Well Hud Me Back!

The Disgusting Tory Party have passed the most dangerous piece of legislation that I can think of in the last 20 years. The Health and Care Bill makes some dangerous subtle changes and outright scary changes in England. One of the scary subtle ones is Health Trusts (to be replaced by Integrated Care Board (ICB) will only have a “core responsibility” to arrange healthcare provision for a “group of people” in accordance with enrolment rules made by NHS England. So what happens when they decide they no longer accept that responsibility? Do patients in England still get health care? Professor Allyson M Pollock and Peter Roderick have suggested that this new terminology evokes “the US definition of a health maintenance organisation which provides ‘basic and supplemental health services to its members.’” 





Campaigners are warning that the focus on core responsibility could risk facilitating a drift towards an NHS that is reduced to a safety net for those most in need. (Sian Norris) 

Now some are already arguing that this will have no impact on Scotland, that is not true. The Internal Market Bill will ensure that the Tories can do whatever they want to the SNHS, and then they will come for water after that, oh it will be slow, it will be subtle, it will be a tiny bit of legislation here, and a tiny bit there, but it is coming wither we like it or not and we should be afraid, very afraid. The SNHS is already on it’s knees in so many ways right now due to Covid-19 and historical under funding over the years. Who is going to defend the NHS in Scotland. Thankfully we have Humza Yousaf, you can bet he will be losing it, he will be shouting and screaming from the top of his lungs, he will be demanding a national effort to warn all of the UK about the privatisation of the NHS and the dangers it poses to Scotland’s future health care.

Well it appears he doesn’t actually disagree with the policies in the bill at all, he is upset that the Tories did not talk to him first before they voted this horrific legislation through in the English Parliament, wow hud me back. So what is he actually going to do?

Well oor Humza is not going to back the bill because they never spoke to him and the SNHS is separate, did he forget about the Internal Market Bill , mibe eh mibe na. Mike Russell warned 18 months ago the Internal Market Bill opens the way for “all public services” in Scotland to be put out to tender. Humza might also have forgotten that American health giants could “force their way” into Scotland’s NHS. Where is the outrage, where are the protests from the Scottish Government, where are the balls?

You have to ask yourself, what are the SNP against anymore, other than their principles being ignored and poor Humza not being consulted first. We should all be afraid of the Health and Care Bill.

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17 Responses to Well Hud Me Back!

  1. ObairPheallaidh says:

    Well said, just caught a wiff of this earlier. Great article. We have been sold out.

    • Obair

      This legislation is really dangerous and the reaction from the Scottish Government has been underwhelming to say the least and make no mistake they will come for the water as well, a resource that England lacks and Scotland has more than enough of.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Cubby says:

    Is this what Johnson’s performance at the CBI speech was all about? To distract from this bill.

    • Cubby

      He was all over the place, I just think he was off his game as he does usually bluster his way through these things doesn’t he. He had a bad day is all I would think but it will make Tories question and doubt him and that is all good.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. paulineso21@yahoo.co.uk says:

    The sad thing is that folk will only stand up and take notice when they can no longer get free access to the NHS as they’ve done before . Or when they will have to pay for the water they use . I wonder if the English regret voting for those bassists now , geez they’ve got their Country back but looks like they will pay the price .

    • Pauline

      I agree, for Scotland to allegedly be switched on I am amazed by the number of people who know nothing of what goes on in Scotland and how we are governed by the SNP, or their failures. The English, or many of them, are like the Tories, it’s all about money and the right wing. I think of England as a right wing country, I always have done to be honest. Really scary legislation and I would have expected more from the Scottish Government regarding the risk of this, it is like Sturgeon is scared to have a go at Westminster now a days for fear of being accused of being anti-English. She should be going full on anti-Tory.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • Stuart MacKay says:

      Free access to the NHS is already gone. Friend of a friend, 46, needs a double hip and double knee replacement. The waiting time given by NHS Scotland is 10, yes, TEN, years. You can repeat this story pretty much every other procedure that is non life-threatening. Covid-19 has wrecked total destruction of elective procedures. The system across the board is so broken it is probably unrepairable. Step forward, private medicine which will be more than happy to take up the slack, at your expense of course. The Integrated Care Boards are guaranteed to make this happen and everyone will be happy.

      • Stuart

        You are spot on and while the SNP will resist the IMB will ensure the Tories just bypass them and people will be at the point they just want treatment and don’t care where it comes from. Really is a sad day for me, there is hope it can be fought off but I just don’t trust the SNP to do that.

        Thanks for commenting.

      • nallyanders says:

        Agree Stuart. A pal of mine has been told the waiting time for her double knee surgery is so long, she reckons by that time, she’ll be in a wheelchair.
        She has reconciled herself to the fact she’ll need to go private.

  4. Ian says:

    “Better Together” because of the UK’s “strong shoulders”? Look at the situation of just three of the most important basic needs – Pensions, water and electricity

    Pensions – the UK has the lowest pensions in Europe.

    Water – the privatisation of water in England has led to a staggering level of pollution there DURING the biggest public health crisis since 1918. Coming soon to Scotland?

    Electricity – the privatisation of electricity supply in 1989 has led to the shambles where 22 energy suppliers have to date now gone bust in 2021 and the price of electricity has increased hugely due to England’s dependence on gas powered electricity generation. Despite massive support from SNP members, the SNP leadership have dropped plans to create a Scottish Energy company that they had announced – Sturgeon told 2017 conference delegates that a “publicly owned, not-for-profit energy company with charges “as close to cost price as possible” would be set up by 2021.

    The NHS will no doubt be next to suffer from the strong shoulders of the UK.

    The SNP have had seven long years to actually do something positive, but all we’ve had from them are empty words and a complete disregard of what their own members actually want. If it wasn’t for Alba I’d just emigrate.




    • Ian

      I agree, without Alba we would not even be having any debate about independence and I really don’t get why the Scottish Government are not going full on anti-Tory about this and the risks it poses to Scotland. Sturgeon just never goes for Westminster anymore, it is like she is scared of being called anti-English but who cares when she should be going full on anti-Tory on things like this. Yousaf is just a disaster of a Minister, failure at every department.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Jan Cowan says:

    It’s now up to Alba to TAKE independence. Sturgeon & Co have killed the SNP.

    • Jan

      Alba/ISP is all we have now to take the fight forward. I joined Alba, not active yet but hope to be able to this next year when I have more time to maybe get involved other than just the blog.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. Stuart Manson says:

    This is what happens when the SNP sit on their backsides and do hee -haw to further Scottish independence.The Tories are running rings round Nicola et al meanwhile working class Scots are paying the price of inaction.

    • Stuart

      Agree, the SNP should be going mental at this dangerous legislation and really going all anti-Tory but they have said virtually nothing and Yousaf is far from convincing, it sounded like he supported it. Totally useless minister in every department he has served and doesn’t even come across as a decent human being.

      Thanks for commenting.

  7. Black Rab says:

    The people of Scotland can’t say that they weren’t warned. They’ve had 40 years, at least, of evidence indicating rapacious capitalism coming their way. The Naw Bags have well and truly stuck their collective heads into a big bumper bucket full of shite. Their pants have been well and truly pulled down to their ankles, just about where their ears are located.

    Stuart McKay, says above: 10 year waiting lists for hip and knee replacements, and likely also for non life threatening procedures. While not verified. We know that’s what’s coming. A ‘neo liberal’ tsunami of gargantuan proportions.

    Do stupid people deserve to have this foisted on them. Darwinism says yes they do.

    • Rab

      It’s not looking good at all isn’t it, will the SNP fight this and figure out a way to limit the effects of IMB, sadly I doubt it given its Yousuf and he is a serial failure. But you are spot on, we have seen this coming since Thatcher and yet Scots still don’t have the balls to take control and break their Jockholme syndrome while they suffer and take us down with them.

      Thanks for commenting.

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