Kevin McKenna – Sturgeon the Con Artist

Part way through the latest article by Kevin McKenna he asks a very good question, one that new media have asked a few times over the last few months, if not years, regarding the level of governance of the current SNP Government at Holyrood. Kevin asks “In a normal election (by which I mean one that proceeds without the question of independence) would the SNP have captured almost half the votes? The answer is no, as I have raised recently the failures of Nicola Sturgeon continue to add up, from leveling up education, to poverty, to Covid and the SNHS, the record is one of failure.

Alex Salmond this weekend compared Nicola Sturgeon’s opposition to the Cambo oil field to Mrs Thatcher’s abandonment of coal mining communities. No consideration to the jobs that would be lost in the North East if Westminster were to take such a decision, this again highlighting the fact that Nicola Sturgeon is not serious at all and is playing games, games that are all about promoting Nicola Sturgeon. To think for one minute that Westminster, and the rest of the world, will abandon oil until every last drop is taken from the ground, denying Scotland a vital financial resource, highlights both her stupidity and her naivety.

When I was chatting to Peter Young from Scot News yesterday I made a point that Kevin McKenna also makes in his article today, our current political congestion can only be cured by a second, winner-takes-all referendum. It is time to ask that question as soon as we can, I would prefer we just leave the UK and repeal the Treaty of Union of course, but the SNP don’t have the balls for that do they, but either way we have to ask the question or the decay of Scotland under Sturgeon will continue until the unionists become electable people will be so sick of the state of things.

Of course this will require major change on the part of Sturgeon and the SNP, require more than a newspaper supplement. While Sturgeon appears happy, as McKenna points out, to hand over energy policy to the Middle East, and I would add Westminster (four nations and all that), she is happy for control of the government’s equality agenda go to Stonewall, an unelected and increasingly discredited pressure group actively hostile to some (all) of Sturgeon’s so called feminist principles, and she has handed control of Covid and Oil to Boris Johnson, we can all see clearly that she is not fit to lead anymore and we need to keep the pressure on. Don’t be fooled by a newspaper supplement, don’t be fooled by her weasel words anymore, keeping the pressure on will eventually lead to Sturgeon being found out and again, as McKenna notes,” It will be a golden opportunity to dismiss from public service all the con artists and performance specialists who have feasted on the impasse for long enough”.

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7 Responses to Kevin McKenna – Sturgeon the Con Artist

  1. Jan Cowan says:

    Not much of the artist about her but she sure can con. Unfortunately for Scotland truth is a stranger to the Sturgeon gang.

    • Jan

      You’re not wrong, zero interest in improving Scotland or fighting for independence, I keep hoping I am wrong and way off track, I keep hoping that I will be proved wrong and have to write an apology blog, but I just can’t see it.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. panda paws says:

    I don’t trust a referendum that Sturgeon is in charge of and that stands double if she is replaced by Angus Robertson. We’d lose. No plans no policies no answers despite having years to prepare them. The franchise would mean we’d lose before a single vote was cast. She’d probably agree that all the UK had a vote she’s that inept/compromised.

    I can’t read Kevin’s article (paywall) but you quoted

    “In a normal election (by which I mean one that proceeds without the question of independence) would the SNP have captured almost half the votes? ”

    Of course not, since 2014 the SNP governance of the country has gone downhill faster than Franz Klammer (for those old enough to remember him!)

    • Panda

      You should be able to read the article via the link I put on the blog as I provided a text only version, I just tried it and it works fine. I don’t trust a referendum either or even believe we have to go down that route to be honest but it is what Sturgeon will do if she can be bothered any time in the next 50 years. Robertson is a unionist but he is looking tired to be honest and I am not so sure the membership would vote for him to be leader if, or when, Sturgeon goes. Scotland is suffering from poor governance though that is clear and I totally agree with you on that.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. ObairPheallaidh says:

    in the end the only people left believing in Sturgeon will be the payroll and the anti civil rights cult, which overlaps quite a bit andtherefor cuts the numbers doon a bit.

    • Obair

      The tide is turning but so slowly. She is dong everything she can to delay having to confront a referendum, either she doesn’t want one or she doesn’t think she can win, it is one or the other. I guess time will tell and the rest of us have to keep playing the waiting game sadly.

      Thanks for commenting.

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