Appeasing the Unionists, a winning strategy

Appeasing the unionists is a winning strategy not – Apparently Nicola Sturgeon’s speech about Renewing Democracy was too political to be put onto the Scottish Government website, I know you can’t make it up can you, a speech about democracy deemed too political so let’s hide it from the people lol.

Now I appreciate that this was a decision by Scotland’s chief civil servant John-Paul Marks, yeah him of Universal Credit and PIP assessments, yes him who got a £30,000 bonus while pushing through £20 weekly cuts to said Universal Credit when Director General of the DWP, but after pressure from Scottish Tory slave to the union Jamie Johnson MSP caved in to this demand but is anyone surprised.

Mr Marks said: “The Government Communications Service Propriety Code provides that where ministers wish the full text of a speech, including any party political comments, to be published, this is not for the Government and must be taken forward by the respective political party. “This is what occurred in this case, where the preference was for the full text to be published without any redactions. “Given this, it was right for my team not to publish the written speech on the Scottish Government website.”


Independence is allegedly the main priority for the Scottish Government so therefor is Government policy and not party political. Appeasing the unionists will not win independence and there is just too much of that with this First Minister and this Scottish Government. We have had the four nations appeasement to Brexit and to Covid – 19, where did that get us, record deaths, and never ending platitudes from Ian Blahford SNP Leader at Westminster.

I know this is of little consequence in the main and only people like me will either notice or even give a shit but it paints a wider picture for me and that is appeasement. I wish the SNP would grow a pair, at least remind the Civil Servants that INDEPENDENCE is Scottish Government Policy end of, tell the scumbag Tories to go do one because do you think for one minute if that were a Tory speech they would give a shit what the civil servants wanted or said, of course not.


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8 Responses to Appeasing the Unionists, a winning strategy

  1. Brian says:

    You are absolutely right. Death of independence by a thousand SNP cuts. This is just one more.

    • Brian

      I just hate the appeasement to the unionists, the British State Civil Service, and who are they to decide what is and is not Scottish Government Policy. They should have been told to go do one, the Scottish Government decide what is policy. They need to grow a pair they really do, even on the small insignificant issue as once you give ground you just keep giving ground as we know with Sturgeon’s non strategy.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Cubby says:

    Bruce, you are right to highlight these things but expecting the SNP to grow a pair just won’t happen now. They are all like Pension Pete Wishart – very happy with the status quo.

    • Cubby

      Thanks, I only ever blog about things that interest me and you’re correct, they won’t grow a pair now. Wishart is a Tory as far as I am concerned and he hates being called that lol but Tartan Tory he is all the way. SNP policy is pretty much centre right with scraps to the left and the poor. Blahford embracing free ports tells us all we need to know really, they are a devolution party now I suppose. Wouldn’t surprise me if they even scrapped independence for any little diddy power or other.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. 100%Yes says:

    The new SNP will already be getting their bus fare ready to travel to London and report to the new PM. Scotland has been losing the Indywar since Sturgeon took over the SNP she more interested in vogue or hello than sort out education the SNP its leader and their moron supporters have done noth for Scotland or its people, you have on TV tonight the Tories saying exactly what they intend to do and what do we have from the New SNP Ian Blackford spouting the same old rubbish he spouted when he got elected to Westminster.

    Anyone who wants Independence has to know that the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon aren’t going to deliver it, so yes the tories are correct it will be once in a generation.

    • 100%YES

      Sadly I agree, my next blog is going to look at why people voted no and what has been done to answer those questions from my point of view. The sad reality is we are further away from independence than we have been for a long time and we might as well be back to having a couple of SNP MPs at Westminster because having 45 plus has achieved nothing either.

      Thanks for commenting.

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