Having Your Cake and Eating it Twice

A comment!

David Cameron has said that the wishes of English MPs will never again be “overruled” by those in Scotland as his government announces plans to give them a veto on English-only laws.

Now as we know this will, irrespective of what Cameron says, have an effect on Scotland due to the Barnett method of allocating funding to Scotland. So it’s just as well that we will have the Scottish Affairs Committee with Scottish MPs able to protect our interests, but no, wait a minute, the Scottish Affairs Committee looks a bit like this:


Pete Wishart (SNP, Perth and North Perthshire, chair)
Dave Anderson (Labour, Blaydon)
Kirsty Blackman (SNP, Aberdeen North)
Christopher Chope (Conservative, Christchurch)
Jim Cunningham (Labour, Coventry South)
Margaret Ferrier (SNP, Rutherglen, Hamilton West)
Stephen Hepburn (Labour, Jarrow)
Chris Law (SNP, Dundee West)
Dan Poulter (Conservative, Central Suffolk and North Ipswich)
John Stevenson (Conservative, Carlisle)
Maggie Throup (Conservative, Erewash)

So, of the 11 members of the Committee only 4 are from Scottish Constituencies and is made up of 4 SNP, 3 English Labour, and 4 English Conservative MPs. So as we can see, English voters are very much represented on the Scottish Affairs Committee just to ensure that English MPs maintain their ability, as we saw in Scotland Act debate, to over rule anything for Scotland that they don’t like.

I appreciate that this topic will have been covered already on Wings and blogs all over, I talked about EVEL in my last blog, but I was thinking about this Wednesday and Osborne’s budget. He will impose draconian cuts across the UK this Wednesday which will have a huge impact on people in Scotland,and on local authorities across the country, so I wanted to point out to the 55% of those who voted NO in the referendum, you voted for this.

The NO vote last September gave the Conservatives the mandate, whether we like it or not, whether we agree or not, to not only ensure that there will probably never be a Labour Government anytime soon (not that it would make a difference, they are the red Tories), if ever again, but also a mandate to do whatever they want in Scotland. Cameron pulled off the greatest con trick on Labour, and on the Scottish electorate ever, oh I know he had help from Labour and the Liberals in Scotland who fell for his and Browns vow hook, line and sinker, so when the shit hits the fan in the next couple of years don’t say that you weren’t warned.

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2 Responses to Having Your Cake and Eating it Twice

  1. jimnarlene says:

    Bruce, we all tried to warn the “NO” voters, they didn’t believe us, now they will probably blame us; for trying in the first place. Not realising the Tories would have won anyway, without the Liberals, and set forth on their ideological rape of Scotland, a rough wooing indeed . And so continues the union as ever.

    • Jim

      I know but it actually amazes me that according to the latest poll on Scot Goes Pop that 53% would still vote no. Be interesting to see how many that will be say two years from now when the Tory idiology really starts to bite. I watched a bit of the Scotland Bill debate last night after work and just sat wondering how long will this union last anymore, not that much longer I suspect. It is corrupt and broken beyond repair I suspect. I’ll go for a federal independent Scotland I think.

      Thanks for commenting.


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