Is this the Priority? Is this the Perfect Storm?

Today there are a lot of reports about what is to come in the coming months to all parts of the UK. Is this going to become the new priority? Is this the crisis that brings down Johnson? and is this another excuse for Nicola Sturgeon to delay any movement on independence yet again? (not that she needs an excuse).

Now that the full impact of Brexit is starting to hit leading up to July when the deal comes in in full we are facing the worst inflation and price rise crisis in the last 30 years. We have all seen the impact already at the shops, I know I have. It is being reported that “Cash-strapped consumers will be “harder pressed” this year, with shop prices set to rise at a faster rate than in 2021. The price of food and other goods will continue to mount in 2022 as Britons grapple with a cost of living crisis that will see energy bills, national insurance contributions and mortgage payments all climb too.

Fuel bills alone are set to hit £2000 per year for many families, once April arrives with the rise in NI and freezing of tax bands we are all going to be a lot worse off, that is not counting the amount of extra rises that will be passed on by companies due to Brexit. I have often said that it will take people starving in large numbers to make a shift in the desire for independence, is this the year that this happens? In Scotland we know that councils face yet more eye watering cuts yet again, a year on year exercise now, I suspect my own job is now under threat also. Helen Dickinson, chief executive of the BRC, said the outlook for shoppers in 2022 is “very clear” – prices will “continue to rise and at a faster rate” .

“Consumers may have noticed that their Christmas shop became a little more expensive in December. Not only did prices rise, but [they] did so at a faster rate, especially in food,” said Helen Dickinson, chief executive of the BRC.

She continued: “The trajectory for consumer prices is very clear – they will continue to rise, and at a faster rate.

“Retailers can no longer absorb all the cost pressures arising from more expensive transportation, labour shortages, and rising commodity and global food prices.

“Consumers will already be harder pressed this year, with rising energy bills, the looming hike in national insurance, and more expensive mortgages. Government should relieve some of these costs by looking for long-term solutions for resolvable issues such as labour shortages.” (The I)

We can argue about gender, the parties, but this is the issue that will shift opinion, this is the issue that will force more people to sit up and take notice about what is going on around them, this will force them to look at the SNP’s record in Government, this is the perfect storm. They key will be the Scottish Government demonstrating to people where independence would allow different decisions to be made, the question is will the SNP take advantage of the issues or will they use them to hide yet again from the constitutional debate. The Tories are going to be under immense pressure in the coming months with the cost of living, this is an opportunity, like many before it. Will Sturgeon step up to the plate or will she bottle it again? I know what my money is on.


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8 Responses to Is this the Priority? Is this the Perfect Storm?

  1. Bill Higgins says:

    I think I’d agree with you Bruce. My guess is that the Scottish Government will try to be seen as the party fighting for Independence but that’s about it. Bluff and bluster is I think the order of the day, as usual. Blackford or whoever will stand up and be seen to stand up for the Scottish people with lots of indignant speeches. Then they’ll go back to their homes and eat a nice hot meal knowing that their mortgages are paid and they are still in a cushy job. A few of them will consider what subject they’ll choose to write their next book on. Perhaps the history of Vienna, or suchlike.

    • Bill

      Totally agree, they are no longer the party of independence they just need to be seen to be to get possibly one more mandate before they might actually get found out by enough people. It is so depressing that things are so bad in the UK right now and the SNP can’t, or don’t want, to take advantage of the opportunity to real push the independence debate. They have betrayed us all as far as I am concerned.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. says:

    I doubt folk will take notice they would blame the SNP for the cuts , shortages etc . To justify their ignorance they would say that ” they would be worse off if Independent ” they assume the union rescues them . We need the English voters to rise up and fix the mess they’ve voted for such as Brexit , the Tories , before the no voters will even consider changing their minds . Maybe some have changed due to Boris but not enough to get Independence in my opinion. Like Sturgeon they will be glad of the excuses she makes , it justifies their narrative even if they are miserable with the Tories in power .

    • Pauline

      I think if things get as bad as many suspect they will then we will see trouble in England and all over the UK. Being hungry will focus a lot of minds when all the bills start going up, here as well. I am now re-budgeting since my effective pay cut and the impending NI, Council Tax, Energy and frozen tax rates start to hit around April and that I think will focus a lot of minds and the SNP won’t get away with it this time, I think at least some people will start to ask what they are doping about it. The council elections may come too soon but they will see a hit soon.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Black Rab says:

    The only plate Sturgeon can step up to is her dinner plate. She’s turning the pandemic into a social crisis. People are broke or going broke but that appears not to be an issue, just as long as we socially distance and isolate, while we go hungry, cold and teeter on the edge of getting repossessed and being made homeless. Straight out of the neoliberal handbook.

    • Rab

      Time is running out for Sturgeon and the SNP now and the impending cost of living crisis is going to hit all over the UK I think. The council elections may come too soon but Sturgeon and the SNP will be found out by more people soon, especially when those who were just getting by suddenly have to choose between heat and food and we have just entered our winter now, we get a bad one and we will all feel it in the wallet and so will the SNP.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Dictatorship?

    Our votes are overturned by the English votes
    And their politicians continuously, each time,
    England’s government being like adrift boats;
    The institution’s NEVER been or ever at PRIME!

    © Ewen A. Morrison 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    Sadly, while these few lines were only written yesterday, they WILL remain too relevant! for far, far too long!!

  5. Gordon Currie says:

    I posted this earlier on Wings:

    >>Sturgeon’s worst nightmare is coming true – calls to repeal Covid restrictions in light of the fact that there’s only 1 omicron case in ICU despite the record number of new cases. Furthermore, the SG has refused to provide breakdown of how many were admitted primarily because they were ill with the virus, and how many tested positive after being admitted for other reasons.

    The empress has no clothes….

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