pay rise taking even the most clueless to £75.000 a year plus expenses to die for. 

This wasn’t on the news Tom Watson and Labour were, it wasn’t on the front pages, Sadiq Khan and his racist rant at nationalists was. So given that public sector workers have a pay rise cap of 1% until 2020 our MPs don’t stick to the same rules and they wonder why people hate politicians. 

As social security continues to be cut, as the NHS is starved of funds, as services no longer exists in many areas I will sleep so much happier knowing our MPs, our betters, are fine. 

A good day to bury bad news. 



  1. Billy

    typical westminster we need a pay rise what about austerity i know we can get the poor to pay old chap cut the budgets of the nhs and welfare but keep it under your hats we do not want the unwashed to know top job

    • grumpyscottishman


      As bsjalba points out below it was announced previously (a little old) and I either missed it or forgot about it but it is more than public sector workers are getting and that is just plain wrong. When you throw in their amazing expenses it really adds up. They really are the princes and princesses of modern times and while I don’t want them to not be paid a fair wage there needs to be balance. Often people say you want the brightest and best in parliament, well actually I want to see a parliament that actually reflects the people.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my little blog and comment.


  2. grumpyscottishman


    A lot of them are at it and while £1000 might not seem a lot it is more than public sector workers are getting and they had a 10% raise last year. As I said above I am not against paying MPs a fair wage but they really have no clue. Off topic but I got in touch with both the Electoral Commission and my MP Chris Law SNP about an update on the Tory Election Fraud issue and neither bothered to reply, what are we exactly paying these people for. I vote SNP but to be honest Chris Law has been disappointing and wish that the local councillor Jimmy Black had been selected, a decent hard working man.

    Thanks for commenting.


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