Comment: It’s Over I think

Wow, what a last 24 hours it has been in the soap opera that has become the SNP. Following the Wings Over Scotland article yesterday social media went into melt down as the party descended into in an even more undemocratic dictatorship supported by the inner politburo and internal war seemed to be taking place before our very eyes. Not only have they took the decision to ignore legal advice regarding this policy an inside source has noted that it was at the very least discussed that reading Wings Over Scotland is not compatible with membership of the SNP, wow. Nicola Sturgeon attended the meeting to force this through and spoke for an hour to ensure that no one else could.

It was then reported by a Times journalist that rumours are circulating that the SNP Government will try to take out an interim interdict to stop the Alex Salmond evidence from being made public. Should this be the case then I suspect that they know that it is over and Nicola Sturgeon is taking a scorched earth approach to ensure her Metoo legacy is safe because she knows her days are numbered. I believe the whole conspiracy to get Alex Salmond is about the potential that he may return to politics due to the complete lack of action on independence. I believe that Nicola Sturgeon and her inner circle, fearing for their own futures, their own power, decided to go and get him. They have actually corrupted power itself. There are now serious questions SNP members should be asking but, while sad, we are watching history before our very eyes. GRA is about eradicating the female gender and the Hate Bill about shutting down any discussion of it.

Nicola Sturgeon is not only destroying the SNP, she is destroying any chance at independence for a long long time. I now no longer believe I will see it in my lifetime, these people have got to be driven out of the SNP before it is too late. I think it is over for Nicola Sturgeon anyway, they call social media a bubble that only the conspiracists occupy and the wider public don’t know and don’t care about, I would not bet on that. Nicola Sturgeon will be gone from front line politics sooner rather than later I suspect because how can any leader act like this and hope to survive politically. It’s all over I think now.

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8 Responses to Comment: It’s Over I think

  1. Brian says:

    Bruce – in a way I’m glad Sturgeon has revealed herself. People can see what she is now. And people can decide. It’s clear she never wanted independence anyway, only power.

    • Brian

      I totally agree, we have to accept now that we are going to have to take a step back to take 3 forward. Either the SNP get rid of Sturgeon and the liars who tried to put an innocent man in jail, change direction on policy and stop denying that women are actually women, stop their attacks on freedom of speach that is also all about getting rid of the female gender or we look to a new party to fight our cause. I am also starting to think that maybe Scotland needs one more unionist Holyrood for the soft no’s and those who have buried their heads in the sand to see that independence is the only cause that matters anymore.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  2. What worries me is where are the new “leaders” going to come from? From the ranks of those spineless, gutless, craven cowards that have sat and looked the other way while this Tony Blair clone has well and truly screwed us over with her demented policy pursuits?

    • David

      We would have to hope that someone decent would come forward or we have to look elsewhere for our independence. I think it is on the back burner now anyway to be honest. Sturgeon and her fellow conspirators don’t want independence, I am convinced of that now. Maybe we have to take stock after May and if it is a disaster throw all our weight behind the ISP or AFI depending on who makes inroads. I accepted back as far as 2016 that we were further away from impendence than we had ever been under Sturgeon and Murrell, I have been blogging about it for years now and most people didn’t agree but I have had a few messages the last couple of weeks from SNP diehards saying I was correct and apologizing for the grief they gave me. We maybe need one more unionist Holyrood to convince the soft nos and don’t knows that independence is the only way while organising as a YES community to have one big final push. I am not disheartened to be honest as maybe this is what we need to rid ourselves of those who agenda is not independence and never was and if that means we abandon the SNP to the fringes if they refuse to get rid of Sturgeon and the rest so be it.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  3. 100%Yes says:

    Its clear Sturgeon never ever wanted Independence but wanted the power and the money and these have went directly to her head. I can’t see why she would have wanted rid of Mr Salmond when he’s the one who gave her the chance at the leadership in the first place. If Sturgeon didn’t want Independence and just wanted to govern then here’s where Mr Salmond would have been effective he could have been put in charge of the Independence cause and Sturgeon could have run the country and covid, naw she wanted him gone and gone for good the only trouble is Scotland needs Sturgeon gone and gone for good and I want Mr Salmond to come back as leader of the SNP. What damage will sturgeon do before she go’s.

    • 100%Yes

      I don’t think Alex Salmond will ever go back to the SNP, he might never go to any party after what he has been through, but I really hope he gets all of the truth out there. Sturgeon and her cult wanted it all, they wanted to be in a nice safe job, with a safe pension, job security and a chance to promote their trans agenda and curtail freedom of speech being the idea of some others. She is a disgrace and there is a part of me that suspected that when she took over, even go back a few years on this blog and you will see some of the concerns I had at the time and some of the others who commented. I don’t think her and her immediate cult even want independence and the rest like Wishart do just enough to convince people they do want independence but are very comfy in London thank you very much. I hope they all get found out and forced out I really do.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  4. panda paws says:

    “GRA is about eradicating the female gender and the Hate Bill about shutting down any discussion of it.”

    Actually no it’s not. It’s about eradicating the female SEX – innate, immutable, biological – and replacing it with female gender – where anyone who says they are a woman is. Gender is the problem here, a socially constructed term consisting of sex stereotypes and social roles. These should be challenged, not enshrined. I’m not a woman because I don’t like beer or football, I’m a woman because every cell in my body is encoded to be female. I can’t identify in or out of being female anymore than I can identify out of dealing with gravity.

    Having said that, I couldn’t agree with the rest of the post more. I’d rather have a grand coalition of unionists parties try to run Holyrood and making a mess of it than an SNP led by Sturgeon or Robertson delivering policies I don’t want on the pro-indy votes of the Yes movement. Because neither of these governments will deliver independence and if she lost the election she’d need to go. Robertson needs to be stopped too. No point to getting rid of the Sturrells and replacing them with another poisonous pair.

    I’ve not been this depressed since 19th September 2014.

    • Panda Paws

      Thanks for correcting me on the gender issue. I am actually not downbeat but I am going to blog about that later tonight in more detail once I think I have explained how I feel on the issues going forward. I agree with you about Sturgeon and Robertson and I would add a few more to that list and will in my next post. I also think some people need their eyes opened and if 5 years of unionist misrule is what is needed then maybe that is what needs to happen.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


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