Call his Bluff

Now that Ed Miliband has ruled out any sort of confidence and supply deal with the SNP, should the SNP return anything like the amount of seats the polls predict, therefore holding some form of sway over who forms the next Government, his bluff needs to be called by the SNP.

Some Labour drones and commentators are saying that the opposite is true, that Miliband is daring the SNP, if they have the seats, to vote against a Labour Queens Speech and allow the Conservatives into office again. Now the Queens Speech is pretty meaningless really and the SNP could vote for it then not vote for any bills proposed by Labour meaning they won’t get all of them through parliament, this is also assuming that Labour are the biggest party in the first place, which I doubt they will be anyway.

However, I would turn that on its head today if I were the SNP. I would say to Ed Miliband ‘fair enough, if that is what you want that is what you will get, we will not vote for any Queens Speech by either Labour or the Conservatives and let’s just have another election.

Now some might say that is a risky strategy and the voters in Scotland might take it out on the SNP as no doubt the media would continue to blame the SNP for everything, as they do now, but certainly not being able to have a Government, even though the media have been telling us that we shouldn’t get to influence anything in Westminster anyway. Labour have been telling us via senior activist and lawyer Ian Smart that we are Nazi’s via Twitter, which was covered on the Wings Over Scotland website, so why on earth would I want, as an SNP member, any sort of deal with Labour.

The truth is I actually don’t want any deal with any of them and would much rather see where the cards fall. Now many will say I am naive in holding this opinion, but am I? Why would I want to do a deal with a party that is happy to call me a Nazi, why would I want to do a deal with a party that calls me a part of the something for nothing culture, a party that threatened my countries economic well-being in the event of a yes vote in the referendum, a party that has enriched itself on the backs of my country for over a hundred years be it through expenses or their sense of entitlement.

For me the Labour Party, like the Conservatives, are both parties that care very little for anyone other than themselves, they do not give a crap about the man in the street if that man lives out with London and the South East. The Liberals just don’t count and are irrelevant now, but the other two tory parties make me sick. So my answer for Ed Miliband, and for the SNP is this. Let whichever party is the largest or can command a majority go for it, better yet let them go as a minority government and vote according to our beliefs. The Scottish people are trusting the SNP to represent them and Scotland to the best of their abilities and beliefs, those beliefs in my opinion do not lend themselves to doing deals with the Labour Party, they are the lowest of the low, they have kept us down and would not piss on us if we were on fire. It’s time to return the favour.



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