Opinion: Where do we go from here now that independence is pretty much a dead duck?

Independence is dead for now; we are going to have to face up to that potential wither we like it or not. The NuSNP have failed us as badly as any political party has in recent times when it comes to the constitutional question.

I am also sorry for the negativity of my blog recently, and I am sorry if it has put you on a total downer if you have read it I really am. I know that I am angry, that many other people are angry too, I know that people are afraid for their immediate future, I am for mine, and especially my children. I know that this union is on its knees, but I don’t believe that enough Scottish voters are willing to take the ultimate leap of faith, but I also believe it might be an opportunity in the months ahead if we have the balls to grasp it.

No one wants to see the end of the United Kingdom more than those of us on the yes side of the debate, but we are just not there yet, and won’t be for a while yet either. The lack of any real coherent strategy from the SNP, and let’s face it they are in power so are the vehicle we are stuck with if we like it or not, has certainly drained my motivation to levels that I never felt were possible, thank you Nicola Sturgeon, you have finally destroyed what little faith I had in politicians and our political system, not that there was much there anyway the last 40 years.

The cost-of-living crisis has made many people afraid; I am afraid, it is affecting most people now, apart from the wealthy who were lucky enough to benefit from Thatcher and the Tories since the early 80’s to where we find ourselves today. This brings us to this point where we need to see change now, urgent change, the fact that this crisis is now hurting the middle classes, and it will get worse for many of them who have been protected over the years is maybe the tipping point, they can no longer bury their heads in the sand anymore can they, they are going to hurt like the rest of us.

We have for the last 40 years lived under pretty much right-wing Tory and Labour Governments; we have lived under the repeated failure of a neo-liberal economic model that we have had to bail out too many times with our money, or we have allowed the politicians to steal from us to do it while enriching their friends, of course it was all for our benefit, they never did anything to cause black Friday, the financial crash of 2008, Brexit, the current cost of living crisis, not their fault in any way.

It will get worse before it gets better, we know that now. I think from what I am reading, and hearing on the radio etc that people are close to the edge and this winter will, I believe, push many over it and onto the streets. The only way that we are going to see change is mass demonstrations, maybe mass disobedience, people on the streets. The politicians in all parties are not afraid yet, they need to be. It is time for change, it is time for a –

*A written constitution in this shitty UK.

*It is time for a proportional representation voting system, first past the post has brought us to our knees and is a part of our political problems and repeated failures. It is time for every vote to count.

*It is time for people to get educated to how the UK actually works, we can’t sit on our hands anymore, none of us can and ignorance is no longer an excuse.

*It is time for politicians to be held to legal account for the decisions they make, it is time for their incompetence and their theft to end.

*It is time for shareholders to face the same risks as taxpayers, we cannot protect them from corporate failure.

*It’s time for the magic carrot SNP to be cast aside as the unionist party they have effectively become.

*It’s time to invest in renewables and protect the environment.

*It’s time to seriously look at tax, how much we pay, who pays and bring about a just and fair tax system.

*And, given that Scottish Independence is all but dead for the foreseeable future we are going to have to seriously think about home rule for all the four nations of the UK. The old Chesnut I know, one that may upset many who read this blog, but one that we have to now consider. Scots are not ready to vote for independence, our Scottish Government cannot be trusted to both deliver it or negotiate it so we need to find some middle ground.

I appreciate that the English may, probably will, refuse any change. But this is the time to try to bring change about, it is last chance saloon and if it can’t happen for whatever reason then we have nothing left but independence and it will be clear for everyone to see, there will be no hiding place for soft no’s or fence sitters, it will be a clear us and them, and we will have to do whatever we have to gain independence short of violence.

This crisis might be the very last chance we have to not only save ourselves, but to change the UK to something that can at the very least function until it ends. It is not easy for me to say that, but independence is dead right now in my opinion, at the very least it is on life support, that is down to Sturgeon and her destructive ego, lack of competence, lack of strategy, and her own personal agenda, along with Scotland just not being in the place it needs to be to vote for it. This crisis means we have one chance left for change, it will be in the coming months, and if we don’t force it then we might as well just lay down and starve because that is where we might all be anyway.




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18 Responses to Opinion: Where do we go from here now that independence is pretty much a dead duck?

  1. 100%Yes says:

    Quite simply we have to remove the NUSNP from power and Sturgeon as leader. Alex Salmond says recall Holyrood to immediately table referendum bill to capitalise on Westminster’s Chaos, the NUSNP will only do the exact opposite because this statement is from Salmond. This is why two votes NUSNP and vote greens has done nothing for Indyref2, we have a two party government and who are about as useless as Westminster and at leased Westminster has full control of power making unlike the NUSNP.

    • 100%YES

      Don’t disagree, things are going to get worse, today is the perfect example of that. Listening to the radio this afternoon and tory after tory coming on wanting a general election, saying that it is not good enough anymore. Of course, there were the nutters who want Johnson back, and maybe that would be a good thing to push Scots over the edge, but either way something has to give as we cannot go on like this, we are a laughingstock now all over the world. I can’t remember things ever being this bad and you just know that whomever wins this next imposed PM race will be just as bad as the last, personally I do hope it’s Johnson as I think that might be enough to get people on the streets.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Dave says:

    I’m not depressed and I’m not angry. I’m apathetic and that’s worse. Cheers, Nikla and your demented, brainwashed followers.

    • Dave

      I am both, angry at what the UK has become and apathetic about the NuSNP and Scotland’s role in it. Things will come to a head though I also believe that. I really suspect many are on the edge now, listening to the radio this afternoon even Tories have had enough now. Yeah, there were the nutters who want Johnson back, I’m all for that as that alone could turn enough Scots around, but either way a tipping point is coming in the next few months I suspect as the middle classes really start to hurt like the rest of us.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. lorncal says:

    I think you are right, sir. One thing I am certain of now: independence will come, but it will not come via the SNP and their chosen path. It will be sudden. We are going to have to take to the streets here, and take our case to the international fora, as well. We could have done this years ago, but, if there is one thing I have learned in my time on this Earth, it is that you can take a horse to water, you can trickle the water through your fingers, you can cup your hands and bring it to the horse’s mouth, but, if the stubborn animal will not drink to save itself, there is nothing you can do. You have to let it die, metaphorically, slowly, painfully.

    That is what is happening to the Scottish people because they will not see, en masse, that they will die if they do not listen to the water trickling, and drink, that the SNP is finished as a force for independence and has settled for devolution, and is conning them every day now. I said to Peter A. Bell that the independence bloggers and commentators are the prophets, and they are defamed in their own land. Eventually, the mass of the people will catch up. There is nothing to be done except wait for that to happen – if it happens. I think it will. We must not, however, offer a panacea. Independence will be just the start of a long, hard road, and it will be our grandchildren who will benefit, not us. That is how it should be; that is how Nature and evolution both work – for long term survival.

    • lorncal

      I suspect you are on to something, if or when independence comes, it will come quickly because enough people will have woken up and will have had enough. The gradualist approach of the NuSNP has failed, they haven’t prepared, and they are not campaigning either. I suspect we could see change if enough English voters want it, but I also understand that it is a long shot, but it will at the very least allow Scots to see what they are maybe wanting to remain a part of. If today doesn’t get enough people thinking, and worse still, Johnson back as PM then maybe all the new media bloggers should just give up, Scots will deserve everything that comes their way and more. Pete Bell is good if somewhat a bit long winded, I try to keep my blogs short and to the point, I just express an opinion that is easy to understand and easy to look up on the net etc. It’s as much as I can do right now but if people end up the streets in Dundee I will be there for sure as something has got to give and soon as we cannot go like this and the NuSNP reaction today was even blander than Labour, says it all, you are spot on they are not the answer, the people are.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Stuart MacKay says:

    I wonder if there are different flavours of independence and each one has a different set of actors and more importantly a time when it is right and likely to succeed. Right now we have “Europhile Independence” where the neo-liberals in the current SNP want to join their EU brothers and sisters so Nicola can rub shoulders with Macron and Christine Lagarde, etc. Alba is pushing more for “Nordic Independence” where Scotland can join it’s geographical brothers and sisters.

    The days of “Europhile Independence” are probably at an end. First because it was never going to happen in the first place. The neo-liberals are just not into nationalism, soft and most certainly not the blood and soil vesion. A strong dose of nationalism or at least self-identity was always going to be needed to push it over the line. Second, due to events in Ukraine, the world is changing rapidly. It’s not clear the EU has a future right now and the map of Europe is going to get redrawn. “Nordic Independence” is likely to suffer the same fate. Most likely as a side-effect of the changing world rather than any inherent problem. It would depend on our neighbours will they return to the historical relations they had with themselves (excluding the bit where Denmark owned Norway) and no longer see their future in Brussels.

    So what flavour is coming next? The obvious candidate is “austerity independence” as a reaction of the economic calamity washing over the UK right now. The idea that Scotland needs to break free to avoid being washed away. This is probably a non-starter. First there simply won’t be the money available to get a new country out of the wreckage of the UK and on it’s feet. Second, the Labour Party will definitely use this as a means to resurrect their fortunes – though if the polls keep the same trajectory then that won’t be needed. In any case it’s a bad start for a nation which needs a strong philosophical / psychological foundation to set itself up for long term stability.

    So what’s the answer? Well “identity independence” is the obvious answer, where Scots see themselves as different and distinct, so having their own nation (again) is the obvious thing to do. That’s probably going to be seen as a little to right-wing and it will certainly be framed as such. However Left and Right are dying as ideas, so give it a few years and Scots will eventually see themselves as Scots with lots of different opinions. That will put clear water between ourselves and England and a split will be natural.

    So the current flavour might have passed it’s expiration date but the the idea itself is untarnished. All that needs to be added is the packaging to sell it to the populace.

    • Stuart

      Never looked at it that way before. Lorncal has suggested that when, or if, independence comes it will happen suddenly and that may well be spot on. Maybe it will only arrive if or when Scots get angry enough to making the move. I don’t see it coming via the NuSNP, Alba will keep the pressure on but may not make a breakthrough that certainly I would like to see. Today should make people think though, and it should make them angry, if Johnson makes a comeback and the Tories put him back in that should be enough to push people over the edge. If that doesn’t make a difference, then we deserve all we get and more, we might as well give up in that scenario. The choice is maybe as clear as it is ever going to get after today.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • GM says:

        If it comes now, Independence, it will not be on our terms. It will be a carefully managed stitch up by those currently in power. The punters will be flung the couple of quid now and again and never get control of the assets and resources of this country. There are an awful lot of people in Scotland’s institutions today who would rather see the people oppressed than have their rights.

  5. Ian says:

    Another day another fiasco in Westminster.

    “NICOLA Sturgeon has led demands for a general election after branding the resignation of Liz Truss as an “utter shambles”.

    A clear case of the pot calling the kettle black.

    What Sturgeons SNP have done, and more importantly not done during the past 8 years, has been far worse to the people of Scotland that anything that the UK governments have done during the same period. Why? Because the current UK created crises (take your pick from several – Brexit, energy, austerity 2.0, shambolic Westminster, crashing the currency, etc) could have been prevented or hugely diminished had Scotland become independent and then been governed by an effective political administration.

    What powers did she/they have? Well, they were the ones constantly saying that Scotland wouldn’t stand for it (take your pick again) and that they would call a referendum. And then did nothing. Repeatedly. They were the ones claiming that they would do something, so they can’t now just say that actually they can’t do anything about Scotland being in the UK since that would mean she/they lied for 8 years to the people of Scotland. Either they did lie or they chose not to push for independence. Does it matter which it was or if it was a combination of both of them? Incompetence or deceit isn’t much of a choice.

    So now more pointless whining from the SNP, who were only voted for in such huge numbers because they claimed to be the party of independence. Their actions prove that they aren’t and haven’t been since 2015. That is why they are far worse than any of the UK governments since then and will continue to be until the political situation in Scotland or the UK changes dramatically. I’m not holding my breath on either of those happening any time soon and there is no sign of just how deep the hole the UK is digging will be. It could and probably will be much deeper than what has happened since 2015. The real world measure of it is likely to be the number of excess deaths in Scotland / UK in the years to come, along with incredible hardships for many. Meanwhile the SNP will continue to ‘demand’ (again, take your pick).

    Given that the UK is incapable of changing to match its real position in the world, I expect that this will all come to a head someday. The only thing known for sure about that is that it won’t have been soon enough to prevent Scotland suffering disastrously as part of the UK thanks to Sturgeons SNP. Remember it was only a year ago that Sturgeon was bragging that with respect to independence, that she had time on her side. Those ‘excess deaths’, along with those that have and will suffer incredible hardships in Scotland during her period of phony independence, will likely be the Sturgeon SNPs real legacy. The sooner her/their time is over the better. More than enough time has been wasted on them already. Scotland has the potential for a positive future. The UK doesn’t. But one thing is crystal clear, time is definitely not on Scotland’s side.


    • Ian

      I was disappointed in the SNP response, too little, too late, and meaningless as usual. What the UK has become has been on the cards like you say for 8 years, they have done nothing other than try and stop the English getting the Brexit they voted for, and never lifted a finger for the Scots getting what they voted for, and not just on Brexit. Sturgeon and the SNP are failures to say the least. I think the last few days could bring about change but I also accept that it is unlikely to happen if the English don’t want it. Johnson making a comeback and being imposed on Scotland again could push a lot of Scots over the edge, if that is not enough then we deserve all we get and more to be honest. I agree with Lorncal that if independence does happen it will not come from a party per say but happen suddenly and there is a lot to that I suspect. An interesting day, enough for Scottish voters to get their heads out of their ass and have a serious think before things get even worse on top of the cost of living crisis that is really hurting us all now, or many of us. Is this the perfect storm? Maybe.

      Thanks for commenting.

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