Disgraceful Unionists

The so called Scottish National Party are doing the unionists job for them now – By walking out on Kenny MacAskill, Alba MP, as he introduced his debate on the continued theft of Scotland’s natural resources tells us everything about the Nu divisive SNP. This was not a good look at all for SNP MPs and I suspect may well come back to haunt them at the ballot box as they seem determined to destroy the party now. They are all but unionists in their actions against other yes MPs and independence, I really could not believe what I was seeing. Does their hatred of Alba, and the wider yes movement, really go that far now. Are they so settled into the English Parliament.

Have a watch of the video, this is Sturgeons SNP, they really are a stain on Scotland in my opinion and the wider yes community, how anyone can still vote for the SNP and this disgusting behaviour is beyond me, and their defenders can go do one as far as I am concerned. Shameful and disgusting to have to watch in every way. I am so sick of these unionists now, they have settled into British political life and the sooner they are gone the better, they have killed off independence anyway to the extent that we might as well have proper unionists running the Scottish Government, they couldn’t do any worse than this shower of toilet bugs.

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17 Responses to Disgraceful Unionists

  1. Paul WingVanMan says:

    This is intentional. They contrive to split the yes movement.

    • Paul

      Sadly, it feels that way, I was disgusted by their actions to be honest. I don’t expect anything from the SNP before but even that was a new low even for them. They have killed off indy pretty much, now they seem hell bent to split the movement.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • Duncanio

      Starting to look like that isn’t it, they are on a slippery slope and that was a serious error of judgement. I was showing people the video, SNP loyalists and they were disgusted by it.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Black Rab says:

    Sturgeons fucking gimps walking out on Kenny MacAskill they way they did was nothing other than perpetrating a crime against the people of Scotland.

    Fuck me, what a pitiful charade they are. The english must be choking with laughter. I’d give everyone of them a good slap if I could. What a fucking shower of sheep’s arses.

    • BR

      They are an embarrassment now aren’t they. I was disgusted when I saw the video, they have made a serious error of judgement and even some of their own voters were totally put off by it. I don’t expect anything from the SNP now as I have blogged about, but even I thought that was a new low. They have been bought and sold now have they.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. 100%Yes says:

    The NUSNP are already saying “Next general election will be a referendum on the Tories and not Scottish independence” this is a quote from Labour Rag in Scotland.

    Without a doubt every single thing Sturgeon has done since she got to be leader of the NUSNP is to destroy the NUSNP some how the Tories in England are making such a mess of running the country that people in Scotland are more and more prepared to vote for the NUSNP and Independence, but the NUSNP feared of winning Independence and are trying everything in there power to put it off.

    The Alba Party are rocking the Unionist apple cart, ALex keep up the good work its working, KM should write to everyone of his constituents outlining what the NUSNP has done.

    The SNP has went from a bunch of kilt wearing taran jocks to NUSNP Defo-mad maxers within the Union.

    Unless the an MP from Scotland was going to Westminster to say good bye I really don’t see the point in sending anyone from Scotland to England.

    • 100%YES

      They are house jocks now in most ways. Even I thought it was new low, even for them. It was disgusting to see, and no wonder KM left the SNP. If only some of the other ones had the guts, I don’t pay any attention to Cherry, Whitford, or MacNeil anymore either as they are just all blahford as far as I am concerned. They have all been bought and sold, bowing on the way out the chamber like the good colonised jocks they have become, they are an embarrassment.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Dave says:

    Be fair. I have it on good authority that someone told them the expenses office was about to close for the night.

  5. Graeme George says:

    There’s nothing the NuSNP do now that surprises me Bruce, but this takes my hatred and contempt for them to a whole new level, The words “Traitor” & “Hate” are not a words I use lightly, but they are traitors there’s no other word to describe them and I include not only those who walked out

    • Graeme

      I agree, it was a new low, it disgusted me to be honest. I have nothing but contempt for every one of them. They are an embarrassment and I hope they come to regret what they did, it has certainly not gone down well across the yes community and was a huge error of judgement. I am like you and calling names etc not something I normally do but they make it so difficult now as they have betrayed us all but to do what they did, especially when they moan their little heads off when the Tories do it to them just shows the level of stupidity they operate at now. I am so glad that I am no longer a member of that party or vote for them. I don’t care that they have explained it was not to a debate but more a question to the government minister, that makes no difference, the message it sent was clear and it was disgusting.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. I.M.Pistov says:

    That’s it. The straw that broke the camel’s back.

    I am so sick of my country being run by primary school weans.
    I’ve bitten my tongue and kept my own counsel for far too long. No more. After 45 + years of being an Independence Supporter, I’m out
    You’ve got Nicola’s numbskulls where the policy is mandated by the pop group Wee Ginger Dug And The Echo Chamber.

    And then you have :-

    Alex And The Albas, full of brilliant people, paying homage to a raging psychopath in Stuart Campbell who does more U turns than the Daily Mail.

    FFS does no one read Wikipedia anymore.

    I’ m sorry mate. I can hear the screams of indignation and cries of traitor from here and you know what, I really don’t give a f**k.

    While all this is going on, my 96 year old mother who has never had a bad word to say about anyone all her life, lives in a nursing home that used to be one of the best in the area but now struggles to find staff to fulfill her daily needs because nobody wants to do care work cos that will interfere with his/her/its social media activities.

    End of rant. and a new beginning as a Labour supporter.

    Let me know when Common Weal, you know ‘All of us First’, ceases to be a think tank and becomes a political movement in its own right and I’ll be back in a flash.

    • Andy

      I suspect that many share your frustration. A lot of people lend their vote to the SNP and that could come to an end as more and more people see them for what they are, careerists, pretty incompetent, little on the indy front, hateful etc. The list is getting longer all the time as we move further from independence as the day is long. It may well get to the point that many voters just feel that if we are stuck in the UK for the foreseeable future then the SNP and Sturgeon have been in power long enough and it is time for change. Things are bad across the board right now; I am so sorry that your Mum is experiencing a change in care. I work for a local council and can see the demands being placed on it now with less and less resources, that is partly down to Sturgeon and the SNP. You won’t find me judging you Andy, I would just encourage you to vote, no matter who you vote for, voting does matter. The SNP walking out on KM in Westminster though was a terrible look, said a lot more about them, and I think will come back to haunt them.

      Thanks for commenting.

  7. lorncal says:

    They will get what’s coming to them very soon when they are rejected at the polls. They are a total disgrace to the name of Scotland.

    • Lorncal

      I tend to agree, the number of people who I know who are SNP voters, but who are sick of them now is growing by the day. They have been in power too long, have not done enough for indy, and they are going to pay a price for that. Some of them are going to be in for a shock at the next general election through people either not voting for them or not voting, that is what they have achieved. Walking out on KM thought was a very bad error of judgement on their part, don’t care it wasn’t a debate but a question to the minister, that makes no difference, it looked terrible and sent a very clear message to the wider yes movement. They are a horrible party in most ways now. Of course according to Wishart it was all Alba members fault, you can’t make it up.

      Thanks for commenting.

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