This is wrong, another reason why I hate the Tories

I saw this article today and if it doesn’t bring a tear to your eye and a fair bit of anger nothing will.

A nine year old girl calls a charity to ask for work so she can feed her family and get a Christmas present for her younger siblings and why, because her Dad who is a single parent following his wife’s death and redundancy waits five f weeks for his first payment.

I despise the Tories and everything they stand for, and I don’t care who I upset, they are the scum of the earth. The charity who took the call noted:

A girl of nine begged for work to feed her family after ­Universal Credit left her jobless dad skint.

In a heartbreaking phone call, she told how her mum had died and there was barely any food at home.

She said: “I’ll do anything. I don’t mind cleaning floors, making beds.”

The desperate nine-year-old girl revealed her mum had died, her dad lost his job and they were going hungry as delays in his Universal Credit had plunged them into poverty.

What kind of so called country allows this to happen. What kind of so called decent society elects Governments that enact these kind of policies. The charity also noted what the young girl said

“She told me, ‘I don’t mind cleaning floors, making beds. My daddy has always worked and he says you have to work to get things. I’ll do anything I can so I can buy my brother and sister a Christmas present. I can cook and I don’t mind working on a Saturday and Sunday or after school.’ After the call I just cried. Hearing that is like we’ve gone back to Victorian times.”

I can’t believe that we are coming to this, this country is a joke. Pander to the useless Windsor’s, give billions to the bigot DUP and we are left with nine year olds begging for food. This country makes me ashamed it really does.

The Tories are scum, end of.



  1. Marconatrix

    How can the UK ever have gotten to this place? One starts to think of the rise of the Nazis, people we’ve been brought up to hate and despise. “It couldn’t happen here” … or could it?
    Enough! Are there no decent folk left in this country, or have they all been cowed and controlled? This surely goes beyond party politics, beyond ‘nationalism’ even. This must stop, NOW!
    (Sorry to sound shrill, but what else is there for it?)

    • Anonymous

      It’s disgusting to say the least. People like McVay(mchate) make me sick. We don’t live in a decent country anymore if we ever did. How is this not all over the news, all we get is Trump and the US elections which have nothing to do with us and the media acting as the propaganda wing of the Tory Party, I’m sorry but they are scumbags and anyone who votes for the just does not think or if they do care.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. East Neuker

    It makes me want to weep with anger and frustration, and it’s going to get worse. I regular come across “comfortable” people who simply refuse to believe the facts of what the the London government is doing, and even worse, blame the poor and disadvantaged themselves for their difficulties.

    This Tory government starkly illustrates the truth of Nye Bevan’s description of Tory politicians as vermin. Some of their voters are too. Others are self satisfied wealthy people who consider the poor as barely human. Some are obsessed Scottish Britnats with an irrational hatred of those who want independence for Scotland. A few are deluded fools.

    Let’s face it, though, the vast majority of them are English, and most despise the Scots, Irish and Welsh while at the same time being sure that they are entitled to rule over us by power of force if necessary, and to force their twisted, vindictive ideology on people who have voted overwhelmingly against it. The Tory politicians main aim is to make the rich richer at the expense of the poor, and to move towards a neo-fascist controlling central government.

    At this time, I don’t hold much hope of getting Scottish independence, or even of holding on to meaningful devolution. I will not allow this to make me give up in despair, but will continue to do whatever I can to achieve it, and keeps me hope that, eventually it will come. Things might get very nasty before then. Anti independence Scots, whether they label themselves as Tory or not, will not easily change their minds, and will deny the facts to protect their view of things.

    Meantime, children beg for work, and food banks struggle to cope. Disabled people die. Ex soldiers have fireworks put in their pockets while sleeping on the streets. Ok, I can’t directly blame the Tories for that one, but they have created an atmosphere in which the poor, homeless and disabled are increasingly abused and seen as subhuman trash.

    End of rant for now, as I’m in danger of blowing my safety valve.

    • Anonymous

      East Neuker
      I agree with everything you said, I had a tear in my eye when reading it. I felt angry and ashamed, angry that the bastard Tory politicians have brought us to this and angry at anyone who would vote for these scumbags and I am beyond being nice to them anymore. At least the family will get some support but people should not be brought to this, we are back in the Victorian times as far as attitudes go. I work with hungry young people every day and it’s wrong, just wrong. Independence can,t come soon enough but I am with you things will have to get a lot worse and the fight to even be indy2 is going to be bitter and long. The SNP need to be up for it as do we but I hope people share this story because if that doesn’t get you angry nothing will.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • Robert Galloway

      It sounds like the the very old days, Time to bring in. Jacob Ree SMOGG or Henry 8th. Out of touch with the reality or suffering of the population!! They should go back from where ever THEY came from!!!

      • Bruce Hosie

        They are in the dark ages and it makes them feel good that we all feel bad or worse. What’s the news full of today the delusion of Charles windsor being king, he won’t evwr be King his Mum will outlive him.

        Thanks for commenting.

  3. billy

    why is everyone shocked by the tories everyone knew their policies were only for the rich and not the poor its always been like that every time they got in power they rolled back the nhs and the welfare state blaming immigration and benefit scroungers and now they have succeeded by privatising the nhs introducing sanctions and taking away the safety net when people fall on hard times and to finish the job no deal brexit workers rights gone back to victorian times food banks and homelessness people begging to take any job going just to avoid starvation and just to be able to survive so tories have won they do not care because the people voted for them so it is what the country wanted. same as the 2014 indyref people voted to remain in their eyes they can do want they want with scotland treat it with contempt deny it powers because the people voted for it sad to say i think an independent scotland is a long long way off

    • Anonymous

      I’m not surprised at the Torres we do all know what they are about, I am more angry and sad that as a country we allow this to happen. It is a total joke and we should all feel ashamed of this state of affairs. I hate the Tories I really do and I am just not going to hide it anymore or be subject to the yes police.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Helena Brown

    I hate them too. How can anyone think this is a great country with the stuff that is happening to ordinary people.
    I haven’t worn a poppy or bought one in decades nor will I , this is being forced down people’s throats but how do you think those who fought for this country in two wars would feel watching this happen to their descendants?
    My Birth Father, was a Paratrooper through number two, my husband’s granddad fought in number one, he lost a great uncle on the Gretna rail disaster, he will not wear a poppy either.
    If people think this is a great country to live in, we shall see how support goes once they have no jobs, no unions, no Health and Safety etc. Coming soon courtesy of the Tories.

    • Anonymous

      There is nothing great about this country. I don’t wear a poppy either as it has become politicised and this country has never looked after service women and men anyway. They just want the poor folk to die in their wars for them. My Dad served through alll of ww2 and never ever wore a poppy; he despised Labour and the Tories and was always of the view they were something to be scraped from his shoe. This country is a joke and when a nine year old is begging to work to buy food then we need a revolution but we won’t have one. Too many don’t care, too many can’t be bothered to learn about the real UK and too many suffer from jockholme syndrome and are just slaves to the ; and let’s be honest; the English state. I am ashamed today.

      Thanks for commenting.

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