So the colonisers make it to Scotland

So our colonisers make it as far as Perth tonight –  So ahead of Sunak and Truss hustings in Perth tonight to put us in our place and pitch themselves to the rabid scary wing of the Conservative and Hate Party, the members. Apparently like outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Truss and Sunak will refuse to grant permission for a referendum, PERMISSION, the colonising mindset that we have become used to so nothing much on that front will be a surprise. They even started their visit kissing ass by issuing a threat to Scotland by way of leaks of what they are to say to the faithful

Last night the two Tory leadership contenders both said that Westminster would seek a greater role in the affairs of the Scottish Government in future.

Be warned is what that means, it means that if your colonisers don’t like it we will intervene. Scottish Water be afraid, be very afraid. Truss and Sunak have both promised they would protect the UK’s integrity.   UK and integrity lol, integrity means the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. You are not going to find that anywhere in the Conservative and Hate Party, and especially not with those two that is for sure.

I will never let anyone talk down Scotland’s potential. As a nation we are stronger together and the UK needs Scotland as much as Scotland needs the UK. (Liz Truss)

Of course she means the UK is stronger financially controlling Scotland the colony, the cash cow that just keeps giving and giving, the land cow that rich folk can shoot defenceless grouse on, the rich country in natural resources that will soon be supplying England with all the energy and water it needs while they get colonised Scots to actually pay them to steal those resources, the new India Company in all of it’s glory.

For too long the SNP has been able to obscure its failures by picking and choosing the data it publishes – I would change that, ensuring the Scottish Government’s record could be held to account, while ensuring our public services are better joined up. (Rishi Sunak)

Most of us can see the SNP failures, we live with them every day, the difference is that no matter how shit the SNP Scottish Government are, and might become in future, voters in Scotland have decided that they are not as shit as the unionists and most definitely the hate filled Tory Party. Public services better joined up, folks think about that, what he means is public services just like England, privatised and collapsing just like England, sold off to the city just like England, given away on the cheap just like England to Tory pals, just like England.

The Scottish Government has vowed to “resist” any attempt by Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak to change the devolution settlement after one of the two becomes Prime Minister.

Resist is not good enough, get Scotland the – out of this nightmare now. SNP get off your arse, get back from your holidays, grow a pair, throw the woke entryists our of the party and get back to what you were formed to do, Scottish Independence.

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3 Responses to So the colonisers make it to Scotland

  1. duncanio says:

    The Westminster jackboots are on and they are drilling in the barracks before marching upon the verminous Jocks to put them in their place.

    • Duncanio

      I just wish the SNP would grow a pair, this is just appeasement. I appreciate for most people this won’t matter but it is always the smaller things that seem to grate on me for a wide variety of reasons overall. The Civil Service as we know from 2014 will always be loyal to the British State, they celebrated and won awards, for their role in keeping Scotland a colony, who gives shit what they think as a body now. Independence is government policy and who are they to decide what is and isn’t.

      Thanks for commenting.

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