Wow, I am so glad that the No Voters saved us

I watched the budget this afternoon and man am I so glad that the NO Voters saved us from the attacks of the Conservative Party on the poor, vulnerable, ill, disabled, low waged and public sector workers. What would we have done if we did not have the NO voters to save us from ourselves, where would we have been, Darling, Brown, Rennie, Davidson, Lamont and McDougall thank you. You protected us all from benefit cuts, and tax rises. The pain looks a bit like this:

Working-age benefits to be frozen for four years – including tax credits and local housing allowance

Tax credits and Universal Credit to be restricted to two children, affecting those born after April 2017

Higher-income households in social housing will be required to pay rents at the market rate

Reduce earnings level for tax credits withdrawal from £6,420 to 3,850.

18-21-year-olds will not be en​titled to claim housing benefit automatically, with a new “earn to learn” obligation

Employment and Support Allowance payments for claimants deemed able to work to be “aligned” with Jobseeker’s Allowance for new claimants

Moves on the living wage blasted as “a con ”

Thanks to thirdforcenews for the break down.

I also loved watching that disgusting creature Iain Duncan Smith pump his fists as the poorest were paying for the inheritance tax break for the rich, wow,I love Britain and all that it stands for. It really is time for the Scottish Liberal Democrats to decide which side we are on, are we on the side of decency, honesty, caring for people or are we not! I want to see the Scottish Liberal Democrats stand up for Scotland and embrace a Social Liberal agenda for Scotland. Time to stand up and be counted.




    Your shouting for nothing Grumpy.

    The Scot/libs will do nothing. They are on “SNP bad” mode and will be wiped out next year. I cannot fathom where you get the hope these buggers will change their tune. Every single example shows us exactly where they stand.

    Sad that you believe they are capable. How many Libs voted down each of the Scotland Acts ???

    And like LIEbour you maybe think the Scottish in their name part will make folk think they are onside ??? Bloody hell .

    Sad …

    Independence and then Libs surely…. ?

    • Anonymous

      Yes guy

      I have to give it a go rather than just shout about it. If I don’t change a single opinion then at least I will know I tried to live by my convictions. I’m going to the Scottish Conference, first ever, but I will blog about it.

      Only Carmichael took part in the votes on amendments for the Scotland Act as the party has a federal structure so they did not take an opinion as far as I know. Carmichael voted for and against I think.

      Thanks for commenting.


      • YESGUY

        Flogging a dead Horse .

        They are nothing in Scotland. The name Lib only shouts LIARS. Whores to whatever party gets in. They have played a huge part in the damage to our social security and the poor. They promise anything but give nothing in return.

        I bit part , tired old party looking for any excuse to be heard when all around them hold their hands to their ears.

        Unionists to a core……

        It’s sad that you are willing to give liars and cheats another chance when your country has screamed ” no more austerity”.

        It;s sad that you think they give a shit about Scotland …. They don’t. Only the swing voters darn sarf.

        You were part of the yes movement. it still exists and has plitical support in the SNP. You don’t have to agree with their politics Grumpy. They are a means to an end and maybe then… no … no… ONLY then will the libs in scotland have a voice..

        • Anonymous


          I would agree that the Lib Dems record in coalition could have been a lot better, however, I don’t think they could have done much as the junior partner with the evil party and suspect that what they maybe should have done was walk away. They did delay trident, brought in free school meals, the pupil premium in England and the rise in the starting rate of tax but none of that will ever take away from the tuition fees and VAT pledges that made the party seem stupid and I blame Nick Clegg, Cable, Swinson and Danny Alexander for that.

          I think the Liberals will change, the very term Liberal means that they will or they might die and something different in Scotland will rise from the ashes. It’s not about me wanting to give them another chance, that will be up to the voters at any elections, as I have said before this is about me joining the party that best represents my Liberal views and putting my actions where my mouth is and giving it a go. I can only but try my best and who knows what will become of that.

          I make no apologies for my choice, and I as I have said I will vote yes in any future referendum and the only thing that would give me food for thought would be federalism being on the ballot but then I would probably still vote yes. You would be surprised but many in the Liberal Democrats in Scotland were YES voters. Again I don’t need to be a member of the SNP to express that opinion but in the meantime I will try and see if I can continue to learn more about how things work and see if my opinion can make a difference.

          I can only but try.

          Thanks for commenting.


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