What will it take?

What does it take to wake enough people up? So here we have the betrayal number, what is it, 645 since 2014 and the infamous vow. According to the Times today the defence shipbuilding contracts Scotland would not get if it voted for independence it isn’t getting anyway now.

A multibillion-pound order to protect the long-term future of Scotland’s shipbuilding industry is expected to be dropped or cut in Rishi Sunak’s upcoming defence review.

Allegedly this puts the jobs at Rosyth at risk longer term as this contract was set for 2028 saving thousands of jobs, now there is no money since the Tories destroyed the economy and the UK being a basket case, and being the colony we are the cuts have to come from some where. Will this be enough to wake up some of the mega carrot eaters, nah don’t think so either, the ability of Scots to eat shit is unparalleled in the known world now. History will judge our cowardice harshly as it should.

Interesting article in the Hootsmon today – I read this article and it’s worth a read if maybe applying to both sides of the debate on Scottish independence. Fraser McMillan writes that “intransigence of pro-union elites on indyref2 may come back to haunt them. While it makes sense from the perspective of short-term party strategy, reluctance to call Nicola Sturgeon’s bluff now could be a decision UK elites ultimately come to regret. I would argue that the gradualism and cowardice of the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon poses the same risk for yes.

I have commented before that if I were the yoons I would call Sturgeon’s bluff and call a quick referendum and risk it. A lot of older voters are still no and could swing the vote, there is still a lot of fear and ignorance in Scotland around independence, the SNP have pretty much pissed off half the women in Scotland, their record in Government since Sturgeon took over is as bad as Government has been since devolution.

The union is dead though for myself as it’s always been about democracy for me, but I agree in part when McMillan says “however, the damage successive Westminster governments have done to the union may be terminal. While it is hard to imagine any majority Labour or Conservative administration acceding to SNP demands in the coming years and gambling on a fresh indyref, the risk for the anti-independence camp is their last chance to win young hearts and minds has already passed them by. There is a chance he could be correct, but as I have written earlier in this blog, it truly is amazing how much shit us Scots can eat so the union is on life support but it is not dead yet, even though the SNP are doing their best to keep the union alive no matter how bad the unionists are at government.

Rant time – Tesco are really starting to piss me off big time. I have had to go shopping twice this week, anyone who lives with a 15 year old teenage boy knows that food doesn’t last very long but Tesco are taking the piss now. Items that I buy each week have risen in price twice this week alone, by as much as 40p in some cases overall and it really is becoming a really bad joke. This is beyond the cost of living crisis now for me and is all about profiteering, these companies need investigated big time but I am not expecting the Tories to do anything about it, they don’t give a shit if people are skint, hungry, cold, or even if they die as we can see with the level of excess deaths where 50,000 more Brits died in 2022 than a normal year: UK’s excess deaths were worse than any non-pandemic year since 1951. All part of the Tory plan for the poor, even Thatcher never went that far than the current right wing nut jobs in power.

Either way though we are being well ripped off and I probably need to shop around more but then I often think that just cheers up the oil companies as I would need to use the car more and get ripped off for petrol, the simple fact is I am f either way for being an average earner and a bit of gadgie.

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5 Responses to What will it take?

  1. JSM says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a now 60+ Female and commented:
    Haven’t shopped at Tesco for a few years now. Aldi is my regular with Lidl being 2nd and Asda a very reluctant 3rd.

  2. duncanio says:

    It will take a campaign that highlights the promises of the BT campaign of 2014 with their lying outcomes:

    • EU Membership Guarantee v Brexit
    • HMRC Jobs v Cumbernauld Closures
    • T8 Clyde-built Frigates: 13 Contracts v 8 Orders (0 now?)
    • The Vow v EVEL
    • Home Rule/Federalism/Devo-Max v Smith Commission Whitewash

    Nobody is doing this, certainly not our elected political representatives – there is no campaign!

    • Duncanio

      I agree, but there needs to be common sense thought-out alternatives and I am not sure the SNP has put any thought into that. The Wilson fiscal report is a joke and has pretty much been rubbished by everyone, it is just a Tory economic policy pretty much so why vote for that. I think EFTA is the best bet going forward with a promise of a referendum on EU membership should independence ever happen which I am not convinced about any way the longer Sturgeon is in power. You are so spot on when you say there is no campaign, that would wake up some people I think, and we do have to answer the question one way or the other as we cannot keep going the way we are right now is just a slow decline.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • duncanio says:

        The SNP haven’t put any thought into Independence strategy that is why they are flailing around at the moment with their absurd proposals for so-called debate at their very non-urgent “emergency special conference” in March.

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