These ass holes are not for real, are they?

These ass holes are not for real, are they? I’m way past being nice to Tories, and politicians in general, in any shape or form anymore. Their economic incompetence, their political incompetence, their greed, their theft, has brought millions of people to their knees. Do they fucking get it? People are going without; people are hungry and afraid. I heard on the radio people saying they were going to bed early, some so afraid they are using candles, parents going without food to feed their kids. People are walking to work; most people are having to seriously think about every penny they spend. Putin didn’t cause this, Cameron, May, Johnson, Truss, Brexit, a weak non-existent opposition, and the money markets have caused this make no mistake. They are scum in every way, and I do not care who I upset saying it.

Yesterday I was calling for a general election, we bloody need a revolution. This Government has got to fall and fall soon before it is too late. Labour is not the answer, I get that, but they can’t be any worse than what the UK is going through right now. Watching parliament Monday afternoon and listening to (H)unt was just a new low. Demented Truss didn’t turn up for a while, then she did, looked out her face, didn’t say anything then walked out when the SNP spoke. What the hell is going on? Have these people all been taking magic mushroom tea in the morning.

I thought that growing up under Thatcher was bad, it was bad, but it wasn’t this bad. I cannot for the life of me remember a time like this in the UK where the future is so bleak that there is little hope left in people, only fear. What will it take to get people on to the streets, what will it take for us to wake up to what is happening. The UK is on the brink of collapse in my opinion, the Tories, and the other politicians will be fine, they won’t go hungry, they won’t starve, the rest of us are pretty much screwed.

I also don’t apologise for my language recently, and I don’t apologise for the negative nature of this blog the last few months, let alone years. I am fucking angry. The United Kingdom is a basket case, led by demented populists beholden to invisible people in the bond markets who really run the UK now. We could not be more on the edge of the abyss if we tried, and I see no way out. The SNP are a joke, nothing but meaningless platitudes like the one on the left, while Scots voters are cowards, and afraid, even I am afraid for my kids and what the next 12 months will be like for them, well my older ones anyway. I sat in a cold house yesterday wondering if I should put the heating on as I was the only one home, we should not be living like this in this day and age. The Tories are scum, but Labour, the SNP, the Liberals are little better when they have abandoned everything they told us they stand for to grab a few crumbs from the British table. Society needs to change and how we are governed needs to change, we need a new story, but I am at a total loss as to where it will come from. I just know that it is not coming from the incompetents we elected this time.

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  1. Ian says:

    The entire governmental system in Scotland is in the dark ages, starting with a head of state chosen by rules of inheritance, followed by various related sub-groups whose goal is too often gaining a seat in the house of lords. Another major example is the existence of private schools, which create another form of inheritance and also create a network of school friends, a large number of whom will be in positions of power as adults and therefore able to continue those school friendships and benefit from them into adulthood. It’s the polar opposite of a meritocracy. And for the vast majority of people in Scotland, it simply doesn’t work.

    Compare this with Finland – ‘After 40 years of education reform to propel the economy, Finland has created some of the finest students in the world. In 2000, they led in reading, in 2003, in math and in 2006, in science. Since 2009, they consistently rank at the top for each subject in the Programme for International Student Assessment.’

    That’s quite an achievement. Any clues as to why this happened? – ‘There are no private schools in Finland as all schools are 100 percent publicly funded. Each student has equal access to free school meals, health care, psychological counseling and individual student guidance, regardless of socioeconomic background.’,and%20individual%20student%20guidance%2C%20regardless%20of%20socioeconomic%20background.

    The broader economic and social measures show that Finland is wealthier, has much less inequality and better health than the UK. Overall, their system works. Just choose UK & Finland on the link below and then compare any of the available measures between them. The results over decades speaks for itself.

    Robin Mcalpine did a very good blog the other day looking at what Finland had done with regards to health and housing. It shows what can be done rather than endlessly and meaninglessly just talking about doing, the UK’s default position.

    The evidence and examples of good national governance are there to see. Finland is just one of many. So instead of continuing to largely follow an outdated and self-evidently failing UK system of governance, Scotland could look to those nations with a track record of success. Meekly continuing to follow the UK’s long long track record of failure (for all but a tiny group of sycophants) will only lead to more of the same – overall failure. But to look to success rather than failure for guidance, Scotland would have to seriously look at becoming a meritocracy at a level that the successful nations are at, with that that entails.

    • Ian

      I have read about Finland before, they have the correct priorities, like Iceland also and most Scandinavian countries now. My blog tomorrow kind of looks at where we are at and I offer some suggestions, but I haven’t finished it yet but will tonight, it might upset some people but hey ho. Thanks for the links and I will check them out and hope others do too. The UK needs to change, this crisis is the last real chance I think we have to do that. Every part of the UK is broken, through incompetence, arrogance, nostalgia, nepotism, theft, greed the list goes on. We are out of time, it is time for change, and we really will have no better chance.

      Thanks for the links and commenting.

  2. nallyanders says:

    Nailed it Bruce. I echo every word and sentiment.

  3. Stuart MacKay says:

    A Poyum by Len Pennie will put a smile on your face,

    They can’t take away who we are.

  4. lorncal says:

    Oh, grumpy, you have every right to use strong language. They are up for a fight – with us – and, like Putin, we will be blamed for all sorts that have nothing to do with us. You are right: this is down to the parasites who inhabit and infest every part of the economy.

    Yes, Thatcher was bad, but it was her policies that led to this. Each successive government has simply bought into the lies, and that includes the SNP which is utterly neoliberal at its heart. We could have been gone long since, but fools decided we had to suffer even more. Just ask the ranters against the distraction that is Putin (he’s a b*****d in anyone’s language but he did not cause the fuel crisis) why France and Germany, directly affected by the Russian supplies have had to suffer far, far lower increases.

    Nah. This about how we operate our economy in relation to the world economy. The politicians are enablers, that’s all. They have no power to change anything. They are con merchants who owe their existence to corporations and mega bucks that could buy and sell their countries from under them. They did this to us by selling out to the vested interests of unfettered capitalist greed and allowed massive profits to be taken out of the domestic economy (again, Thatcher) into tax havens abroad or salted away in Swiss banks, while the hedge fund managers and other speculators bet on our economic demise.

    Norman Tebbit of all people, warned her this would happen, but she thought it was worth it. These people care nothing for us. Absolutely nothing, whether they are Tory, Labour, SNP, Lib Dem, Green, whatever.

    • lorncal

      Totally agree, it is not too late to change though. I am going to blog about that tomorrow and I don’t think many will agree but it is how I feel now. We have been failed in every way and it is the Thatcher project coming to its conclusion as you imply, I agree. That woman has a lot to answer for, and it really is frightening that we are still paying the price of her after all those years. The SNP, I gave up on them a long time ago and I don’t see much hope for them to be honest.

      Thanks for commenting.

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