Scottish BUT

The BBC ran a wee fluff piece the other day about how Scots are already influencing the UK and how effectively they have run the Government over recent times. Basically this article was to demonstrate to the Scottish Electorate that there really is no need to vote SNP in May because you already run the Government. Here is the list of the names mentioned.

Gordon Brown
John Reid
Alistair Darling
Lord Falconer
Douglas Alexander
Alistair Carmichael
Tony Blair
Ian Duncan Smith
Yvette Cooper
Michael Fallon
Michael Gove
Robin Cook

Why I found this interesting was that it was a change of tack from the more recent Jock bashing that we have all gotten so used to since basically the day after the referendum and the NO vote. The list while not being endless has tried to fit a unionist in from all the parties if they were born in Scotland; they even mention David Cameron who has Scottish roots.

However, and the unionists won’t like this bit, not one of them in my opinion would be identified as being Scottish in the traditional sense. My opinion is that they may have been born here, they may have family here, they may represent a Scottish constituency but they are all British first, British to the end, rule Britannia, kiss the ass of the elite and Scottish a very distant second. Scotland to them is the place where they are born and something to be used when it is to their benefit but something to be ignored at all other times.

Do they love their country, yes they love Britain with everything they have but Scotland for them, in my opinion, is just the place they were born. So while this is a nice wee change from Jock bashing I don’t think it will really convince anyone of the idea of Scots at the heart of Government, it reminded myself of people who may well be Scottish but.



  1. jimnarlene

    They may be Scots by birth but, as you say they are British to the core. Or perhaps selfish to the core, wrapped in the I’m all right union jack.

    • grumpyscottishman


      That’s a really good point about being selfish. I just thought when I saw it that certain people really do think that Scots are zipped up the back, what don’t they understand about things not being the same anymore.

      Thanks for commenting.


      • jimnarlene

        I don’t believe they think, we got passed buttons and moved on to zips. The BBC and all the metrocentric media hangers on paint the Scots as backward, inward looking peasants. They forget the age of enlightenment, which Scots were at the forefront, the inventiveness of the Scots, past and present, and the generosity of the people, the great diaspora of Scots spread across the globe.
        The fact that we want to be a normal country, a democratic nation; (for which they will go to war to democratise the middle East) seems to enrage and befuddle them in equal measure.

        • grumpyscottishman


          I really believe that citizen journalism is leaving the BBC behind in many ways now and they are not smart enough to catch up. They also seem to forget that people have the Internet and can do some research unlike many BBC reporters. You have to wonder.

          Thanks for commenting.


  2. Kenzie

    Dear Folks, I knew that he was Scottish but of those listed, isn’t he the only one who is dead? I have obviously read this wrong; please accept my apologies.

    • grumpyscottishman


      The list was taken from the report but it’s a weird list. It’s like they have tried to fit unionists from all parties but it reads weird and not a particularly inspiring list.

      Thanks for commenting.


  3. Brian

    “Not particularly inspiring”? That comment implies there are few who are…help me here, I just can’t find them. (Robin Cooke aside).
    Good article though, the BBC trying out subliminal propaganda instead of the “in your face” lies and distortion for a change.

    • grumpyscottishman


      It seems to be carrot and stick this last week but with two weeks to go it might change. I did hear the fluff piece about Sarwar and the death threat, mmmm interesting timing.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. Anonymous

    the referendum was never about being scottish or british, they are nothing but words, it is about what is right and fair

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