Odds and Ends

Is this where we are at – I used to blog that I thought those in favour of YES wouldn’t shift until people were hungry and cold, and on the streets, obviously us Scots are made of stronger stuff and more colonised than I thought. Apparently  Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen, Perth and Kinross, South Ayrshire, Fife, South Lanarkshire, Falkirk and East ­Renfrewshire are considering opening up public buildings so people who cannot afford to heat their homes have, as they will have in Dundee, Cosy Spaces to go to during the day. I assume, or hope, that hot drinks and something to eat will be provided also but you have to ask, is this where we are at now? Is this what we have become?

Age-Scotland chief executive Brian Sloan, said: “Desperate times call for desperate measures and we welcome the idea of warm banks to keep older people warm and well this winter.

Shell posted record earnings of nearly £10billion for the three-month period from April to June and promised to give shareholders pay outs worth £6.5billion. Centrica, the owner of British Gas, reinstated its dividend, handing investors £59million, after reporting operating profits of £1.3billion during the first half of 2022. I keep asking myself where the tipping point is in Scotland and with Scots, I keep wondering how much it will take for people to wake up to the absolute failure of our politicians to do what we elect them to do. It’s hard not to reach the conclusion that we have been broken as a people and things will just get worse and it is our fault, our cowardice that will be the main cause in the end.

Is anyone surprised –  that this disgusting family will take money from anyone, the Windsor’s are leaches on Scotland. I really don’t care if this (donation) is going to Charles Windsor’s charity, I really couldn’t care less, these people have no shame which is obvious. It really is not acceptable for the future King of England having dealings like this with a country that executes people for petty crimes, they use torture via the courts like flogging, they don’t have freedom of speech, you are not allowed to protest, women have few rights, you can be detained for no reason, gay people have no rights, and don’t take anything Christian is you have to visit as it’s pretty much illegal. I know the Tories would love we were more like Saudi Arabia and of course it is up to them what they do in their own nation but we don’t have to have any dealings with them, we can make a choice, the fact we do tells you everything you need to know about the UK, and Scotland.

Does it really matter anymore – if celebrities endorse anything. I am not so sure it does matter all that much to people, I suppose it doesn’t hurt and it keeps the issue alive, certainly the SNP aren’t doing much to keep the issue of independence alive,

BRIAN Cox has announced he will be back on the campaign trail to persuade his fellow Scots to back independence.

The Dundee-born actor said breaking free from the Union was “more important now than it was in 2014” at the last vote on Scotland’s future.

For a campaign that is supposed to culminate in a referendum in just over a year it is all very flat and stale, what that is telling me is that a) it is not going to happen, b) the SNP are not serious either way, and c) I just don’t think there is any appetite out there for more politics right now. Our politics in Scotland, and the UK, are so broken and discredited that I suspect most folk are sick of them all.

Captured by the woke and unionists – The NuSNP are just no longer an independence party for me, they are devolutionist, which makes them a unionist, party now infected by wokeys and the politically correct. The whole trans debate has been turned into poison by members of the SNP and the Scottish Green Party, although it is the Alba Party that caused all of this hate apparently. I don’t know anyone against transgender rights in the Alba Party, I know many people, myself included, who feel that women’s rights and women’s voices need to be both heard and protected and that in no way takes away the rights of anyone who identifies as transgender. I would argue that members of the SNP and Scottish Greens have done more to damage transgender rights and to create an unsafe environment than anything that any member of Alba has said but the capture of the SNP by AIM is a huge mistake that will come back to haunt them, who the hell do the SNP and AIM think they are that they can dictate who can and cannot take part in any future independence campaign.

What is it with the SNP and sex – This story has been going around for a while now but the joke of what we have to call a media may have sat on it for the summer recess when things sometimes get a little quiet. There is nothing good about any of these stories but what hits home yet again is the hypocrisy of the SNP in how they deal with those members or elected representatives they like and those they don’t, or maybe it is more to do with who Nikola Sturgeon likes and doesn’t. Either way the more of these stories that come out the more damaged the SNP become and the more they look as tired and corrupt as Scottish Labour did and the scumbag Tories do today. Whatever happens in the next two years we are, in my opinion, seeing the end of the SNP as the political force in Scotland, they will not get 70 years like Scottish Labour did and they don’t deserve it, they are now as tired and tainted as the Tories are.

And on a very sad note

Dundee FC 2 Partick Thistle 3 – With my first season ticket in hand for 3 season, scarf rolled up, the sun shining I walked up to Dens Park for the opening game of the season. I had already predicted that we would lose a couple of days before. Dundee have been made favourites to win the league, the first match was at home and against the second favourites, and it is Dundee FC, what could go wrong. Well sadly everything pretty much went wrong, the defensive mistakes from last season are still there, the lack of creativity in midfield is still there, and there is no real presence up front. I did have some hope as the pre-season went well but it was not to be. Partick Thistle were better pretty much in every area of the pitch, tactically better, better shape, better players. Now the new Dees Manager has only been in post for a month so he needs to be given time but the Dees need to improve quickly or they can forget about getting promoted back to the top league any time soon from what is the toughest league in Scottish Football. I left when we were 3-0 down and even though we scored 2 I sadly didn’t care all that much when I heard the final score, after 42 years of supporting Dundee FC disappointment is a way of life.

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6 Responses to Odds and Ends

  1. davidbeveridge says:

    “Warm banks.” FFS I’ve heard it all now. I thought food banks were bad enough. What next? Air banks when these despicable, rancid Tory bstrds find a way to tax oxygen?

    Still, I suppose we just need to send Blah Blah Blackford round the warm banks – a dose of hot air from him should keep everyone going for a while.

    • David

      I’m sure Blahford will have a nice platitude once he is back from his summer touring the states, maybe he can pick up some cheap blankets on the way back for the his Island constituents who will be freezing this winter while we pay for his heating at the home of the English Parliament he sits in. You just can’t make up how much shit Scots appear to be happy to take.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. panda paws says:

    “they don’t have freedom of speech, you are not allowed to protest, women have few rights, you can be detained for no reason,”

    Are you sure you are still talking about Saudi Arabia there, cos that reminds me of another country starting with S…

    As for warm spaces, it’s not only going to be older people that need those spaces come winter.

    As for the sex scandals if only the SNP put more effort into investigating genuine complaints and less time into manufacturing them, we’d all be better served!

    And AIM can go and raffle themselves, if they think anyone would be daft enough to buy a ticket!

    • PP

      I thought that as well lol. It really is shocking that we have come to this though and I hope councils provide food and warm drinks but if this doesn’t convince more people of the need for a yes vote, whenever that may take place, then nothing ever will and we might as well give up.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Stuart MacKay says:

    Bruce, don’t fall into the trap of blaming the energy companies. They’re just reaping the windfall from asinine government decisions. Sturgeon and Truss/Johnson would love it if Shell etc. took the blame for their failures to govern.

    • Stuart

      I don’t blame them per say but I am an old fart and don’t like excessive profit making, I actually do think we need to change how we all think and accept we are all in this together. I often wonder how much money do we need, the world would be so much better if people/companies were just a little less greedy. These are choices we make every day all over the world, I know that is idealistic ways of thinking but I have to hope that we are better than we appear to be or what is the point. The £400 we will all get is a subsidy to the companies that we are all paying for via our taxes, it should not be like that at all. If I had my way I would nationalise them all.

      Thanks for commenting.

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