I’m not disheartened, I’m invigorated

If the last 24 hours have shown me anything it is that I am not disheartened by the current state of affairs in the SNP, and the fight to restore our independence , I am invigorated by it. The fight to restore our sovereignty was never going to be easy, it was never going to be a walk in the park. We always knew that we would have to take on the British state, we would have to take on the BritNats, their media, their lies, their contempt for us and the cause that we are fighting for. The yes community, Alex Salmond, Stuart Campbell, James Kelly, Mark Hirst, Michael Keating, Craig Murray, Grouse Beater, have brought us much closer to realising that goal, have brought us to the place where we are more informed than we have ever been, more aware of the corruption and the stink that is the British State, we understand that Britain stands for corruption and greed, it stands on the backs of the very people it says it is here to serve. The British State corrupts power to their own ends against the needs of the majority and especially the most vulnerable. We know that the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats are a part of that corruption.

We now also know that many within the SNP, the Greens, some so called independence supporting blogs, are as much a part of the system that wants to keep us down because independence was never their number one priority, their agenda was to stifle free speech to deny gender, to put their goals before the needs of the larger cause and are willing to do anything to achieve their goals, they are as British as they come in that their cause feels as much against our needs as the unionist cause. But you know what, that’s ok. We know who they are now, the people I have named at great personal cost have unmasked some of the people we need to cast aside in our campaign for the return of all of our sovereignty. We now know that Nicola Sturgeon, Peter Murrell, Alyn Smith, Pete Wishart, Iain Blackford, Stuart Hosie, James Dornan, Kirsty Blackman, Linda Fabiani, Bella Calladonia etc are just other obstacles we have to overcome. We now know that we are going to have to make some hard choices, to take a step back to take three forward.

We may have to abandon the SNP if the members cannot get control and sanity back in the party and that is fine. We might need to come together as a movement and find a party and people whose one and only priority is independence, that is fine too. Maybe we will find out who gains enough traction in May, AFI/ISP, and we put our vote behind them to bring about our independence by a referendum or a plebiscite, either will do.  Nicola Sturgeon, Peter Murrell, Alyn Smith, Pete Wishart, Iain Blackford, Stuart Hosie, James Dornan, Kirsty Blackman, Linda Fabiani, they are the past now in so many ways, they have no future in the independence movement because it is just not their priority, it is just a matter of time before enough people see that. These people either never wanted independence in the first place or are so gradualist that they would be happy to serve 20 years in Westminster like Pension Pete as it provides a very nice life thank you very much.

No, we now know that the obstacles to the return of our sovereignty are not just the unionists, the cultists are out in the open now too. The barriers are there for us all to see in plain sight and they will fall, because people like that always do at some point either way, what we have to do now is be invigorated because most of us know that the starting point may well be abandoning the SNP and leaving them behind. If they are not part of the solution they are part of the problem and the easiest to overcome, we leave them and we stand with people who will fight for our independence. I don’t have a problem with that at all.

When I was feeling down about all of this the other week I was looking at it all wrong. We have a mountain to climb for sure but just look around you, look at the names above, Alex Salmond, Stuart Campbell, James Kelly, Mark Hirst, Michael Keating, Craig Murray, Grouse Beater, ISP, AFI, AUOB. There is enough about us to move forward stronger and more focussed than we have been, we have people who can advise and keep us honest and keep us informed. The cultists in the SNP and in the wider yes movement don’t hate us because we could split the movement, they hate us because we found them out, we value truth, decency, we value policy that makes Scotland better, we want independence and we won’t be stopped no matter what they say, no matter how unionist their behaviour is, no matter how untrustworthy they are. Independence is bigger than all of them and our desire is just. I can only talk for myself but given what I have learned the last few years about the unionists, and about the cultists, I believe now more than I ever have that independence is coming, the only thing we don’t know yet is the timing, but it is coming.

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8 Responses to I’m not disheartened, I’m invigorated

  1. A says:

    Well said. Spot on. I fervently hope you are right.

    • A

      It’s just my opinion and I am not giving up. I’ll vote on how I feel but I’ll be dammed if I let Sturgeon and her cultists, or the unionists curb my enthusiasm for an independent and better Scotland. I don’t care what so called yessers call me, I’m not the problem.

      Thanks for commenting.

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  2. davejohnstone6ks says:

    This could possibly be the best thing you’ve written.

  3. Pauline says:

    I’ve been feeling the same disheartened way . The independence movement is much bigger and wider than the SNP . Folk have been in support of a free Scotland longer than the SNP have been in power in parliament , that will never change for them . It’s in our hearts and we live in hope, regardless who enables us to win it .

    • Pauline

      Totally, we now know who is serious about independence and who isn’t. I think the SNP will win in May but how big is anyone’s guess. I don’t think they will do as well on the list and then if they don’t deliver I won’t be surprised and it will give the rest of the yes community and SNP members all the evidence they need that the only way we take back our independence is by doing it ourselves with a party who has it as their number 1 priority and will act on it the first day they are power. The SNP are more interested in stopping free speech so no one can take them on about their trans agenda. How a party can fall so quickly is beyond me, lost my vote for sure.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


    • Kangaroo

      I did see that at the time. Starmer is a Tory, I saw his whole I don’t think the Government should be held to account over the billions that have been paid to their friends and just thought Labour are over. They are not even an opposition, he is in bed with the right wing British Nationalists as he knows he needs the knuckle dragger vote in England, Scotland is just a colony to that man. Labour are over.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


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