The Gauntlet has been laid down, where now Nicola Sturgeon? Your time is running out.

RISHI Sunak has told the SNP to “respect” the No vote of 2014, dashing any lingering hopes Nicola Sturgeon may have had of an agreed second independence referendum.(The Herald) Good, it is time we get back to this debate after the farce that has been Tory infighting and the crashing of the economy. I am delighted that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has got a quick no in there regarding the referendum. I don’t agree with him in any shape or form; however, it highlights yet again we do not live in a democracy, and it puts the ball right back to Nicola Sturgeon and the SNPs court, so what is Sturgeon and the SNP going to do about it?

Will those who still support the SNP start to put some pressure on the SNP and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon or will they continue to eat the magic carrots? Sunak was responding to a question from Alyn Smith, SNP MP, and pretty much just brushed him aside, I would as well to be fair, Smith is a careerist at best and a light weight. Smith noted “if the Prime Minister is to maintain any credibility in the eyes of the people of Scotland, how long does he think he can deny Scotland’s democracy?” Wow Alyn get in there, the colonisers will be quacking in their boots at your intervention in this debate.

Sunak responded: “I would gently urge him to respect the result of the referendum that we had on Scotland. “Whilst we will disagree on that issue, I can tell him that I do remain committed to working constructively in partnership with the Scottish Government to deliver for the people of Scotland.”

A totally reasonable response as far as Tories are concerned and puts the ball right back in the SNP court. Now we know that Sturgeon is wedded to the whole Supreme Court case asking for permission for Holyrood (LOL) to hold a vote under its existing powers, if the Court agrees (Nope) with Sturgeon, Indyref2 will be on 19th October next year. When the case is rejected, or smudged, Sturgeon plans on fighting the next general election as a ‘de facto’ referendum on independence.

Smith could have reminded Sunak that his becoming Prime Minister was even less democratic than Truss as it did not even get to the Tory Party members to vote, but he didn’t, no surprises there.

Now of course John Swinney informed us that this de-facto referendum would be fought on a majority of votes and not on the first past the post system of a majority of seats won that even the devil Margaret Thatcher supported. That is not good enough for Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP, no they had to make it even more difficult for Scotland to return to being an independent country.

Now Smith could have also noted that food bank use is up 5000% since the Tories have been in power since 2010, but he didn’t. He could have noted that 2 million food parcels have been given out this year alone, but he didn’t. He could have argued how badly Scotland need independence, but he didn’t. But then Sunak is a former Banker, wonder if he is a pal of SNP Westminster Leader Ian Blahford, he has a lot of Tory pals.

Now the BBC are bigging up Sunak as if the Tories have only been in power the last 7 weeks and not since 2010. We are about to face austerity 2 which will hurt the poorest and most vulnerable. Sunak has appointed the same nut jobs to cabinet that have brought the UK to its knees, so what is Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP going to do about it? If Smith is any example not a hell of a lot. The ball is very much back in Sturgeons court, I welcome that I really do, her strategy is a joke, anyone with half a brain can see that.

So Nicola, when is the independence campaign going to start, where is the indignation at yet another undemocratic imposed Prime Minister on Scotland, when are you going to point out that democracy in the UK is not a pick and mix for the disgusting Tories, when are the SNP members going to stand up and demand some action from their First Minister and Supreme Leader or are

the magic carrots so strong that it makes voters in Scotland suspend reality.



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5 Responses to The Gauntlet has been laid down, where now Nicola Sturgeon? Your time is running out.

  1. Stuart MacKay says:

    It might be a rather cliched reply but perception is everything and Sunak just bought the UK two years of “now is not the time”. It also fatally undermines the plebiscite since everybody else will say they are working to make the UK better while the SNP are working to destroy it. That allows them to simply wave away the SNP as an irrelevance.

    However if the next two years are really bad then none of that will work and we may find that the plebiscite has legs. If this economic storm blows over before that then it’s game over for the SNP and Sturgeon. The clock will simple be reset when Starmer gets elected and we’ll repeat the process ad nauseum.

    • Stuart

      Removing 16 and 17-years olds / EU nationals from the vote makes it more difficult plus the unionist vote just has to stay as it is or even around 5% drop still wouldn’t be enough to win a plebiscite, Sturgeon set that one up to fail. Things will get bad or worse, but I still don’t think it will be enough I really don’t anymore. I think enough people have lost faith in the SNP to possibly not vote at all as they did in 2017. Sunak is probably set up to fail but I just would not write him off to be honest, he won’t make any traction in Scotland but in England where people don’t seem to want to vote Labour he just might. I am more interested in what Sturgeon does and I am not hopeful at all that she will do much at all.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • Stuart MacKay says:

        Yes. We’ve already seen everything Sturgeon can do. There’s no champion of independence waiting to emerge. Copying progressive ideas from other western countries is the sum total of her talents. This goes for everyone else in the leadership. Perhaps if we can put independence as the prize in a hot-dog eating contest we can deploy the formidable powers of Blahford to win the day.

        • Stuart

          It is depressing isn’t it to the extent that I don’t think I am the only one who has pretty much given up on the idea of independence. It’s not just Sturgeon and the SNP, Scottish voters never seem to amaze me in the amount of shit they are willing to take from both Sturgeon and Westminster. I’ll never not believe in independence; I just don’t see how we achieve it anymore and it feels farther away than it has ever done.

          Thanks for commenting.

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