The National Disgrace

This national disgrace warrants a resignation and it should be the First Minister – I won’t pretend to know as much about this disaster as Yours For Scotland but I know that the more that comes out about this national shame the more I feel that the buck stops at the top and the person at the top should do the right thing and go, but she won’t because Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t do shame, or responsibility, she does do blame well though. The Herald have more on this story today and the damage this does to the cause of independence is immeasurable, let alone the cost to the Scottish tax payer at a time when every penny is a prisoner.

A SPIRALLING catalogue of faults with the two vessels at the centre of Scotland’s ferry fiasco under the stewardship of minister-controlled Ferguson Marine has prompted serious shipyard concerns over whether they will ever see service.

It appears there are safety faults that could result in the Ferries never ever taking to the water, this on top of Management and Ministerial failures from start to now just add to this on-going disaster. The nationalised Ferguson Marine has told Audit Scotland that if multiple issues with the vessels are not resolved “there is a risk CMAL “will not accept the completed vessels”.

Read the full story here without the pay wall and it is just unbelievable when you think what forced other First Ministers out of office and you look at the record of the First Minister. I don’t usually call for people to resign but this is a scandal on top of too many other scandals that are plaquing this SNP Government. They have been in power too long and while we are stuck with them until at least 2026, because let’s be honest there ain’t going to be no referendum, there needs to be serious change within the Scottish Government. I appreciate the SNP are not exactly filled with big hitters with brains but we cannot go on with this level of incompetence much longer before we are begging the English Parliament at Westminster to save us all from the SNP.

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2 Responses to The National Disgrace

  1. Dave says:

    New SNP is a talent-free zone. Sturgeon is more interested in what a minister has in their drawers than in their heads, hence this idiotic “gender balanced” cabinet nonsense. The best people should’ve been in there, not gibbering incompetents whose sole purpose is to make her look good.

    • Dave

      Agree, even if you pick the best people though it is still a very low bar now. I can’t think of any of them who stand up as a deep thinker or adding anything to the national debate. It really is a sorry state of affairs but if Sturgeon had a single ounce of honour she would resign over the ferries but we know she doesn’t have any honour, she is a narcissist of the very worst kind.

      Thanks for commenting.

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