Scathing but so true

Kenny MacAskill Alba MP has reported on the actions of the SNP Westminster cohort in their lack of support for a motion to secure a debate on the draconian use of anti-terror legislation to bar protest at Holyrood. Only Joanna Cherry and Douglas Chapman had the guts and the decency to do the right thing by Scotland and by democracy.

Kenny is right to ask what the purpose of the SNP MPs are at Westminster, we even had the hypocrisy of comfy slippers Wishart reporting the Tory Party to the Police yesterday alleging donations for seats in the Lords, amazing how quiet comfy slippers has been on the Police investigation into the missing referendum money, you just can’t make it up can you. What has become of the so called independence party?  Kenny goes on to say “SNP MPs are colluding with Pritti Patel, the most right wing Home Secretary in living memory, in open defiance of their own SNP membership and SNP Conference which made its concerns clear about this attack on civil liberties and legitimate protest at our national Parliament.  This is a dark day and one I never thought I would ever see.  SNP MPs should hang their heads in shame.”

The SNP don’t give a crap what their members think or the decisions they make at their on line conferences, they just get ignored and yet Alba are the problem. I saw the SNP MPs walk out of the chamber when Kenny stood to speak, it was shameful and embarrassing and told me everything I needed to know about Sturgeon’s new SNP supported by the likes of Aberdeen so called Independence Movement. People are going to have to make a choice soon, do you stay with the devolution and unionist SNP or do you actually support independence, because every day we learn more about the decisions taken by Sturgeon and her cabal the clearer it becomes that the SNP stopped being the independence party a long time ago.

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9 Responses to Scathing but so true

  1. Cubby says:

    Lots of uninformed independence supporters still think the Sturgeon SNP will deliver independence. The Britnats have her in their pocket.

    My MSP, who is on the Parliamentary body, told me that they didn’t even take a vote on the matter of demonstrations adjacent to Holyrood. They just rubber stamped it.

    • Cubby

      Sturgeon the dictator maybe, she certainly seems to rule the roost doesn’t she and MSPs appear afraid to speak out apart from a couple here or there and even they are pretty tame.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. panda paws says:

    Aye Aberdeen are the proper Yessers in the area apparently. I agree with everything you’ve said. Too many lining their pockets based on the votes of those who want, need and demand independence. Needs to be a root and branch clearout at SNP HQ.

    That will only happen when they take a hit at the polls. Here’s hoping the council elections give them a swift kick up the bahookie and they realise we aren’t voting for their enrichment but for Scotland.

    I saw a claim on twitter and wondered if it was true – that 4 other SNP MPs were going to walk (presumably to join Alba) but were told their names would be besmirched if they did. Given their treatment of Alex Salmond and any opponent of the Cult of St Nikla/Church of the Holy Pronoun – well you’d not discount the claim would you…

    • PP

      If the polls so far are to believed then the SNP will do well again next year and Alba will again struggle to make a break through but it is still early doors for Alba and they won’t make real inroads until the referendum is not delivered, I did hear that some were about to jump ship and were warned that they would face a wrath if they did and would not be re-elected as resources would be put into their areas to ensure they didn’t. The SNP are new Labour all the way and just as nasty, can’t stand them now.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • ObairPheallaidh says:

      Panda paws, Who were the 4? I would be very interested to know.

  3. Gayle says:

    If it is true that a few SNP representatives want to jump ship either to be independent or Alba representatives, I reckon they will be well received by those who matter, the electorate. Standing for one’s principles is still highly regarded and as such the electorate will get behind them should they stand for reelection. They should not let the intimidation tactics deter them from leaving a party that no longer stands for independence or actual rights but instead has institutionalised discrimination and assault on its representatives and members.

  4. larawanda2004 says:

    If there are four who want to jump ship and don’t this only proves they are only there for the money. No principles no standing up and being counted, they are betraying the true independence party that once was, and their constituents who voted for them. Traitors to the cause every last one of them. Saor Alba.

    • Lara

      Totally agree, the SNP were infected by New Labour British members all the way, supporters of Blair and Brown and they got elected and now in the good Labour tradition they love the money and the lifestyle and screw the woman and man in the street, they couldn’t care less apart from a few exceptions.

      Thanks for commenting as always.

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