Bits and Pieces Monday 16th May 2022

A step in the right direction – Only 45% of Scots want to retain the Windsors as the Head of State, for myself that is a positive step forward. This survey also found that only 48% of people in Scotland are interested in the jubilee this year, compared to 73% of people in Wales and 66% across England. 25% of people associated the butchers apron (union Flag) with racism and extremism. I have always despised everything that the Windsor’s represent in the UK. They represent privilege, elitism, the establishment, the whole show is designed to remind us who we are and where we sit in this country, it’s designed to keep you in your place and nothing I have ever found any pride in. So while many in England and Wales celebrate Elizabeth Windsor this year I will not be with them in any shape or form, the sooner Scotland is a republic the better.

How long does it take? Allegedly Peter Murrell refused Police Scotland a look at the SNP accounts, really. How long is this farce going to take, it’s not as if we are talking multi national company here, we are talking a small political party.

Sean Clerkin, the ­campaigner who made the first formal ­complaint, said: “It seems clear to me that this was money that people were told would be used to fight a referendum campaign and it was spent on other things.

“The police need to step up this investigation. It seems like a relatively straightforward case to decide whether any criminal charges are required.

“What they have told me is that the investigation is very much active and that it has been given the code name Branchform.

The Daily Rancid (Record) are reporting that Senior officers at Police Scotland are reported to believe the complaints have some substance and that ­criminality may have occurred.

But Surprise Surprise

Crown Office ­officials are rumoured to have argued that all spending by the party ultimately supports the aim of independence, and that a crime is unlikely to have occurred. Interesting indeed as it can’t be both and let’s be honest here, does anyone believe that this money was spent on independence, I don’t, proving it wasn’t may not be easy but either way this has dragged on long enough now. Given what we have seen the last few years from the Crown Office, do you trust them either, I don’t, my trust in the Procurator Fiscal Office in General and the Courts in Scotland has been destroyed by Sturgeon and the Scottish Government.

Git tae F –  Apparently Scottish Independence is a national security threat to the United States & NATO. In becoming independent, Scotland would paralyze the nuclear defensive stance of the UK for at least five to ten years, blowing a huge hole into NATO’s defensive posture at a time when the alliance is tested unlike any since the end of the Cold War. Independence would also hamper Scotland’s ability to help mitigate the energy crisis, and would adversely affect Europe’s long-term energy security. Scotland is potentially home to one of the biggest potential net surpluses in energy, especially in renewables. (The National Interest)

What is it with America and certain Americans that they think they can just dictate to the rest of the world. It was bad enough that Obama felt that he could warn Scots against fighting for their own democratic status in 2014, can you imagine an independent Scotland telling the USA that it could not become independent and must remain a colony of England, yeah right. So my message to any Americans trying to denounce Scotland’s right to choose based on their own selfish and disgusting colonial interests, Git Tae F and go do one.

They are all at it – So the Labour Party have been caught fixing a selection candidates list to put in place candidates sanctioned by the leadership. So all the party officers in Wakefield resigned in protest at this and good on them. Does this sound familiar Wakefield Constituency Labour Party (CLP) secretary Paul Jowett accused national officials of riding roughshod over party rules governing the selection process and of blocking the party’s online communications system, preventing constituency officials from contacting local members. Does this ring a bell? Think SNP / Candidate selection / NEC ring a bell.

No wonder people leave political parties or just don’t join anymore, they are all at it and it clearly demonstrates that democracy and political parties don’t go anymore. Becoming an MP is now a career choice for the approved and why the UK, and Scotland, has such crap idiotic politicians in the main.


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9 Responses to Bits and Pieces Monday 16th May 2022

  1. 100%Yes says:

    The police should look into all the SNP funding methods, the reason I say this is because when I stayed in England in 2015 we signed up to a monthly subscription for st andrew’s day Independence fund that started on st andrew’s day 2015, there will be people who are still paying into this fund. The reason I say this is because where is all the money from this st andrew’s day fund which was meant for a referendum which has never happened. Clearly the SNP has been making false claim about what people are donating money for, that ends up being used for something else when the SNP knew it was always going to be spent on A and never spent on anything to do with a Ref.
    We have given a good bit of money to the cause of Independence, but i’ll be honest if we where given a date and time for a ref, I wouldn’t donate a single penny to the SNP if it was set up by this political party.

    • 100%YES

      The SNP appear on the face of it to have just used the money will little understanding of what it was for specifically but we will never know if the Police don’t get their finger out and get on with it, surely it can’t be that hard and if anyone is standing in their way arrest them. Justice is becoming a nasty word under the Scottish Government now, banana republic doesn’t even begin to describe the lack of faith that many have now and that is down to Sturgeon as FM.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. 100%Yes says:

    Regarding the Royal family we should be rid before we become Indy and I think there is two benifits 1 where promoting a republic and 2 the royal family opinion wouldn’t count for anything during a ref.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It is the Windsors, not Windsor’s. I see the Royal Family as a direct link to our history stretching back centuries including to Mary Queen of Scots.

  4. lorncal says:

    Irony is a man faceted thing, grumpy. 1) the Ukrainians are under the practical and political and economic suzerainty of the US, whether anyone is willing to admit it or not, and the Russians want them to forget about NATO, but not necessarily to be part of the Russian Federation – at least, not the whole of the country; 2) we are the UK’s nuclear base in the northern European Atlantic and we are not going to be allowed to jettison the weapons come independence, or at all, even with no independence – ever – and will be expected to remain in NATO if we do separate from the UK, forcibly if need be. Either way, there’s not a lot of wriggle room for either the Ukrainians or us. Heads America wins, tails America wins. This is how it used to be in the British Empire days, before the Americans won and took over the world policeman role. There is much that is good in the West, much that should not be lost, but wee nations or even bigger nations with little global power, are always at the mercy of the big boys. We are always the ones chosen to fight and die in their proxy wars.

    • Lorncal

      You are not wrong but to be fair I don’t independence happening now either way if I’m being honest with myself, Sturgeon has pretty much destroyed that dream. I live in hope now that Scotland can a colonial administration that can get the small things right like fixing pit holes, picking up the rubbish, getting waiting lists down. I will blog about that soon as my view has genuinely changed on the issue.

      Thanks for commenting.

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