The Hollow Men and Women

Keir Starmer is definitely The Hollow Man, he stands for nothing. Starmer was elected leader of the Labour Party on the basis of 10 pledges to maintain some of the Corbyn legacy that attracted over 100,000 members to the Labour Party. Starmer lied, he is as hollow and vacuous as they come but the sad reality is our politics are infected by the likes of Starmer, no ideas, no honesty, no decency, and no honour. We either get stuck with English Nationalists pretending to lead the United Kingdom when in reality they lead England answerable to vested interests, we have Sturgeon who is more unionist than she is willing to admit, surrounded by people that can’t see the ne0-liberal unionism within their party, or we get the citizens of no where whose only loyalty is to the markets.

Starmers excuse for now denying his pledges of renationalising rail, energy, water and the Royal Mail plus “defending free movement” with the EU, increasing taxes on the rich is that “A lot has happened in the last two years. We’ve been through Covid we have debt on a scale we’ve not seen for a long, long time if ever before,” Sir Keir told BBC Radio 4.

I appreciate that I have blogged about Starmer before but these people just disgust me in every way now. Compromise is a part of politics, finding common ground is a part of politics but people like Starmer, like Sturgeon, like Johnson, like Truss, like Sunak, and even Ed Davey the truly insignificant, have betrayed every single one of us who actually want a fair society. Most people just want to be treated fairly, they just want the same rules to apply to everyone. I believe most people just want decent public services, not the best, but enough to care for them and their families. Most people just want a fair wage, don’t aspire to be rich, just to not wake up every day to the grind of an existence that gets heavier every day and the very least we can expect from our politicians is honesty, they won’t always get it right, but we hope that they will try to make our load that little bit lighter, that little bit fairer. I know that I am naïve, but most of us are in our hope for a better future.

We also need to consider why the media don’t attack Starmer all that much, they don’t attack Sturgeon all that much, they will support Truss, and the don’t care about Davey because he doesn’t matter. But at the end of the day they know that Starmer is not a threat, Sturgeon is not a threat, not really. Her incompetence, or her deliberate strategy maintains the status quo, Starmer maintains the status quo. Starmer and Sturgeon will talk the talk, they will decry the Tories, and especially the two nightmares who want to be the next Prime Minister while offering nothing by way of real change. They appear as beholden to the establishment than the Tories are. I don’t even see it as a conspiracy , it is vested interests with access to power who have money and they manipulate politicians to do their bidding and then drop a few crumbs at the end so the likes of Starmer, Sturgeon, and no doubt Boris Johnson,  can live the life they have become accustomed to. Their betrayal of their principles, and of the people who elected them are of little consequence to their own needs.

Momentum, the left-wing pressure group set up to support Mr Corbyn’s initial run for leader, said Sir Keir had “lied to members, lied to unions”.

It’s not just Starmer is it, it is all of them now. I don’t think I have ever been as disillusioned with politics and politicians as I am right now. If I am not being fed carrots by Sturgeon and the SNP, we are being lied to by the likes of Starmer, robbed and denied our rights by the Tories with members of all parties pretty much just rolled out and used when they are needed to rubber stamp the next person for the gravy train while being manipulated by a media that in the main would make Genghis Khan blush with their brazen lies to our faces.

Unless something changes soon we all face a very bleak future, not just in Scotland and the UK, but everywhere. These people don’t deserve to be where they are. I am being urged to put aside my opinions in a future plebiscite election in Scotland and potentially vote SNP for independence, while I am not so sure I can vote for the SNP ever again, I also have to wonder what is the point when the choices we have to choose from are hollow and empty, just as hollow and empty as many of us feel when we wake up every day to what we see around us.

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6 Responses to The Hollow Men and Women

  1. benmadigan says:

    A powerful post.
    “we hope that they will try to make our load that little bit lighter, that little bit fairer.”
    Maybe that’s the problem.
    People should demand more knowing, as you write, that compromises are necessary and so they won’t get 100% of what they ask for.
    But if they ask for little, they know they’ll get less than little
    Maybe they should take note of what James Connolly said
    ‘Our demands most moderate are – We only want the earth!’

    • Ben

      I am just close to having had enough of these pricks now, when I heard Starmer yesterday I just thought you are a total arsehole. I have never thought much of him anyway but he is lower than vermin. When are members of these parties going to wake up or take back control. I cannot stand any of the leaders now, I am a member of Alba but even Alba plays the game to a degree, enough is enough for me. I can actually see myself not voting in future I really can. We live in a right of centre basket case and we are failed at every turn, the people we elect to make things a little better and to manage things on our behalf have betrayed us all to feather their own nest.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Alastair says:

    They the establishment want us to get feed up and disillusioned it’s part of their game, we must circumvent their stougges and spies. The SNP are despicable under Sturgeon have become a Zombie of what they once where.We must consign them to history like Labour and try another party that will lead us to independence. But believe me the game is not up ,we have never been closer.
    Dissolve the Union.

    • Alastair

      I agree, they are wearing us down and I know I am tired of the whole debate and the total lack of strategy but I will keep going, keep trying to hold the NuSNP to account as best I can via the blog and annoying them, I will try to keep pointing out the hypocrisy and lies of the unionists and the media as best I can with what little knowledge I have but I am so disillusioned right now with the lot of them and I do feel betrayed. These people are mental and people actually vote for them, who votes for these nightmares, education really is a joke if these pricks are what people believe are decent politicians or even human beings.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Grouse Beater says:

    I see you are having teh same trouble as me and my site – the same bunch of unwanted sticky ads attached to every article!. I’ve tried in vain to nix them permanently.

    • Gareth

      I think that if you opt for a paid site via WordPress you can get rid of the adds, I just haven’t bothered even though kind folks have offered to contribute for myself to turn GSM into a website but I could never do that as the yes community are some of the kindest people around, even those with little themselves.


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