Bits and Pieces Wednesday 5th January 2022

Unhealthy Obsession – What is it with Pete Wishart SNP (Unionist) MP and this very unhealthy obsession he has for the Alba Party, Alba Party MP’s, and Alba Party members. Some Alba members have publicly joined a new rival to Twitter called Gettr which advertises it’self as a social media platform based around free speech, it is an American based alternative and many have so far seen this as a breath of fresh air. Wishart sees this as the new go to for the SNP accusation that Alba are far right, QAnon, as they claim.

Wishart has become the de-facto leader of the increasingly unhinged part of the SNP membership that seem to spend all of their time attacking the Alba Party, the party that they also cry are irrelevant, and that no one will vote for, the latest one (sorry the pic isn’t clear) is that Alba is part of Boris Johnson’s plan to sow discord in the SNP, and the yes community, and that Alba are part of MI5, you just can’t make this madness up anymore. I suspect that Wishart and his followers are starting to get a bit worried now about the potential for Alba to both be around in the long term and to make a quicker impact electorally than new parties would tend to make normally but the man is obsessed and needs some help.





Supporting the Union – It seems that the so called third option (devo-max) of Gordon Brown and Labour fame is getting traction again in relation to any second referendum on Scottish independence. Chris Hanlon, who is a member of the party’s policy development committee, said the move could help break the current constitutional logjam (The National for all of Wales). Nicola Sturgeon also has a bit of history in this area as well. In 2014 “NICOLA Sturgeon called for “devo-max” for Scotland, as she unveiled proposals to put Holyrood in charge of almost all tax-raising and policy-making apart from defence, foreign affairs and the currency”.

A YouGov Poll back in March 21 found that devo-max arrangement was also the least popular path for Scotland’s future – 21% wanted it with over 80% against in the National snap poll indicating they would also be against this idea but are we being set up with an option that traps Scotland in the UK forever, nothing would surprise me of some in the SNP these days at all, and the stupidity of many of Scotland’s voters.









Labour the not so bright Tory Party – So (Sire) Keir Starmer is offering  “new and durable constitutional settlement” as part of a Contract with the British people. He goes on to say that this will offer –

 “a unique construct of four distinct national identities” with common bonds that unite it.

He said a “reckless government in Westminster that does not seem to care about what happens in Scotland erodes people’s faith in our common bonds.

“But I believe in our union of nations. I believe we are better together than any of us would be apart. I believe that each nation can speak with a progressive voice.

“But we need a new and durable constitutional settlement. Which is why I am delighted that Gordon Brown’s Commission on the Future of the UK will chart a new course for our union of nations.”

Keir Starmer just last year talked about Nationalism is an “ideology that has failed”.  The Labour leader mounted a powerful attack on the ideology of nationalism in his 14,000 word pamphlet called The Road Ahead in which he set out what he stands for. While just yesterday standing in front of a huge Butcher’s Apron Starmer said

“This is a remarkable nation with an extraordinary cultural heritage. British music, British fashion, British advertising, British acting.

Do these people think we are buttoned up the back or something? Labour might be ahead in the polls just now by mistake but there is no way this party can win a general election once they are put under any scrutiny. If I were the Labour Party I would be reaching out to all of the other opposition parties and offering a deal around constitutional reform like PR and a written constitution, a vote on Scottish independence, a proper green deal, abolition of the House of the Dead but of course they won’t, Labour are just the not so bright wing of the Tory Party now, like Wishart of the SNP, Labour are infected by BritNats with no vision, no honesty, no brains, and both hands in the tax payer trough that provides a very comfortable life thank you very much.

FFS Scotland wake up eh.

join the Alba Party here

Grumpy Scottish Man – Reaching Out

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17 Responses to Bits and Pieces Wednesday 5th January 2022

  1. Jan Cowan says:

    ALBA PARTY must sweep those colonists from our path. Scotland MUST become free again.

    • Jan

      It won’t be easy as it never is for new parties and most don’t face the same onslaught that Alba have and do on a daily basis so it really is about getting Alba into the minds of voters just now I think, any electoral success would just be a huge plus at this point.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Alastair Bryan says:

    I am finishing with the SNP. Was Devo Max not the lying betrayal of the Vow. Why was the Vow not implemented by the UK government .What’s the good of Devo Max when there’s a internal market bill supersedes the devolved powers of the four nations. Does Devo Max get us back in Europe , No. Does Devo Max take away Trident from the Clyde. No.Does Devo Max stop Scotland being pulled into illegal wars .No. Does Devo Max take back control of my economy. No. Does Devo Max take control of foreign policy.No.
    Devo Max is a Unionist Trojan Horse to keep buisness as usual. UK ,Ok.
    Devo Max makes me and my Nation an official colonial possession of a greater England with no real control over anything and no chance of getting away in the future. This is an illusion and the smoking mirrors of a pretend democracy, Brexitland snake oil. News for you Unionists the voters up here are cleverer than that.
    Sturgeon must go and so should Hanlon, its independence that we want, we gave you mandate after mandate it’s time to deliver. If not the Scottish electorate will push you aside as we did with Labour.
    Devo Max is a Betrayal of the people of Scotland even suggesting that this ends up as an option in a referendum questions the SNP commitment and determination to push for Scotlands independence.
    For me the Sturgeon is no leader of an independence party she is a poodle to the British state.
    Dissolve the Union at the next election.

    • Alastair

      Devo Max is just bullshit for the reasons you have mentioned. I don’t know if this is SNP policy but I do think this is them testing the water to see what the reaction is and it is clear that most are against so expect an announcement from some arse like Wishart to try and calm the waters. I don’t understand why so many are still members of the SNP anyway now given the level of betrayal the movement has faced over the last 6 years. I could accept things if they had been honest from the start but they haven’t been, they have played us all for the last 6 years pretty much with false promises. I get that they have t remain in power for any hope of delivering, but they have come to like the power way too much at the cost of independence and that is a betrayal.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. larawanda2004 says:

    How true Bruce you couldn’t make this crap up. Does Starmer think we all button up the back and have no recall of the utter British Nationalist propaganda he spouted not that long ago with his butchers apron in full view to rub salt into the wounds. I’m sick of the Scottish people being treated like idiots though, lets face it the Sturgeon followers are so gullible and thick their total allegiance to this twisted dictator never ceases to amaze me. What hope is there for us Bruce? we are being betrayed by the party that is supposed to stand for independence, and what do we have? that nutcase Wishart, Fatford spouting his usual laughable mantra and of course the traitor that is the unionist Sturgeon. Someone save us. Thanks again for you blogs Bruce Take care.

    • Lara

      We are surrounded by BritNats and Sturgeon cowards and I have no idea what we can do just now other than keep going. All Starmer has done is make Labour even more unelectable in Scotland, what do they think, if they keep spouting the same crap for long enough we will be worn down by it. All they will do I suppose is force some to give up and maybe that is the plan, sicken Scottish voters into accepting that they can’t change anything in the shit hole that is the UK. It is a desperate time that is for sure.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. When someone comments “I believe in our union of nations” he seems to think that this is good for ALL of the nations in that union? This is a strange belief that FAILS to admit to holding idiosyncratic beliefs or impressions that are contradicted by reality… as do most Unionist politicians;


    The Establishment

    The Anglo British Authoritarian Regime,
    Regardless of moronic style behaviour…
    Their electorate keep getting them in?
    Scotland’s independence to be saviour!

    Ewen A. Morrison

    • Ewen

      The Union means England as that is the country will all of the democratic power in the non UK. Just shows how much those quislings sold us out in 1707, did they know that 400 years later we would still be paying a hellish cost for their betrayal just to be betrayed by Sturgeon. What is it with us Scots that we self-destruct as much as we do, I don’t get it. Are we so broken, so afraid, cowards, you can’t make it up anymore and they just laugh in our faces now. What a total shambles we are in Scotland in the main, the best we can do is the number of us trying keep going as best we can to bring about the change we desire.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • Well, Bruce, The original ‘quislings’ were our so-called ‘betters’. Anyway, while we may feel that we’re simply normal people – NOT everyone can understand that… We are ABSOLUTELY different to a certain other nation. However, our situation’s bound to be changing before much longer: certainly less than those 400 years!

        Reconstruction’s better than self-destruction and healthier for both body and saul! Please keep posting your articles, and thank goodness that there’s a growing number of Scots realising that Scotland is much, much more than England’s wee colony!


        • (Oops! *Soul, instead of “saul” 😉

        • Ewes

          Tomorrows blog touches on that and will piss off some people once they read it. I will finish it tonight I hope and post tomorrow but fair to say I am having a go tomorrow just need to tidy it up. Certainly I plan on keeping going for a while longer, not forever that’s true but not giving up yet and the blog will keep going.

          Thanks for commenting.

          • Well, sometimes getting pissed of is the most eloquent thing THEY have open to THEM… After all, why engage in rational discussions and/or debating with you ‘unworthy people’?

  5. nallyanders says:

    Pretty obvious that the Devo max option on any referendum wouldn’t even be mentioned if that option hadn’t already been tacitly agreed with the Westminster parties and Bojo in particular.
    The mention of Starmer/Labour is a red herring, they have no authority to agree to anything.

    • Nally

      I suspect someone is testing the waters, it may have been discussed further but it is testing the waters. It could all backfire of course if it were on the ballot paper but enough would have it as second option to win a vote do for me it is a no. I am no to a referendum either way, it has to be a plebiscite at whatever election comes along first after the council elections which are different of course in nature. Starmer is just Tory not as bright, total plank.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. Black Rab says:

    I notice that none of this planets nations use an entirely white flag as their nations ensign. I also have noticed many nations competing at the olympics and other world wide sporting events with their athletes decked out in colourful outfits resembling their nations flag and proud to count their superiority with the amount of medals they win, or as warden Norton famously says in The Shawshank Redemption movie…… I being obtuse.

    • Rab

      I have never been a flag person, never flown one, never owned one, it is a total turn off for me but I get a lot of people see them as symbols and why they do. I am just sick of the cowardice of us Scots now to actually stand up for ourselves against what is an onslaught on our society, our democracy and the list goes. We are surrounded by BritNats and SNP cowards, it is a horrible set of circumstances and is it any wonder so many have given up the fight now. I will keep going but even I wonder at times what is the point, some times I think we deserve all we get if we are not willing to do something about it.

      Thanks for commenting.

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